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2014 Jack Hume Caribou Hunt



Messages posted to thread:
Max 15-Aug-13
TradbowBob 16-Aug-13
Bou'bound 16-Aug-13
Max 16-Aug-13
Bou'bound 16-Aug-13
BerksArcher 16-Aug-13
Jimmysharpstick 16-Aug-13
Max 16-Aug-13
CPAhunter 16-Aug-13
TradbowBob 17-Aug-13
Bou'bound 17-Aug-13
Max 17-Aug-13
TurkeyBowMaster 17-Aug-13
caribou77 17-Aug-13
rtkreaper 17-Aug-13
Bou'bound 17-Aug-13
Cornfed 77 17-Aug-13
millsie 17-Aug-13
Ace of Spades 17-Aug-13
Bou'bound 18-Aug-13
caribou77 18-Aug-13
BerksArcher 18-Aug-13
BerksArcher 18-Aug-13
wkochevar 18-Aug-13
rtkreaper 19-Aug-13
Caribou 23-Aug-13
BMG2 24-Aug-13
Bou'bound 24-Aug-13

Alaskan Caribou 2015

Alaska super cub
by razorsharp

Alaska Caribou
by ch0p5

Super Cub in AK
by Stekewood

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From: Max Date: 15-Aug-13
Ive booked my 2014 Caribou hunt with Jack Hume. Its my first time hunting caribou. Anybody else headed up there the second last week in september? Also, what do you think of the tag reduction possibility from two tags per hunter to one?? Hopefully this doesnt happen!

From: TradbowBob Date: 16-Aug-13
Well, you know what you are getting into, but you picked the best outfitter up there. Some things are beyond his control, like the government, but everything that he can do something about I guarantee you he will. I've been with him 2x, so I know what I'm talking about.

Have a great time, it will be a memorable trip.


From: Bou'bound Date: 16-Aug-13
I am. Heading up the week of the 8th. Doing the unguided deal with limited support in camp cheaper version. I don't care about the tag thing. Two would be better but it does not matter. Been up before and taken a couple each time. First time with Richard.

Did find out yesterday that guys who book between June and August get a special hotel night and $200 hunt credit. Does not apply if you booked earlier though. I guess the early birds did not get the worm on that deal ..........should have waited.

From: Max Date: 16-Aug-13
Yeah, Bou'bound, I managed to get that deal. I'm headed up the 15th for the same 1x6 unguided hunt. I'm going solo but there will be 5 gun hunters in the group. Hope I don't regret that. I'm hoping to go the opposite direction as them but I've never been up and don't know how it works with the guide. I'm going to get a bear tag as well.

From: Bou'bound Date: 16-Aug-13
The gun guys won't bother things one bit. Don't worry about where they are go where the bou are. If the animals are there guns won't bother them and those guys will be done quickly.

From: BerksArcher Date: 16-Aug-13
Max, you will be fine, a guide is nice but not necessary. Best bet is glass fron high, find out what trails they are using and setup on them and close the deal. good luck.

From: Jimmysharpstick Date: 16-Aug-13
Max, Good call on the bear tag. Saw 4 different bears last year and 3 wolves with JHA.

From: Max Date: 16-Aug-13
I had a guy telling me today that I should be going earlier (than sept 15th). He said the caribou would be slim pickings that late in the season. Any thoughts on his comment? Experience?

From: CPAhunter Date: 16-Aug-13
Doesn't matter Max. I prefer around the 15th of Sept because you won't have bugs and the animals will be hard horned. Late August and you are fighting gnats and all bulls will be in velvet. Richard will put you where the animals are.

From: TradbowBob Date: 17-Aug-13
"Slim Picking" is not dependent on dates, but location. Caribou are migratory and you need to be where they are. Richard will do everything possible to be sure you are in the right place at the right time.


From: Bou'bound Date: 17-Aug-13
"I had a guy telling me today that I should be going earlier (than sept 15th). He said the caribou would be slim pickings that late in the season. Any thoughts on his comment? Experience?"


PS - Just curious did this guy go by the handle CaribouBowMaster by chance?

From: Max Date: 17-Aug-13
I figured it was BS. Just wanted some reassurance! Bou'bound- wasn't Cariboubowmaster

From: TurkeyBowMaster Date: 17-Aug-13
I heard that!

From: caribou77 Date: 17-Aug-13
Late hunts can produce more groups of big bulls. But as stated its location location location. And luck! Late hunts will normally produce colder and crappier weather. But little to no bugs and hard horned bulls. Pic your poison. Any way you swing it, its a blast and beautiful.

From: rtkreaper Date: 17-Aug-13

From: Bou'bound (mobile)Sent from Mobile Phone Date: 17-Aug-13
September 15 is not a "late" caribou hunt.

From: Cornfed 77 Date: 17-Aug-13
Went last year from sept 3-9. Hume runs an amazing operation, from beginning to end. We several hundred animals and even that early in the year had no bugs. Only saw 1 hard horned bull the last day of the hunt, and he walked by the target we sighted our rifles in on, about 75yds from the cook house :-) You will have an amazing time! Hope you plan on fishing also, I had a day of fishing that I've never imagined in my dreams!

From: millsie Date: 17-Aug-13
Enjoy the TOTAL experience. It's quite the adventure.

From: Ace of Spades Date: 17-Aug-13
CaribouBowMaster- lol

Sorry TBM, but that's funny

From: Bou'bound Date: 18-Aug-13
cornfed please provide feedabck on how you caught the fish, what you used for gear, from boat or shore, lake or stream.


From: caribou77 Date: 18-Aug-13
I'll speak in place of cornfed here since most of the time we were together. We fished from the dock with great success. Caught Brookies, lakers and char using small Mepps spinners. I was also able to net 2 char off the dock. Cornfed led them towards the net with his spinner and I scooped them out of the water. One slipped off the dock before I could grab it. But I did get my hands on the other. We also fished out on the lake. All with spinners again. Caught just lakers out there. Then we were taken to a inlet about 20 yards wide and a quater mile long. Fished from the bank with spinners. Pretty much cast, catch a fish, cast catch a fish. Eventually they would move we would move 50 yards to the next hole....and repeat the entire process....:)

From: BerksArcher Date: 18-Aug-13
Fishing is great at the lakes the camps are on. You should use 5 of Diamonds and Daredevils, med size, 8 lb test, collapsible spinning rod. You will catch lake trout, pike, and char. Take a couple wire leaders. I have hunted late August and also 20 Sep with no difference in Caribou sighting. Bulls tend to she'd velvet the later u go, but that will be stripped of by guide unless you say no.

From: BerksArcher Date: 18-Aug-13
I didn't have much luck with spinners. Trolling worked best. I'd say take some spinners in case you can't get out on a boat.

From: wkochevar Date: 18-Aug-13
What size spoons and spinners should a guy take? Three weeks from tonight I will be siting in the Holiday Inn waiting for the charter flight out in the morning....Man it's coming fast!!

From: rtkreaper Date: 19-Aug-13
Little Cleo spoons have worked great for me. 1/3 ounce for brookies and 3/4 ounce for lakers. Orange and yellow works well although i don't think color really matters up there. Shallow reefs and river outlets with current seem to be the best. If you can get into the char, hang on, they are crazy! Rory

From: Caribou Date: 23-Aug-13
Bou'bound glade to see you are going bou hunting again. I sure do miss bou hunting, but it seems we were lucky to make the trips in the days of the great migrations. I remember the day you were starting your hunt and thousands of caribou were walking across the airport landing.

From: BMG2 Date: 24-Aug-13
Williams Wablers (gold -silver combo) worked great for me 2 years ago when i hunted with JHA. Caught some nice Artic Char and Lake Trout trolling at Camp Inukshuk after I tagged out. Good luck!

From: Bou'bound Date: 24-Aug-13
Yes camp oma was a hot bed of activity for three years running but that was the best of the three years. caribou hunting the way it is supposed to be. it is always that way somewhere...........the trick is being where it is happening at the same time.

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