Glyphosate- how much per acre?

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By: Hunt98
Posted: 27-Apr-12

I want to spray an acre that is currently a hay field. I have a 16 gal tank sprayer (2.2gpm) strapped to my ATV.

How many ounces of Glyphosate (41%) and gallons of water should I use?

Before I plant is it better to burn the dead grass off or work it into the ground?

By: Stekewood
Posted: 27-Apr-12

Always, always, always read the label on any chemicals that you use. There are too many variables for one rate to work for every situation.

Posted: 27-Apr-12

I use 1qt roundup, 1qt amonium sulfate for 20gal water per acre. The ams is used to help the roundup do its job.

By: John B
Posted: 27-Apr-12

I agree with Stekewood. READ THE LABEL! Do a little math. Get advice from a business that sells fertilizer and chemicals to farmers. They need to know what kinds of plants you intend to kill.

By: Teeton
Posted: 27-Apr-12

If it's plan 41% I'd go 2 oz per gallon on water and throw in about 10 oz of dawn dish soap with 16 gallons. Dawn is kind of like the cheap Ammonium sulfate that JEG was talking about. You can go with 3 oz if you think you got hard to kill stuff. You maybe wasting it, BUT.. Glyphosate is cheap now. And spread lime and fertilizer as needed and yes till it in. I'd then wait 2 week for the new stuff to start to grow. Spray that, wait for the glyphosate to dry (same day) and spread the Clover and pack it in.

By: sticksender
Posted: 27-Apr-12

I mix about 2 ounces of concentrate per gallon of water, and then go spray. My 10-foot spray rig lays down about 30 gallons per acre when I drive my tractor at full speed.

By: AndyB
Posted: 27-Apr-12

First what does your hayland comprise of? And next what are you planning on planting? Might be able to avoid glyphosate altogether.

By: Teeton
Posted: 27-Apr-12

For some reason I was thinking clover. Not sure were I got that. Duh!

By: sagittarius
Posted: 27-Apr-12

glyphosate - 1 to 2 qt per acre.

The ammount of water you use depends on three things: 1. the width of your spray cone coming from the nozzle. 2. How fast the spray is flowing out the nozzle, oz/min, gal/min, ect. 3. How fast you are traveling(MPH).

If you can measure these three things, then you can calculate how much water you will use to spray an acre....

.... it is alot easier to just say 1 to 2 qts per acre, applied with 12 to 24 gallons of water. ;-)

By: Hunt98
Posted: 28-Apr-12

I'm a suburbanite who knows nothing about farming, types of grasses, plants, etc... I'm not sure what kind of hay it is. I read the instructions and I get more confused.

I'll take a practice run with the atv to see how long it will take. Multiply that by 2.2 (gpm) to get the amount of gallons I'll need. Then add 2 oz per gallon.

Thanks for the help!

By: DDD in Idaho
Posted: 29-Apr-12


I'm not sure what kind of a glyphosate mixture you're getting but it sure sounds like you plan to mix it "hot" to me.

Like someone up above said GO BY WHAT THE LABEL SAYS!!

You can figure out how to calibrate your sprayer in a bunch of different ways to measure how many gallons per acre it's spraying -- look it up on the internet.

Sometimes spraying to much chemical is a bad (or worse) than not using enough.


Posted: 29-Apr-12

I dont use a large tank...I use a 4 gallon back pack sprayer and mix at 3oz. per gallon.....Jeff

By: Coolcop
Posted: 30-Apr-12

Ok you know your spraying 1 acre. Fill your tank up with water only. Go and spray your pot with just the water. Calculate how much water was sprayed on your plot. Add two quarts of roundup to the amount of water you used to spray your plot and go spray the plot again. Wait 7 days and spray the spots that were missed.

By: Ollie
Posted: 30-Apr-12

I don't pay a lot of attention to figuring out how many acres need to be sprayed and calibrating my sprayer. For spot spraying, most glyphosate (Roundup) labels will tell you to use about 1.5-2% solution of the concentrate (about 50% glyphosate). Add about 2.5 ounces per gallon of water. Drive your ATV/tractor slow enough so that the foliage gets a thorough spray.

By: Hunt98
Posted: 04-May-12

I used 2 oz per gallon. The conditions were not ideal but time will tell if it was right.

By: Teeton
Posted: 04-May-12

Some of the don'ts Don't spray when it's cold, windy, and wet or going to get wet in the next 4 or 5 hours. Some claim rain fast in a hour. ???

By: Foodplot
Posted: 07-May-12

Mairestail is one tuff weed.I hate it.

By: tjh
Posted: 30-May-12

Step 1. Open the box and throw instructions away.

By: tadpole
Posted: 30-May-12

tjh..ha, don't throw them away, send them back to the EPA, they love that stuff.

Posted: 01-Jun-12

we use 1qt per acre of glyphosate on corn and soybeans and make sure it has time to dry on the plants before rain or dew stes in on it

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