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Messages posted to thread:
Spike Bull 08-Apr-11
itshot 08-Apr-11
DaleM 09-Apr-11
Spike Bull 09-Apr-11
jack b (MI) 09-Apr-11
jack b (MI) 09-Apr-11
jack b (MI) 18-Apr-11
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From: Spike Bull Date: 08-Apr-11
Thanks to jackb I have seen one of the very best, most comprehensive blogs ever created, imho.

The more I see of this woman the more impressed I am.

My understatement of the week: Her blog is well worth the time.

This is a milestone in American history forming before our very eyes, gentlemen.

From: itshot Date: 08-Apr-11
her live interview the other night was great

it'll be interesting to see the "mainstream" responses to her stance

From: DaleM Date: 09-Apr-11
She makes for some great reading!!

From: Spike Bull Date: 09-Apr-11
I don't believe the lame stream can avoid this for long but they will try to bury it all real hard. Then, of course, they will light her up worse than they did Sarah Palin and blame the Tea Party Movement (TPM) for 'creating a monster'!!

From: jack b (MI) Date: 09-Apr-11

jack b (MI)'s Supporting Link

Spike...thinking that they will wish all they had to deal with was "momma grizzly" when they take on Ann ;o)

From: jack b (MI) Date: 09-Apr-11

jack b (MI)'s Supporting Link

Another article...

From: jack b (MI) Date: 18-Apr-11

jack b (MI)'s Supporting Link

Well...Ann has finally hit the big time. LOL

BTW: today she reposted a two part essay "Jesus and Guns". Am more impressed with her the more I read her blog.

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