Best single pin slider?

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By: Ki-Ke
Posted: 15-Jul-12

I've had a single pin slider strapped to my bow since forever. I am currently using an HHA with the rheostat wheel. Good sight, but it has a few drawbacks, no. 1 of which is that is sits off the bow enough that I have to push my quiver an additional inch off the riser for my arrows to clear the wheel.

I need to stick with a vertical up, single pin because my brain won't accept an alternate sight picture at 48 years old...

Would like to hear pros & cons of what your shooting. I have an eye on Sure- Loc and the new sight that Trophy taker recently put on the market. I'm not familiar with other similar sights, so all input is appreciated!

FYI, I shoot a Hoyt Katera, 75 lbs @ 29-1/2 in. I regulary practice to 80 yards and limit my shots on game to 55- 60.

Thanks! -Steve

By: wyobullshooter
Posted: 15-Jul-12

I shot an HHA as well for a couple years for 3-D shoots. No complaints. However, it just didn't seem sturdy enough for me to feel comfortable using it for hunting.

I've been shooting a Black Gold Ascent for the past several months and can't say enough good things about it. Not only is it solid as a rock, but it has a bright pin with the photochromatic feature just like most of their other sights. Not to mention Black Gold has a warranty and customer service that is second to none.

The one thing I would suggest to anyone who is considering getting an Ascent is to get the option with the sight plate facing to the rear. That way you can verify your setting at a glance, rather than having to twist your bow.

By: Bowboy
Posted: 15-Jul-12

I've used an HHA 5500 with a .19 pin for probably 6 years. I also have the rheostat were you can adjust the brightness. There pretty tough since I've taken mine on a sheep and goat hunt.

Like state above get a rear slider.

I set my at 35yds when spot & stalking and aim low or high out to 40yds. The sight has never cost me an opportunity yet.

Hunting from a treestand I always set it at 25yds.

I wish I would have switched years ago!

Montana Blackgold Ascent is also a great sight.

Stay away from Sureloc there expensive and there not built for hunting abuse IMO. I know a technician from my pro-shop that had one fall apart when he was hunting mule deer. Mainly the screws on the sight came loose from shooting or driving down the rocky road.

By: Scott F
Posted: 15-Jul-12

I compared a bunch of single pin sights and decided to purchase a Trophy Ridge Pursuit. It appears to be a very solid sight so far and is plenty bright with a .19 pin. A sight light was included if it is needed (doesn't appear to be needed as this thing is bright way into the dusk period).

I've never owned an HHA sight, but for $89 this Pursuit seems to be all that I am looking for. Lots of folks talk about HHA's warranty but most will not keep a sight long enough to have to cash in on it. With all of that being written, I don't shoot out to the distances that you do. Just my opinion.

By: Bigdan
Posted: 15-Jul-12

There is no other slider out there that I would have on my bow but a Blackgold. I have been hunting with a slider for about 20 years. And have had HHA, Cobra,Trophy Ridge,& PSE.

By: elkoholic
Posted: 15-Jul-12

spot hogg tommy hogg. Great sight!!!

By: Elksnout
Posted: 15-Jul-12

Black Gold here too, they are built like a tank!

By: sagitarius
Posted: 15-Jul-12

I have been shooting a mbg ascent for two years now, I wouldnt change. The newest models have third axis, I had one built for my first gen. You can also get one for theading on a scope. I had mine modified. You can also get them with a dovetail mount in 4 inch or six inch. I would love to have one. Everything I did to my ascent to make it "perfect for me" is now being offered by the factory. If you want a multipin slider, the ascent can do that as well.

By: GameEarGabe
Posted: 15-Jul-12

HHA buddy where you been hiding?

By: sunsignarcher
Posted: 15-Jul-12

Wow, only one nod for Spott Hogg. Boss Hogg,s a bomb proof slider. Tommy Hogg if u need more clearance.

I had the Hogg Father on a GT500 for awhile but it was just too much site for a hunting rig. Can't seem to bring myself to sell it though...

By: Ruttinbuck
Posted: 15-Jul-12

Can I change the head on my MBG Ascent from a single pin slider to a multi pin? I just cant get comfortable shooting a single pin.

By: Ki-Ke
Posted: 16-Jul-12

Great feedback, Thanks! I was on MBG website and it looks like they can put together almost exactly what I've envisioned. I know what Sunsign puts his stuff through with all the traveling he does, so I HAVE to check out Spot Hogg, as well.

Thanks again


By: Charlie Rehor
Posted: 16-Jul-12

Ki-Ki: When you call BG ask for Dustin. He will get you fixed up just right! Good Luck! C

Posted: 16-Jul-12

Another vote for the Ascent. Solid sight and superb CS.

By: lewis
Posted: 16-Jul-12

X2 what big dan said BG hard to beat.Lewis

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