Lone Wolf Sit n Climb Q's

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By: Knife2sharp
Posted: 29-Oct-10

I know we just had a LW Sit n Climb thread, but have some more questions of my own.

I was looking at the Lone Wolf SnC Wide as a backup to my API Grand Slam Supreme, but after ordering a Hazmore seat for it, I noticed my stand is gone. Only thing I can think is that someone stole it out of my truck.

I don't really like Summits, I borrowed my buddies a couple times and even though it's a lot like the API, the stand sections don't fit together nice and the cable increments are too far apart. I like my stand perfectly level or slightly tilting back.

I just ordered the API High Point. It's a little narrower than my API GSS, but the price is right and I don't need a foot rest or shooting bar. I looked at Treewalkers but don't like multiple holes on the arm rests. The API chains are much better now that they went to rubber coating instead of heat shrink.

Now for my LW Q's. I've heard from some that the bar near the back gets in the way of the tree when the stand is angled up. This won't be a problem if you can adjust the belts on the way up. How easy is it to that for the platform? I tried doing this with my API climber before and was not easy. I don't think the folding bar will be too much of a problem and think this would make you feel more comfortable being closer to the tree when climbing.

I want the LW for going on trips when room is a concern and when hunting far from the vehicle. The APIs, along with Summits are rather bulky and the weight can add up if you attach a pack to it as well.

It just seems there just as many Summit fans as LW fans. I don't want to get a LW and be disappointed. I've had my climber for over 15 years and know what I like and don't like. I wish I knew someone that had one to try out first. If the stand was $200-$300 it wouldn't be an issue.

By: Kurt in Memphis
Posted: 29-Oct-10

I'm nor sure what you mean by the bar near the back?

I can tell you it is very difficult (and probably) unsafe to adjust the platform of the climber once you take off from the ground. I have adjusted the top portion very easily, but still a bit of acrobatics involved. Just be sure the two parts are connected and you are wearing a harness before attempting either! I noticed the first few times I used my S & C that the belts need to be tighter at the beginning of the climb or the stand will lean forward once you reach the correct height. It just takes some getting used to the amound of forward 'lean' with the LW stands.


By: Knife2sharp-Mobile
Posted: 29-Oct-10

I read on a previous thread that the back support bar limits how much the stand can be angled upwards as it makes contact with the tree. Some trees I hunt are so wide at the base, that near the ground my platform is past 45 degrees, but as I ascend it levels out.

Never heard of someone adjusting tilt on a LW by adjusting the side straps. Now I'm more confused.

Posted: 29-Oct-10

Just used mine today. Trees with wide bases can be a problem but it sure is a nice stand to hunt out of. I'd have trouble getting on the stand if it angled any more. Not all that flexible anymore. If I start a good high step off the gound it works for me on most trees. I could never adjust after starting to climb.

By: Knife2sharp-Mobile
Posted: 30-Oct-10

Thanks, I bet with the LW you couldn't have it angled up due to the design of the platform. With my API the horizontal bars act like ladder rungs so you have a place for your feet to stand on.

By: Backpack Hunter
Posted: 30-Oct-10

I can adjust the platform to such an angle that I can no longer stand on it.....I'm not sure how far you really want it to go.

As for adjusting while going up it can be done. You sit down on the bar pull your legs up high enough to grab the platform release the lever and adjust as needed. Personally, I have never needed to do it other than for experimenting.

By: Purdue
Posted: 30-Oct-10

I agree with Backpack on both points. I've adjusted my platform several times. It's not easy, but doable. If you have a big gut it could be very difficult.

The small lugs on the LW belt are great for micro adjusting the platform and seat sections.

Post this thread on your state forum. Surely there is someone close that can let you test theirs.

By: DeerSpotter
Posted: 30-Oct-10

I gave up and lone wolf a long time ago ,And I purchased a TreeWalker,And two weeks ago I was in my treewalker climber,An I had to adjust it I was about 10 feet up ,I had no problems and did not feel unsafe .It is a fantastic climber and once I got up to 15 feet I ingested it again .

Of course I've got a muddy safety harness on a Lineman's belt On at all times .I even had a deer come around behind me I stood up on my stand and I was standing on the edge of the platform ,And then I noticed where I was that ,But then I also noticed the platform wasn't moving one bit ,It is the coolest climber I've ever had .


By: flyingbrass
Posted: 31-Oct-10

Didn't like mine. Went back to summit.

By: Knife2sharp-Mobile
Posted: 31-Oct-10

For those that don't like them, why not?

By: sticksender
Posted: 31-Oct-10

I adjust the length of the belt on the lower platform (usually twice on the way up) virtually every time I climb a tree. I find it's quite easy to do. I pull the platform up close, reach back with one leg and hold the front edge up with my boot, then reach down, open the clamp, adjust the belt and close the clamp.

Also, like 'backpackhunter' mentioned above, when starting at the base of a tree, the lower platform can be adjusted at such a steep upward angle, that you can't stand on it. I usually don't do that, but rather adjust the belt length on the way up as mentioned.

I also want to stress that I'm attached to the tree by safety harness, at all times on the way up and down.

And I guess I don't understand the "too close to tree" comments made here and elsewhere. I find the stand places me at about the perfect distance from the tree, for both comfort, and to be able to prune limbs, peel bark, etc, on my way up a tree.

By: Bill in MI
Posted: 31-Oct-10

For the record I've made a few 'too close to tree' comments, but it was regarding the hand climber. I have no experience with the sit and climb version.

In heavy boots I find the cross bar slippery and that my feet can come out while pulling up the base.

I have and will use my alpha hang on and my hand climber this year, I am just not in love with the HC.

Bill in MI

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