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Club Chambeaux



Messages posted to thread:
shedhead 21-Feb-09
LongbowBob 22-Feb-09
CPAhunter 22-Feb-09
CPAhunter 22-Feb-09
Will 22-Feb-09
Bou'bound 22-Feb-09
caribou guide 22-Feb-09
LongbowBob 22-Feb-09
Millsie 22-Feb-09
CPAhunter 22-Feb-09
CPAhunter 22-Feb-09
caribou guide 22-Feb-09
caribou guide 22-Feb-09
HeadHunter®........ 23-Feb-09
PEP 23-Feb-09
keep 23-Feb-09
Kurve 23-Feb-09
caribou guide 23-Feb-09
city hunter 23-Feb-09
PEP 23-Feb-09
caribou guide 23-Feb-09
city hunter 23-Feb-09
SuperCub 23-Feb-09
caribou guide 23-Feb-09
Kurve 23-Feb-09
Stekewood 23-Feb-09
HuntinHabit 23-Feb-09
city hunter 23-Feb-09
PEP 23-Feb-09
chip 23-Feb-09
city hunter 23-Feb-09
Bou'bound 23-Feb-09
Team HC&B 23-Feb-09
city hunter 23-Feb-09
Panhandle Bob 23-Feb-09
Team HC&B 23-Feb-09
Team HC&B 23-Feb-09
Team HC&B 23-Feb-09
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kurtinozaukee 08-Aug-09
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blindgood 09-Aug-09
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Alaskan Caribou 2015

Alaska super cub
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Alaska Caribou
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Super Cub in AK
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From: shedhead Date: 21-Feb-09
Seems to be any alright price and I like the "will move you if no animals policy". Anyone hunt with them in the last 2 or 3 years?

From: LongbowBob Date: 22-Feb-09
Both times I hunted with JHA the Club chambeaux guys were leaving from the same float plane base. Both times the guys coming back were comploaining bitterly about the service they received and the lack of bou. Now lack of bous can be luck of the draw. But lack of service and unwillingness to move you is something else. I would be very careful.


From: CPAhunter Date: 22-Feb-09
Agree with Bob

Richard Hume has nearly 30 camps and only books 5 or 6 at any given time.

Beware of outfitters that boast of a nearly 100% harvest rate. It's more like a kill and not a hunt and you will find their methods of not high integrity like Jack Hume Adventures has. Fall of 2007 I personally talked to some guys at the hotel in Montreal that hunted with a well known outfitter and their trip was essentially no caribou for 4 days until they were shuffled through to a lake with animals. The so-called guide herded the animals around a point with his boat while the so-called hunters stood in a line and gunned them down. They had 2 hours and were loaded back on the floatplane and taken back to the camp without animals. Another guy said he was stuck for 2 nights on his fly out and was weathered in without extra clothes, food, sleeping bag etc. Richard Hume (JHA) would never allow such methods.

FYI I posted this last year on another thread. You might do some searches and you will surely find a lot of information.

From: CPAhunter Date: 22-Feb-09

CPAhunter's Supporting Link

From CC's brochure:

"Hunting Caribou with bow and arrow or with Black powder gun in far north areas is sometimes difficult when the Caribou herds are out of distance for those weapons. That's why we suggest to those amateurs of that old type of practice of hunting to bring along a rifle to insure their hunting success"

You can decide if you want to hunt with an outfitter that considers you an "amateur".

From: Will Date: 22-Feb-09

I have been on too too many hunts where the outfitters worried more about killing and getting you done than the whole experience.

CPA I wonder if they consider me an amatuer. I have never seen a bou but have archery hunted for 30 years, with about 10 years of guided hunts in the US.

We just had this conversation this afternoon. As long as it is a great experience and we see some Bou who cares about the death count.

From: Bou'bound Date: 22-Feb-09
that's insulting, but in context is sounds like they misused the word and were trying to say practicioners or something. regardless they need to edit their propaganda becasue things are being lost in the translation.

From: caribou guide Date: 22-Feb-09


From: LongbowBob Date: 22-Feb-09
Caribou guide,

Am I not to report my experiences with "your hunters"? The man asked for input, and I gave it to him.

I have seen your material, and would not go with you based upon that material, and the input I have had from your hunters.


From: Millsie Date: 22-Feb-09
I hunted with them eight years or so ago. No animals near camp, so they brought us fishing for four days, until a camp with animals became available. I hunted one and one half days total. Closest caribou, three miles. They're great if you want to go fishing on your hunting trip. They will move you, but when they see fit. It's a huge juggling act.

From: CPAhunter Date: 22-Feb-09
Steph, I never said CC is not a good outfitter. I reiterated what other hunters told me face to face after their trip was over. I also quoted what is in the brochure verbatim. That is fact.

It appears you measure success based on kill ratio. In any business, one can't be all things to all people. Hunters will make their choice on what is the best fit for them. Nothing more, nothing less.

I sincerely wish you the best of luck this season, no matter the measure of success.

P.S. Using all caps is construed as shouting on threads.

From: CPAhunter Date: 22-Feb-09


Per the Club Chambeaux website under "guarantee":

"Bow Hunter and Muzzle loader hunter restriction

When you have to be moved to a more productive area, you have to bring along a rifle. For those who will not respect this rule, the guarantee is not applicable."

Stephane, please tell which one is the truth and which is the lie? Your statement or the representation on the website?

It is ok to apologize when you are wrong. Just ask Tred Barta :)

From: caribou guide Date: 22-Feb-09
am agree whit you cpahunter the hunter have choice and i respect that of course and i whish for all the hunter have a good saison whatever the outfitter you chose. this mouth am at the sportshow and when a hunter toll me i do a good hunt whit ..... i feel great but when i hear a bad story like tutulik it tuff because we try do the best for my customer and i take all comment for do better.


From: caribou guide Date: 22-Feb-09
yes cpa my rules for the guaranteed if i move you I want you use a riffle but if you don't want the guaranteed you can use the bow like all the outfitter i want make sur you shooth 1 the 2 caribou you can use your bow.


From: HeadHunter®........ Date: 23-Feb-09
using a NOT bow hunting! "BOU" were made for bow hunters!

'caribou guide' Eb Morris from Montana still with you guy's? If so....tell him HELLO for me!

From: PEP Date: 23-Feb-09
Caribou Guide / Stephan Bureau: You are just going by what Chambeaus is telling you to say. This will be your FIRST year working for them and you haven't even been to their camps yet. All you've done is gone out to do shows for them and of course you are going to tell the hunter just what you know he wants to hear. Having the biggest float plane company is NOT the way to success!!! You DO NOT have all those camps either, you're just telling people that. TELL THE TRUTH FOR ONCE IN YOUR LIFE!!!! You worked for Caribou Expedition for the past several years and now you claim you know EVERYTHING about Chambeaus?? Do you think we're crazy or what!! Stop the lies, you have lots of people that you booked GUARANTEES with Caribou Expedition that you're running away from so look out, you're going down the tubes with your honesty!! I would NEVER HUNT with Chambeaux just because of YOU!!

From: keep Date: 23-Feb-09
yes cpa my rules for the guaranteed if i move you I want you use a riffle but if you don't want the guaranteed you can use the bow like all the outfitter i want make sur you shooth 1 the 2 caribou you can use your bow.


Steph, This statement of yours along with the luke warm reviews are the exact reason we didn't go with Club Chambeaux. From my point of view, it just looks like you either put a higher value on the rifle hunter or your guides are not willing to work for the bowhunter. Now this is just my perception after spending a ton of time researching outfitters before we decided on one. We couldn't afford an outfitter that held the bowhunter to a lesser standard since 7+ of the 15 will be bowhunting. Remember, the bowhunters aren't asking for you to get us a kill just an opportunity. If there are no bou in the area, for what ever reason, it seemed strange that you would be willing to move the rifle hunter to where the bou are but not the bowhunter when, in fact, you never dropped them in on top of the caribou to begin with. Steph, believe me this is not a slam on you or your outfit, this is just the way I saw and how you were viewed by us during my search for an outfitter. Thanks for listening and good luck this upcoming season.

From: Kurve Date: 23-Feb-09
never heard of or considered booking a hunt with them for no reason other then i had no interest in 'bou. after this thread and even if my interest to hunt 'bou changed, i would never book with them for obvious reasons stated above.

good grief...........

From: caribou guide Date: 23-Feb-09
rick if you not happy it not my fault it caribou expedition don't respect your contract this is some case like that i decide to change.i can give you 1000 happy hunter hunt whit caribou expedition don't tell me all the outfitter have no happy hunter.


From: city hunter Date: 23-Feb-09
Wow i told u guys it wasnt just the tuttulk treads that get hot its all talk of bou ,,Man to many sad stories for me i wish i would have heard more of this before i spent my money,, Good luck to all chasing the bou , Louis

From: PEP Date: 23-Feb-09
Stephan, now that's NOT THE TRUTH AGAIN !!! Can't you tell the TRUTH!!! Tell them the REAL REASON you're with Chambeaux, not what you want them to know!! Tell them about your so called boss who put the wickie to your hunters last year. We ALL know about that!! Glad to hear he's not going to be around to do that anymore! I hear he SOLD his 2009 customers to Chambeaux. Good Luck to all of you. Be prepared for a royal one, I'm sure ytou're going to get it. Stephan will just keep lying like he did with Caribou Expedition just so he can get bookings. Watch you're back guys, he's going to do whatever it takes to make HIMSELF look good and that's it!! So glad I'm not anywhere that Stephan is going to be....

From: caribou guide Date: 23-Feb-09
it simple caribou expedition was team caribou last year and caribou expediton decide do a retrutuation all the hunter book whit caribou expedition last year hunt this year whit club chambeaux and caribou expedition and me where is the probleme PEP you perfer a another TUTULIK. the only thing change this hunter book a trip 1 on 3 and we give 1 on 2 because the chedule 1 on 3 don't fit. steph.

From: city hunter Date: 23-Feb-09
Guys whats happening up in quebec ,, Thats all i hear are horror stories from American hunters ,, how stupid are we to continue to take this abuse.

From: SuperCub Date: 23-Feb-09
Is Caribou Expedition out of business now? Is this the same Stephan that was their chief BS artist for years?

From: caribou guide Date: 23-Feb-09
you find it a horror stories respect the contract to this hunter i dont thing so

From: Kurve Date: 23-Feb-09
can we get an interpreter to post here please?

From: Stekewood Date: 23-Feb-09
Why would a representative of a company come to an American site, to presumably promote his operation, and not be able to communicate with his potential clients?

From: HuntinHabit Date: 23-Feb-09
What a joke.

I think JHA is still a very reputable outfitter in Quebec, and there are probably others as well. But why anyone would book with a company like this is beyond my comprehension...

Do your homework fellas, and pray you still don't get screwed.

From: city hunter Date: 23-Feb-09
wow another QUEBEC horror story You can keep your tundra up north way to many problems Quebec no way USA all the way louis

see u in alaska

From: PEP Date: 23-Feb-09
Yes, this is the STEPHAN that was the chief BS artist and still is!! In Harrisburg, all the hunters that had booked with him and had a "Guaranteed Hunt" last year, well, that's gone!! They went to see him in Harrisburg under his new spot, and he told them they had to contact Caribou Expedition, Alain Lecot, and he would have to deal with it. Well, Alain won't answer the telephone nor any e-mails!! Great person to deal with don't you think?? I would NEVER book with either one of them, they are both liars and when the heat is on, they go into hiding. Look out Stephan, one day this is going to catch up with you and I actually think it's about to happen!! Too bad Club Chambeaux is going to have to take YOUR HEAT. It's really not fair to them, but I guess they should have checked you out before they put you out there representing them.

From: chip Date: 23-Feb-09
The Canadian govt. has a TV commercial that says, "Canada, providing emotions since 1534". As of late they have providing lousy emotions ! Golf anyone?

From: city hunter Date: 23-Feb-09
PEP what a disgrace the tuttulik issue then this these outfitters in quebec , they think there is a unlimited supply of rich american hunters , just screw them . and theres many more .For what its worth i will never step foot in quebec to hunt , due to there slimy ways of doing business . We American hunters need to denounce this pratice...

Quebec no way , USA all the way see you in alaska louis

From: Bou'bound Date: 23-Feb-09
and another non-tuttulik thread "goes tuttulik" in less than 30 posts. who wudda thunk it.

maybe tuttulik will become the "Kleenex" of caribou hunting, or the "Clorox" of bou hunting. of the Jell-O" of bou hunting. you know the brand name becomes the product category name by association. it only happens in cases of the highest brand awareness.

that's what bou hunting has become on this site.

From: Team HC&B Date: 23-Feb-09
I for one am sick of it! guys say "don't read it if you don't like it"! well they high jack every caribou post on here! how can you not read it this Caribou section is turning into a gong show!!

From: city hunter Date: 23-Feb-09
to many problems up north what can i say ..

From: Panhandle Bob Date: 23-Feb-09
Looks like it's JHA or no way :)

From: Team HC&B Date: 23-Feb-09
City hunter says "to many problems up north what can i say .. "

Come on now! lets be real here, there are huge issues with tuttulik and I 100% understand that! but what about the other 5000 hunters that had a wonderfull time? do they mean nothing? you are always going to find a handfull of guys that hated their trip for some reason or another! some time valid and some time not but for ever couple that had a bad experience you will find a 100 that had a great experience. do your homework and check references and ask 100 questions before you book!

From: Team HC&B Date: 23-Feb-09
We hunted with JHA last year and had a great time. very well run! everyone in Camp got one really good Caribou each and almost a 600lb black bear! buy a Bear tag if you go, big Bears!!!

From: Team HC&B Date: 23-Feb-09
just a clarification on my above post I was talking about 5000 Quebec hunters that had a great time not 5000 tuttulik hunters

From: city hunter Date: 23-Feb-09
team HC&B besides this years major flaw , what about last year when the indians blocked the roads many guys got screwed and even if they were given another hunt , it still isnt right and should not be happening in this day and age .. These are the problems i speak about ,, And i or we should invest in ths type of behavior .. no way for me .. I just dont think its safe to buy a hunt in quebec, I have no problem hunting any other part of Canada , (Quebec no way! USA all the way) see you in alaska louis

From: expeditiontraders Date: 23-Feb-09
I made the mistake of booking with Club Chambeaux. I bought the line about they own the planes so that it is easier to move you. I also paid for the fully guided hunt as I thought I would get better service.

The short story is we did not get moved. The plane were too busy moving people for other outfitters. Also, it is difficult to move you on the American plan as they have to move your guide as well.

We did not get moved. 12 hunters shot 9 caribou. I saw a total of 11 caribou in a week.

"Caribou were in the area so there was no reason to move."

Stay away.

From: jerry Date: 23-Feb-09
I hunted with clubbeaux and it was a complete disgrace. 1. The camp guide was a drunk and frequently helped himself to our belongings while we were out in the field. 2. After several days and no caribou the guide said that we could all limit out if we were willing to shoot the caribou from the plane with a gun. 3. After refusing his offer we were taken to another camp where the camp guide there wanted to haul us up and down the river and we were to shoot the caribou from the boat with a gun and get out of there fast. 4. After refusing his offer we were dropped off(within sight of camp) and told to stay in a specific section and if we saw any caribou we were to yell and the guides were to come and herd the caribou back to our direction with thier boat. This was our move to another camp that lasted all of 4 to 5 hours. 5. Back in Schefferville we tried to report the atrosities to the local authorities and to Chambeaux. The local authority who we remembered spoke to us in English coming in to Schefferville now only spoke french. We did not have alot of time because of flight connections but Chambeaux promissed to take care of things when we got back to Montreal. 6. Well someone got a heads up and all our complaining fell on deaf ears when we returned. Chambeaux did promise restitution in the form of a future discounted hunt but nothing came to be. 7. Our camp, 16 hunters, and the camp before us, 16 hunters, had 8 caribou total. Their statistics on success are fuzzy. 8. Boats leaked also. 9. They are not what they are cracked up to be. I have all of this documented and if you want the real horror story I would be glad to convey this to you.

On a happier note, I booked a hunt out of Yellowknife, NWT, and had one of the most rewarding hunts of my life. I've been on many guided hunts and fishing excursions across the US and Canada and have never been more miserable or mistreated than I had been with Chambeaux. Nor have I ever been asked to be unethical in order to fill a tag as I had with Chabeaux.

From: PEP Date: 24-Feb-09
Gee, what happened to Caribou Guide / Stephan?? Guess he couldn't take the heat anymore. Too bad he has to lie to book people. I have a friend who booked with them 3 years ago and he offered him some little "extras" if he booked. What a joke!! He will do anything just for a booking to make himself look good. John Trembly / Club Chambeaux should have checked him out a lot more before hiring him to do shows and guide for him. Too bad because it will run his business in teh ground having Stephan on board. JHA is a good outfitter but there are others too, so I hope people check things really good before they book and look for someone who has been in business for many years under the "SAME NAME" not someone who keeps changing their name to run from their reputation. I will go again to Quebec, but when I go it will be with either JHA or Labrador Outdoors and nobodt=y else. They BOTH run a good business and stand behind what they sell 100%. They don't hide and not answer the telephones and no answers to e-mails either. They are on top of everything. BOTH GOOD OUTFITTERS!!! Everyone, "STAY AWAY FROM STEPHAN" unless you like being lied to and taken advantage of!!

From: BerksArcher Date: 06-Aug-09
I hunted with Stephan and Team Caribou in Sep 2007. The hunt was real bad due to Indian prolbems in Schefferville and weather in Lac Pau. Was stranded in Lac Pau for 2 days due to planes being backed up and us having low priority. Club Chambeaux ran the flight operations and I did see them for a fact take care of there customers first. I ran into Richard Hume during this time as he was onsite taking care of his hunters. I formed an immediate liking for him and am hunting with Jack Hume Adventures in a couple of weeks. The problem with Team Caribou was lack of communication. They did not answer emails prior to the hunt and there was nobody to brief us at the hotel in Montreal. Then at Schefferville, same thing. I ended up hunting out of the Twin River Lodge part of the operation and flew with Harvey from Labrador Outdoors. I also flew in to first camp with Alain. I did not receive bad service but it wasn't good either. They did move us as promised. The guides were great. Like I said Harvey from Labrador Outdoors was very amenable along with Andre from Twin River Lodge. We weren't treated bad from the Team Caribou folks but like I said the communication was non-existent. I'm hunting in a couple of weeks with JHA and can't wait. They really have integrity and deliver results. They care about their hunters. Berks Archer, Sinking Spring, Pa

From: JR. Date: 07-Aug-09
The real problem with Team Caribou was they weren't a Team. Harvey and his staff were great but if you didn't sign up with them directly (like we did) He could only help you out so much it was left up to Alain and he either couldn't deliver or wouldn't spend the money to do it! I told Harvey this would eventually hurt his name and last I heard it did at least for this year. I'm also going with JHA in september last week can't wait. PS last I heard Alain was out of business and the way he treated his people last year he should be! Stephan I think was the main contact and got the short and of the stick.

From: SDHNTR Date: 07-Aug-09
Wow, I've seen enough here to cross CC off my potential list. I surely do not like their discriminatory literature or guarantees. And I also believe that if you are going to position yourself to service Americans you darn sure better be able to communicate at an acceptable level. What I have seen here certainly is not.

From: 76Aggie Date: 07-Aug-09
After reading these threads, I am a bit rattled and concerned. We have a group of both bow and rifle hunters who have booked a hunt with Safari Nordik in September of 2010. Does anyone have any recent experience with them? If so, I hope it is positive.

On another note, there are good outfitters and there are bad ones. I was completely rooked on two different Ontario bear hunts which kept me out of Canada for several years. I decided to try again and had two excellent trips with outstanding service from a bear outfitter in Quebec. Quebec ain't all bad guys. Don't give up on our neighbors to the north because of a few rotten apples.

From: kota-man Date: 07-Aug-09
What I've learned from the Bowsite about hunting in Quebec: DO YOUR HUNT WITH JHA PERIOD.

From: bb Date: 07-Aug-09
"that's what bou hunting has become on this site"

No, It's just more business as usual in Quebec.

Grant, your indignance is laughable. You had no problem jumping into every thread singing the praises of Tuttulik regardless of of whether your opinion was solicited or not. That to me was getting old, now you are incensed that many threads about caribou are taking a negative turn with Tuttulik at the forefront...Too bad, If you're going to be constantly chirrping the positives, you need to live with the negatives.

From: kurtinozaukee Date: 07-Aug-09
My cousin went with Safari last September. They had a tough hunt because the Caribou were not around. They tagged some bulls but were put in a camp with 14-16 other hunters because it was the only camp with any caribou around. They were told to shoot any caribou that they saw, because it might be the only one. This was not the outfitters fault, it just seems the caribou have migrated more to the Quebec-Labrador border area and not staying as far north. Safari Nordik actually called my cousin 2 days before they were suppose to leave Montreal and told them not to come, but he was only 1 hours drive from their hotel in Montreal so they went anyway.

We were booked to hunt with Harvey at Labrador Outdoors this year Sept 3-9, but he is not running camps because of too many cancellations. So now we are hunting with JHA on the same dates for the same price. Harvey will still be flying his planes and JHA will be using his camps. Harvey is a nice guy and has kept his word about everything that has happened so far with our hunt. The rest of Team-Cariou is no longer operating as far as I understand it. JHA and Labrador Outdoors seem to be the best in the area as far as working with their clients, at least from what we have experienced so far.

From: 76Aggie Date: 07-Aug-09
Thanks for the input. I never pay for an animal. Just a reasonable opportunity to take one with my weapon of choice. If I limit myself with a bow, so be it.

I don't think any outfitter can accurately forcast the migration. I have not yet bought in to the global warming agenda, but I firmly believe in fluctuations in climate as well as populations of animal species.

Sounds like SN tried to do right by them. They have worked very well with our group thus far. Good luck on your hunt this year year kurtinozaukee.

From: on-the-ground Date: 07-Aug-09
Kurtnozokee, Your most recent thread in regard to Safari Nordik is a TOTAL 360 from the bashing you gave them last September under the Safari Nordik post in this forumn. Congrats on taking the advice that you were given!, seems as though you are beginning to 'Get It'.Time will tell, Good Luck and Please do post the pics of the 'Bombers' you will surely harvest. Thanks

From: kurtinozaukee Date: 07-Aug-09
I figured that was going to come up, lol. My first conversation with my cousin, was him very annoyed at the lack of Bou and the over crowded camp. After awhile we talked about it again and it made more sense to me about what the hunt was really about. The first conversation that we had there were alot of details left out. I am pretty sure that I GET IT or whatever that means. All I want is a fun hunt with my best hunting partner. If we kill bulls great, if not my hunt is a once in a lifetime deal and I will enjoy every second! Kurt

From: on-the-ground Date: 08-Aug-09
I don't think that you do "Get It" as I can guarantee you that none of us working for Safari Nordik are loling!! Tell ya what, I will pass your joke along to all the guys and refresh their memory, {your 'bashing' last year was brought to everyone's attention}. That way maybe some SN reps can meet you in Kuujuaq or Montreal and lol with ya.

76aggie you need not be rattled, Safari Nordik will put you and your group onto caribou, and in the event that they cannot due to weather and flying, a RARE occurrence, they WILL honor their guarantee and you will have the opportunity to experience the Artic again at their expense!!. What dates will you be hunting?

From: kurtinozaukee Date: 08-Aug-09
I told you that I spoke to soon last fall, sorry about that. As far as your apparent threats you can read your pm. It might not be smart to speak about SN like some kind of mob if you want hunters to book with you, but maybe that is just me????

From: on-the-ground Date: 08-Aug-09
FINALLY you are learning! Thats all that was necessary! In the future do not make judgment/criticism based upon hearsay and you should be alright.

From: CPAhunter Date: 09-Aug-09
"Tell ya what, I will pass your joke along to all the guys and refresh their memory, {your 'bashing' last year was brought to everyone's attention}. That way maybe some SN reps can meet you in Kuujuaq or Montreal and lol with ya. "

I reread last years' posts and there wasn't any bashing of SN by Kurt. Well Kurt, at least his threat is in writing and witnessed by all here. What an idiotic thing to say in a public forum. Now I KNOW I'd never book a hunt with you and will be sure to pass your attitude along to others that ask me about who to book with.

From: bb Date: 09-Aug-09
"FINALLY you are learning! Thats all that was necessary! In the future do not make judgment/criticism based upon hearsay and you should be alright."

I can"t imagine that potential clients are climbing all over themselves to book with SN after reading these two posts filled with veiled threats. If you are an employee of SN It would be hard for me to imagine that management wouldn't fire your ass on the spot if they read this, unless management condones this behavior. If you had any brains you would realize that potential clients are reading this...LOL! The Quebec Caribou Outfitter saga continues.

From: RoyG Date: 09-Aug-09
I should probebly stay out of this but after reading this thread I couldn't help myself. I haven't been to Northern Quebec in a number of years, but did make five trips up chasing caribou back in the 80s & 90s. I hunted with several diferant outfitters, took a lot of clients with me, and sent over a 100 clients in all during that period. After I had taken several nice stags, I kept going to make feature films, promotional videos, and to try to help organize an operation that was geared to trophy bowhunting. After five years I gave up and for over 15 years refused to even book a client to Quebec for caribou. Then I was convinced to try again and booked nine clients to Tuttulik for this fall......

I shared that so you'd all have a frame of referance to assess judgement on my comments below...for what ever they might be worth.

There always were a few good outfitters in Quebec, and JHA was one of them when I was up there...and appears to still be good based on everything we've heard. The problem is that running a quality operation costs more money than running a poor one, so there are outfits that can/will beat their prices, and most guys book hunts on price rather than proper research.....

About 98% success: When I was up there no one was 98% successfull on two bulls per clients, but they all claimed they were. The reason was simple. At the shows there are several caribou outfits selling hunts..several of the outfitters will claim 98% success rates, and if the others don't tell the same lies they won't book any hunters, because not only do most clients want to book the cheapest hunt they can find, they want to be assured they will kill two huge bulls....if one outfitter doesn't promise them this the next one down the isle will, and that is where they will spend their money. If you want to sell caribou hunts in Quebec you have to lie and tell people the camp you represent was 98% successful last season....I refused to do it, and walked away.

About moving clients: When everyone started "selling" 98% success rates, and stories were going around about guys not seeling caribou, the sales pitch started changing to assure clients they would be moved if they happened to be in one of the very few camps that didn't get run over by caribou. While these promises may not have been outright lies, they were close. Several of the companies that were making these promises early on didn't even own their own planes..which meant they would have to hire planes to make the moves. Others had their own plans...but does anyone really think there are planes just sitting around up there with nothing to do? The planes up there are expensive and to justify the expense you need to keep them busy. There are some hours not scheduled every week, sure, but that is to cover things that making up flights that are delayed due to made weather. An "honest" answer about moving people would say, "We'll move you to another location IF we have flight time available, the weather co-operates, we have another camp that has caribou available, and there is enough time left in your hunt to make it worthwhile." But then again if they told the WHOLE truth most perspective clients would book their hunt with the outfitter down the isle that wasn't as honest.

Moving only gun hunters: Its not that these guys (CC) are picking on us bowhunters, it has to do with the reality of the situation. Bowhunters can't be dropped of in a bunch at one spot and expect to fill all their tags in a few hours so they can be reloaded on a plane and brought back to where their gear, food, camp, cook, etc are it just doesn't work that way. Therefore it isn't practical to move bowhunters out to a good crossing point like they can with gun hunters. Do you think any outfit is going to spend the money to fly a group of hunters out for caribou if they don't think they'll be happy when the dust settles?

Moving camps: Your best bet (my opinion) is to book with an outfit that has the ability to put you in a camp that has caribou when you arrive. That means having alternate camp locations (more camps than bookings) and the willingness to do the additional flying to move food and staff prior to your arrival as well as dealing with the expenses of settling up more camps that you have clients for. This is what several operations are now promising, but I haven't been there to see if it happens. When I was going there a lot every camp an operation had was booked for six hunter rotations per season...some set up additional tents so a few extra clients could be brought in to camps that were seeing animals if they had a camp that was "dry", but then they had to contend with the complaints of the guys that were booked for those camps do to having to share camp with additional people.

Horror Stories: All true and personally witnessed. 1. I flew into a "bowhunting only camp" camp with four clients one morning and the float plane waited an hour to depart because the rifle hunting outdoor writer had just shoot two stags that morning and they didn't have everything ready yet to be loaded out. We didn't see caribou at the main crossing for two days due to the disturbance caused by all the shooting the first morning. When we flew out another outdoor writer flew in with his black powder rifle and another rifle...he was hunting/writting stories for a number of magazines on the "bowhunting only" camp...but was gun hunting. Later that winter his feature story appeared in a major bowhunting publication.....oh yea it was about his great bowhunt!

2. I had a group in a bowhunting only camp another time and we got a call from the operations base telling us not to go down river to a traditional crossing point the next day. They were flying in a group of hunters from another camp. A few days later we went down and found 26 dead caribou laying on the ground with antlers removed. None of the meat was taken and only 2-3 caribou were caped. Most weren't even field dressed. I found out later that the operation had a group of hunters at another camp and they weren't seeing any animals. This group was twelve clients and a well known hunt consultant. They didn't want to loose his business so they chartered a larghe plane and flew the whole group out in the morning to this active crossing point. They shot their two caribou each and were loaded back in the plane and brought back to their camp with their racks. I talked to the consultant afterwards and asked him how he could be part of such a thing...I was told that he was told that the operation was going to send people back to get the meat and capes...but they just never did...RIGHT!

3. I was at a camp with a client, and had two other clients at another camp one time. We were split up "supposedly" because there were no caribou at the "bowhunting only" camp we had booked so we were being brought to other camps where there were caribou. Of course we were now with gun hunters, and these guys were not glad to see us because they weren't seeing that many animals and there weren't enough boats and equipment to cover the additional people. Thankfully the client I had with me was a hard hunter and a good sport. We hiked out every day and worked our butts off, he finally connected on a good bull and was reasonably happy with me (who became his camp cook and guide for the week)but would never go back with that outfitter.

4. I was with a group of bowhunters in a camp that hadn't seen a caribou in three days. We had been promised a move if this happened. We heard from another camp (on the radio) that a camp close by was covered up with caribou and everyone was "tagged out". We asked to be moved, and knew the other camp had room for our small group. We were refused because the group that was in that camp were good clients (North American Hunting Club) and they refused to share the camp. They wanted the boats available to do some fishing and knew their fishing bonus would be impacted if more hunters camp to camp....we sat for three more days in a camp with no caribou.

5. I was flown into a camp (with a small group) one season, but it wasn't the camp I had booked. I was told that the reason was there were no caribou at the "bowhunting only" camp locatiuon I had been sold one. I had the location on a map I brought with me and talked to two pilots during my stay about that area. These were the two pilots that did all the flying for this operation. They both told me there was never a camp set up at that location. Nothing had been flown in there in at least two years and this was a newly licensed location so there was nothing existing before that time. I was sold a camp that didn't even exist!

6. Another time I was up filming for an operation that we were going to book clients with the following year. The first camp they brought us to had no caribou. We filmed the camp and some fly fishing the first couple days, but the caribou hunting was a BUST. They came and flew us to another camp. The caribou there were NUTS! They had to buzz the lake twice to spread the caribou out enough to land the plane. All 13 guys flown in the day before had their two bulls except one that was "holding out" for a bigger one for his second animal. The next day we set up in a blind and with-in an hour I shot (on camera) two great stags. While we were caping them a herd of old stags (grey velvet and monster racks) headed our way. My wife/camera person had two tags so the head guide told her she could use his gun and drop a couple of the biggest ones. She wasn't familar with the rifle and told him she'd give it a go if he'd stay right with her and finish the animal if it didn't drop right away while I filmed it from 20 yards back. Fifteen minutes later she was surrounded by caribou and I heard a shot....then six more shots as the herd ran in every direction. When the dust settled she got up from behind the big rock very shaken. After shooting the bull she handed the rifle to the guide who proceeded to drop five more stags from the herd. He wanted her to tag two of them, she refused. She tagged the one she shot, I tagged my two. We field dressed and capped our three caribou while the guide and his helper did the others. The next day six clients were flown in to hunt, and the guide sold the caribou he had shot to some of them. Before we left that camp two days later 44 clients had tagged 88 caribou at that camp. The camp was set up for 12 clients with an overflow tent that housed four do the math.

Summary: If you want a Q/L caribou be carefull who you book with, ask the right questions, and don't buy on price/promisses. I'd suggest using a hunt consultant, because they should know better what questions to ask and because they will have more leverage to work out problems that you will as an individual. Good luck.

From: blindgood Date: 09-Aug-09

From: blindgood Date: 09-Aug-09
You know, I am going through a difficult time right now. I am 58 years old, been to Quebec twice, and my thoughts are that in a few years I can get things together enough to go again. Maybe I should stay home and just look at the video and the photos and remember how used to be!!!

From: Bou'bound Date: 09-Aug-09
In about a month this site will be filled with photos of guys who cleaned up on the bou in quebec and people will remember why they hunt there for them.

From: 2NOLANS Date: 09-Aug-09
WOW!Think I Will keep hunting BOU in Alaska!

From: bigguy Date: 10-Aug-09
I have been to Quebec 3 times for Caribou, with the last time being 2008. All 3 trips were with the same outfitter and all 3 trips were in different camps. All trips were great, even though we did not fill all our tags.(Because we were fussy) With proper planning, trips to Quebec can still be very rewarding and I will not hesitate to return.

From: saltydog Date: 10-Aug-09
I have hunted bou 3 times in Northern Quebec, with 3 different outfitters. The first 2 time with a gun and the last with my bow.

I will not recount the first 2 (both outfitters have been mentioned in this thread); one was an unpleasant experience and the 2nd was barely OK.

My bow hunt was with JHA and was one of my best hunting experiences EVER. As soon as I can save up enough to go again...guess who I'm booking with.

From: Deflatem Date: 10-Aug-09
I went to Quebec a few years back too. Same story. No caribou. The drunk camp keeper did provide us with a drunken caribou dance one night in which he fell into the campfire & had to be flown out the next day.(fairly minor burns to his hands). We sat around for a couple days alone & were finally moved to another camp with a few caribou. Not a horror story , but not a good hunt. I won't go back. French & hunting just doesn't seem right to me anymore.

From: on-the-ground Date: 10-Aug-09
I thought LOL meant Laugh Out Loud, no threat intended nor implied. I was LOLed at, I LOLed back.

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