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Cooking Caribou



Messages posted to thread:
Clutch 09-Jun-09
Bou'bound 09-Jun-09
Bigpizzaman 09-Jun-09
Clutch 09-Jun-09
Dooner 10-Jun-09
Alzy 10-Jun-09
GG NYC 10-Jun-09
LongbowBob 10-Jun-09
BadgerArrow 10-Jun-09
Clutch 10-Jun-09
Waterfowler 10-Jun-09
Will 10-Jun-09
Hogslayer 10-Jun-09
Txnrog 10-Jun-09
Thunderflight 10-Jun-09
LKH 10-Jun-09
BC 10-Jun-09
Txnrog 10-Jun-09
Clutch 10-Jun-09
LKH 10-Jun-09
southpaw 16-Jun-09
southpaw 16-Jun-09
JR. 16-Jun-09
archer 16-Jun-09
Bou'bound 16-Jun-09
Gene 17-Jun-09
Bou'bound 17-Jun-09

Alaskan Caribou 2015

Alaska super cub
by razorsharp

Alaska Caribou
by ch0p5

Super Cub in AK
by Stekewood

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From: Clutch Date: 09-Jun-09
I brought 100#s of meat back last year to try--How in the heck do you prepare and cook it to get that horrible taste out--I know now why they didn't cook any during the hunt---But the hunt was awesome

From: Bou'bound Date: 09-Jun-09
it ain't happneing.

if you shot a stinking rutting bou you're screwed

From: Bigpizzaman Date: 09-Jun-09
I know thus french guy that can make it taste like beef filet!

From: Clutch Date: 09-Jun-09
BigPizzaMan, I only have 99#s left to get rid of--tell the french guy to get the skillet ready--need to clear out my freezer before Oct.

From: Dooner Date: 10-Jun-09
Hey Clutch- Was this a bull in the rut?

From: Alzy Date: 10-Jun-09
I took a bou on Aug 22 in northern BC and he was some of the best meat I have eaten. You've got to take them early while in velvet if you want to enjoy the meat. I've had people tell me hard horned rutting bulls taste terrible, and you have to clear the house when cooking it. I don't think I'd shoot a big stinky rutting bull caribou. Try google for some meat preparation info, there must be a way to make it edible.

From: GG NYC Date: 10-Jun-09
I have always shot them in velvet and the meat was good. Try Lawry's steak very well. Ziploc bag and Lawry's overnight will do the trick.

I dont marinade my elk mostly, but caroibou...always.

From: LongbowBob Date: 10-Jun-09
If you shot a bull in the rut, you're in trouble.

The bulls follow the cows around with their nose up their butts and literally drink gallons of their pee. That's why they don't eat that meat that comes from during the rut.


From: BadgerArrow Date: 10-Jun-09
Never,Never, shoot a Bou during the Rut.

From: Clutch Date: 10-Jun-09
It was late season--Last hunt that Saf. Nord. had last year--Yes, they were in hard antler--I had it sent to a meat processing place and they cleaned and wrapped it in Montreal--looked really nice but it taste like ---t

From: Waterfowler Date: 10-Jun-09
Dog food?

my early sept bull is wonderful. My wife wants me to get more...... Okay honey I guess I'll go again.

From: Will Date: 10-Jun-09
Dogfood was my thought but I didn't want to say it.

From: Hogslayer Date: 10-Jun-09
You could always boil the p--s out of it!

From: Txnrog Date: 10-Jun-09
I've had 3 different bulls all still in velvet - didn't like any one of them - really stinks when cooking and has a strong liver flavor. . . those that like liver and onions would like it. Tried cooking several ways and was never impressed. Soaking in white wine for a day or more really does help though.

From: Thunderflight Date: 10-Jun-09
I had one bull that was terrible and the other was awesome.

I think the terrible bull was the one I killed on the second day of my hunt. The meat hung in the meat house all week and the temps got up to the high sixty's and low seventys. The second bull was killed the day before I left and was AWESOME!! I can honestly say it is some of the best wild game I've ever had.

From: LKH Date: 10-Jun-09
I cooked in a sheep/griz camp north of the Brooks one year. Made two pans, one of sheep and one of bou backstrap. Cooked both the same and the outfitter, two guides, and three clients spent five minutes figuring out which was which. They all were surprised at how good the bou was.

I've never had a bad bou, but we don't hunt them after the 15th of Sep.

TXNROG, The liver taste comes from overcooking. Not sure why people think wild meat has to be burnt, yet will eat beef rare.

If you want good caribou, kill them early in the season, take good care of it (cool, clean, dry), and don't overcook the meat.

From: BC Date: 10-Jun-09

BC's embedded Photo

We cooked up fresh backstraps on the fifth day of a DIY hunt in Alaska and they were great. Of course we were eating freeze dried up til that point.

From: Txnrog Date: 10-Jun-09
LKH, I have to disagree, I cook all my meat on the rare side. That flavor appears to be in the blood - over cooking actually improves the flavor IMO, but I don't like medium+ meat. Anyway, I've given away most of it, and some folks really like it. Guess I'm spoiled by Axis and Elk.

From: Clutch Date: 10-Jun-09
Thanks guys--I think dog food was the best suggestion for the late season bull--Not sure my dogs are up for it--You would think my guide would have mention something about the meat for a late season hunt--no one said a thing about the 100#s of meat they packed back to Montreal--I guess it's all about MONEY--The guide got a nice tip for deboning it--the butcher got his share for cleaning,vac. pack, and boxing it-the airlines got their nice chunk of change for transporting it-the airport porter got his tip for carrying it to my vehicle-and my electric co. got their share for supplying electricity to keep that stinky a-- meat frozen until I give it to my dogs. Haha

From: LKH Date: 10-Jun-09
I butchered a confiscated late oct monster on Adak one fall. Idea was to give to the needy. I cooked a small piece and even my lab wouldn't eat it. Stunk up the whole house.

From: southpaw Date: 16-Jun-09
wow im shocked at the bad tasting Bou meat ,I shot 2 fist week of sept 08,my wife and I ate it all winter .We made steaks ,burgers ,fillets ,sphagetti sauce it was out of this world good.Shes very picky about certain wild game meat ,and by far said bou is her favorite!

From: southpaw Date: 16-Jun-09
wow im shocked at the bad tasting Bou meat ,I shot 2 fist week of sept 08,my wife and I ate it all winter .We made steaks ,burgers ,fillets ,sphagetti sauce it was out of this world good.Shes very picky about certain wild game meat ,and by far said bou is her favorite!

From: JR. Date: 16-Jun-09
I agree with southpaw killed two caribou last week of september this past year, meat is exellent wife wants me to go everyyear so I'm going again this year last week with JHA. I still think its how its taken care of in the field plus alot of guys want to do their own meat ( I do my own deer all the time) but I think its better to pay the $70-$80 have it vacum sealed and flash frozen. You pick it up in Montreal load it in your truck till you get home its just starting to thaw you just have to put it in the freezer.See you in three months cariboukid!

From: archer Date: 16-Jun-09
My Newfoundland guide said that Woodland Caribou in the rut are inedible. I don't know if this applies to all Caribou. I was hunting for Moose and he said it is good all the time.

From: Bou'bound Date: 16-Jun-09
the newfoundland hunting regs actually tell you that rut killed bou are not fit for consumption.

From: Gene Date: 17-Jun-09
I killed a woodland bull in velvet in 2002. My wife actually did a pot roast of caribou and served it at a dinner party which included some of our NY city friends. They were shocked at first but enjoyed every bit of it.Of course it doesn't hurt to have a wife thats an awesome cook! I was also told by my outfitter that bulls in the rut are inedible.

From: Bou'bound Date: 17-Jun-09
if it was in velvet it was a long way from being a rutting bull. caribou meat is great except for the rut

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