max schwab alaskan guide

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By: redneck hunter
Posted: 19-Mar-11

wondering if anyone knows anything about this man or his hunting operation. located in alaska. hunts the alaska range around wood river?? did a search in the archives, not much there. any info is appreciated. specifically looking for moose in alaska info.

By: Kman
Posted: 19-Mar-11

P.M. sent

By: kevin3006
Posted: 19-Mar-11

Hunted bear with him in 93 so he's been around a long time.

By: mick
Posted: 21-Mar-11

Hunted sheep with him in 08. modest camp but great guides and hunt.

By: Ashersdad
Posted: 16-Jul-11

Hunted with him last year. Great outfit and great guides. I shot a nice dall sheep and a huge moose. PM me for more info if needed.

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