Quiet Kat Anyone own one?

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By: razorhead
Posted: 24-Aug-13

Saw this electric mountain 3 wheel bike this am on TV. Looked pretty cool, anyone use one or have one?????

By: r-man
Posted: 24-Aug-13

Oh yea looks great, till I seen the price, 5-6thou, there are other scooters for 750dls , crazy stuff, maybe at 1500dls, people are out of there mind.

Posted: 24-Aug-13

It is kinda cool but when I too saw the $5-6k price tag----and it would be considered Motorized.....lot's of trail access Denied.....

I think I will just use my leg's and new boots! ha

Good luck, Robb

By: tadpole
Posted: 24-Aug-13

Yep, waaaay over pricesd toy. I would like to find a power kit for my Schwinn. Someone should make battery powered conversion kit for two wheeled bikes.

By: hunter47025
Posted: 24-Aug-13

believe it or not, you can get a motor assist for your mountain bike

By: razorhead
Posted: 24-Aug-13

thanks for the info. The guy on the commercial I think is practicing for the bowhunter x games, ha ha.......

Yep my old legs is all I need, but it does look pretty cool,,,,,,,,,,,,,

By: Early2rise
Posted: 24-Aug-13

You can buy a NICE used fourwheeler for that price....not a stupid scooter. whats a badboy buggy cost compared to this tiny toy.

By: KS Flatlander
Posted: 24-Aug-13

I got real old legs but when I saw the price I got a spring in my step!

5K for black walls and no radio.....any bells and whistles is closer to 6K. I can buy a used Tacoma for 7-8K.

By: Meat Grinder
Posted: 25-Aug-13

But the commercial says everybody should have

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