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Shakespeare Bows?



Messages posted to thread:
Woody 08-Jan-01
BigJohnD/razorhead 08-Jan-01
dmw 08-Jan-01
PB in WI 08-Jan-01
GreyHawk 08-Jan-01
jersey bob 08-Jan-01
dmw 08-Jan-01
Wahya 08-Jan-01
Woody 09-Jan-01
Wahya 09-Jan-01
jethro224 06-Apr-03
Centaur 08-Dec-08
Big Wind 08-Dec-08
LostHawg 08-Dec-08
Dave G. 08-Dec-08
DH 09-Jan-09
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From: Woody Date: 08-Jan-01
I need some info on Shakespeare bows. I just picked up a 50lb Necedah Shakespeare recurve for $15. It's in good shape and should make a great carp shooter or back up to my Great Plains. Any info on the company would help, who bought them out, did they go out of business, collector value, etc.

From: BigJohnD/razorhead Date: 08-Jan-01
Shakespeare bought out Ernie Root, of Big Rapids, Mi., some time in the early Sixties (I believe. Ron LaClaire could tell you more accurately)and took over production with Ernie as the "BCIC" of Production. Although decent shooters of their own accord, most of them were made to compete with the Bear models of the time.

Their bow production was a victim of the compound craze of the '70's although Shakespeare still makes spinning, casting and flyfishing rods and reels, as well as other assorted sporting goods.

Colloector interest is moderate, mostly centered on the Necedah and Super Necedah bows.

For $15. you didn't get hurt. In fact, I'll give ya $25. for it.

From: dmw Date: 08-Jan-01

From: PB in WI Date: 08-Jan-01
My first recurve bow was a Shakespere. Gave it away about 20 years ago. Wish I still had it

From: GreyHawk Date: 08-Jan-01
$40.50 :-)

From: jersey bob Date: 08-Jan-01
My first "real" bow was a Necedah, bought with paper route money circa 1969. Think I paid about $30. mail order. Left hand, 58 in., drew 50# @ 28 ". Cinnamon colored glass over some nicely grained wood that I've never been able to identify that sorta looks like cherry. SWEET.

I still have it; after 30 years of on and off, the glass started to show some vertical lines (where I'd drilled holes to mount a Sprandell rangefinding bowsite, if you can believe it)so I retired it.

These days I shoot a compound, but I still have the Necedah, and if I ever get the chance to practice every day, I'll get out more with my Martin Hunter, which I bought when I hung up the Necedah.

From: dmw Date: 08-Jan-01
Shakespeare also make decorative light poles and pull boxes for the electrical trades.----$4o.51 :-)

From: Wahya Date: 08-Jan-01
hmmm, oh ok, I'll go 50.00 and throw in a 64" 40+# Shakespeare trident. ;o)

From: Woody Date: 09-Jan-01
Thanks for the responses, sorry guys, I'm keeping this one. Maybe when my daughter gets a little older, she'll trade in her old 20lb Browning recurve for this one.

From: Wahya Date: 09-Jan-01
Woody, my daughter saw my for fun offer on your bow and had a fit. The trident is hers lol.


From: jethro224 Date: 06-Apr-03
Hey Mike, Your daughters Trident will sell for way more than the Necedah on e-bay. If it's in good shape.

From: Centaur Date: 08-Dec-08
It's a decent bow. Necedah is a Winnebago word meaning "yellow". I almost bought one a month ago. I'm starting to collect Shakespeare bows - Have 3 Super Necedahs (1 never shot or strung, still has inspection srticker on arrow shelf, other two real nice, 1 Necedah (near mint), 1 Wambaw (very good), 1 Manitou (very good). If you ever want to part with your Necedah, let me know.

From: Big Wind Date: 08-Dec-08
My first bow was a Shakespeare Kodiak,..40lb. I still have it and loan it to folks who have never shot a bow before. They all want to by it, but its not for sale.

From: LostHawg Date: 08-Dec-08
My boy's been shooting a Siera for a few years now. Shakespeares are definitely not a bow to snub your nose at.

I think you got a great deal. ;)

From: Dave G. Date: 08-Dec-08

Those Sierra's are sweet bows. The very first paycheck I ever earned went toward a 45# Sierra and a dozen fiberglass Feline Archery arrows. (six w/field tips and six with broadheads)

I killed a little button buck with it that fall...a long, long, long, long time ago.

From: DH Date: 09-Jan-09
I found a recurve that used to be my Father's when he was young. It is the Necedah model x26-55. It has some beautiful wood grain and is in really good shape. I know it is old, would it be a good idea to string it and shoot? It still looks like new, besides the rest being worn out.

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