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Tiffany L. Bikini fishing



Messages posted to thread:
Bowman_No4 02-Jun-08
mb-archer 02-Jun-08
Knife2sharp 02-Jun-08
non-typical 02-Jun-08
howler 02-Jun-08
Waterfowler 02-Jun-08
Bowman_No4 02-Jun-08
JTV 02-Jun-08
JUSTHUNT1 02-Jun-08
bigswivle 02-Jun-08
non-typical 02-Jun-08
non-typical 02-Jun-08
Bowman_No4 02-Jun-08
Ty 02-Jun-08
bowhunt1 02-Jun-08
Bowman_No4 02-Jun-08
PABowman 02-Jun-08
Bowman_No4 02-Jun-08
IaHawkeye 02-Jun-08
Bowman_No4 02-Jun-08
JUSTHUNT1 02-Jun-08
glacial21 02-Jun-08
TD 02-Jun-08
Rob 02-Jun-08
JUSTHUNT1 02-Jun-08
Rut Nut 02-Jun-08
redneck91 02-Jun-08
fuzzy 02-Jun-08
Bowman_No4 02-Jun-08
Rut Nut 02-Jun-08
chip 02-Jun-08
kxjim 02-Jun-08
VTer 02-Jun-08
Jay (InOz). 02-Jun-08
mn_archer 02-Jun-08
Russ Koon 02-Jun-08
mn_archer 02-Jun-08
wannabe 02-Jun-08
Deflatem 03-Jun-08
Matt 03-Jun-08
bullelk 03-Jun-08
Blacktailhunter 03-Jun-08
Bowman_No4 03-Jun-08
chip 03-Jun-08
Deflatem 03-Jun-08
IaHawkeye 03-Jun-08
HeadHunter®........ 03-Jun-08
Blacktailhunter 03-Jun-08
Blacktailhunter 03-Jun-08
JUSTHUNT1 03-Jun-08
live2hunt88 03-Jun-08
DadOfTwins 03-Jun-08
DonVathome 03-Jun-08
Blacktailhunter 03-Jun-08
keep 03-Jun-08
John Ryan 03-Jun-08
mn_archer 03-Jun-08
CVC 03-Jun-08
Blacktailhunter 03-Jun-08
mn_archer 03-Jun-08
chip 03-Jun-08
bowaholic 03-Jun-08
bowaholic 03-Jun-08
Blacktailhunter 03-Jun-08
tonyo6302 03-Jun-08
live2huntsgirl 03-Jun-08
LW 03-Jun-08
non-typical 03-Jun-08
Pat Lefemine 03-Jun-08
mn_archer 03-Jun-08
mn_archer 03-Jun-08
Bowman_No4 03-Jun-08
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Ranger6 03-Jun-08
TD 03-Jun-08
John Ryan 03-Jun-08
wibowhunt 03-Jun-08
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NWOkla 04-Jun-08
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Razorback 04-Jun-08
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Blaise 04-Jun-08
Bill_Weber_RRT 04-Jun-08
Blacktailhunter 04-Jun-08
Kiteman@work 04-Jun-08
Blacktailhunter 04-Jun-08
whump 04-Jun-08
peter.p 04-Jun-08
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elmer 05-Jun-08
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BOWBUD 05-Jun-08
heartshotathome 05-Jun-08

2 Fish 1 Arrow: Bowfishing's Juicy Double
by Wheelie_Pete

Georgia Gator bowhunt with Russell Outdoor Guides
by Jerry Russell

Bowfishing BOnanza Pt 2
by KOtv

Bowfishing Bonanza
by KOtv

Put Your Video Clip Here!

From: Bowman_No4 Date: 02-Jun-08
Saw Tiffany L and that other guy on TV again last night. The re-ran the aerial carp fishing episode. I am not normally a bowfishing guy, but I would sit and watch her bowfish in that bikini alllllll dayyyyyyy!!!!

Sorry ladies. As Brad Paisley says "I'm still a guy"!

From: mb-archer Date: 02-Jun-08
I have to wonder how many men watch that show just to see her. Could you imagine having a hunting partner(spouse) like that. I think the show is good on it's own, getting to see her is just a huge bonus.

From: Knife2sharp Date: 02-Jun-08

Knife2sharp's embedded Photo

From: non-typical Date: 02-Jun-08
who is Tiffany? pics????? pleasssssssssssssse

From: howler Date: 02-Jun-08
how about the longbow gal on the 3 rivers adds, oh yeah

From: Waterfowler Date: 02-Jun-08
Just remember what my gramps told me.... No matter how good she looks boy theres always some guy who's tired of putting up with her sh......

From: Bowman_No4 Date: 02-Jun-08
Will post up some pics when I get home for lunch.

From: JTV Date: 02-Jun-08
Yea, pics??.....I've never seen them before ;0) ......Jeff

From: JUSTHUNT1 Date: 02-Jun-08
Amen waterfowler! Just got rid of one gorgeous pain in my a$$! I was almost banned for posting bikini pics on Bowsite. Some of these guys wine and cry about everything so watch out posting pics guys! Send them to me PM though please I like women!!!!!!

From: bigswivle Date: 02-Jun-08
tiffany; "lee go plant me some more food plots so i can shoot deer over my bait pile"

lee; "yes mam"

From: non-typical Date: 02-Jun-08
lee ; "yes mam" lol

From: non-typical Date: 02-Jun-08
ladderstand yer wife/girlfriend must be freakin smoken! Tiffany is like the super model of hunting!

From: Bowman_No4 Date: 02-Jun-08
ladderstand...I agree on the whining thing. There are MANY other women on hunting shows that I would rather hunt with. But she is one of the nicer ones to look at. Pics coming around 12:30EST.

From: Ty Date: 02-Jun-08
PLEASE PM me these pictures if that is how I have to get them. I cant find them anywhere on the internet!

From: bowhunt1 Date: 02-Jun-08
Ok, I see a thread that talks about Tiffany in a bikini and when I check it out, I see Regis. You guys are sick. LOL!

From: Bowman_No4 Date: 02-Jun-08

Bowman_No4's embedded Photo

Here is one from when they went to Africa a few years ago. Not up close but you get the idea.

From: PABowman Date: 02-Jun-08

PABowman's Supporting Link

No. 4...As the name in your pic implies, that is Cindy Garrison, not Tiffany L. Cindy is taller and more generously...umm.. you get the picture.

From: Bowman_No4 Date: 02-Jun-08
Whoops...My bad on that one. I thought that one was from the Africa show. Anyway...some vidcaps of the real show in a while.

From: IaHawkeye Date: 02-Jun-08
Sorry guys, but I come to this site for archery, not sexy women. You guys must be pretty hard up..! Besides, I've been married to the sexiest woman around for 46 years !!!!!!!!!!!!!

From: Bowman_No4 Date: 02-Jun-08
Here she is. I included one other pic since she is wearing a helmet in one and shirt covers her face in the other.


From: JUSTHUNT1 Date: 02-Jun-08
IAHawkeye WHY DID YOU CLICK ON TIFFANY L BIKINI FISHING IF THAT'S THE CASE?? SOUNDS LIKE ANOTHER BUSYBODY I KNOW ON BOWSITE!! I don't think it's a case of being hard up it's just that we can appreciate a beautiful woman. Beautiful women are like bows, you can have the finest one on the market but you still look at the other ones and when your primary goes down you better have a good backup!!


From: glacial21 Date: 02-Jun-08
If this type of thread scares you, don't open it. It seems pretty obvious what the content is about based on the title!

From: TD Date: 02-Jun-08
"Personally I couldn't stand being around her with all her little pouting that she does."

You guys actually listen to women???? Amazing.

From: Rob Date: 02-Jun-08
You guys ain't real smart are ya'. IaHawkeye won't be back to answer your posts cause after he posted what he did, he showed it to his wife of 46 years. What do you think she thought of his compliment about her to everyone on this site? Yeah, that's right. Hawkeye is probably busy as we sit here and debate about Tiffany. Way to go Hawkeye.


From: JUSTHUNT1 Date: 02-Jun-08
TD LMAO! Nuff said!!

From: Rut Nut Date: 02-Jun-08
I'm still tryin' to figure out what "bikini fishing" is! (what kind of bait do you use..................oh, forget I said that!) :)

From: redneck91 Date: 02-Jun-08
hahaha i agree with TD

From: fuzzy Date: 02-Jun-08
now that's entertainment! :-)!

From: Bowman_No4 Date: 02-Jun-08
Rut Nut...I just know she was in a boat, in the vicinity of water and wearing a bikini. The rest is just a blur. I assumed she was fishing. LOL!

Actually she made some good shots and kills on those flying carp. One took out their cameraman and one hit her in the back of the head. Hence the helmet.

From: Rut Nut Date: 02-Jun-08
Never heard of those flyin' carp til a few years ago on the Realtree site. THought at first someone was pullin' a gag..................then I saw some video of it. Man, that would be a real hoot! :)

From: chip Date: 02-Jun-08
I hunted deer with their guide Chris Brackett 2 years ago in Il. He was talking about how he also guides for flying carp. I thought he was nuts until I bought his video and saw for myself. The video with Tiff is from 2006 as he told me then how she got clocked in the head with a carp

From: kxjim Date: 02-Jun-08
Cut her off at the neck, I say. She's built fine, but really nothing spectacular to look at, IMO.

From: VTer Date: 02-Jun-08
Better 'n Regis!

From: Jay (InOz). Date: 02-Jun-08

Here ya go guys- most fun you can have standin up :) Jay (InOz).

From: mn_archer Date: 02-Jun-08
you guys either need to A) get a woman of your own,

B) get a woman of your own, or C) yep, same thing-


From: Russ Koon Date: 02-Jun-08
Got one of my own. Same one for 44 years. Love her dearly, but the resemblance to Tiffany is....well, they look to be about the same height.

A shiny 'Vette still catches the eye even if I know the Cherokee is more suitable to my needs.

I gotta get Direct TV.

From: mn_archer Date: 02-Jun-08

ok, that is funny right there


From: wannabe Date: 02-Jun-08
I saw the eisode and "YES" I was impressed.

From: Deflatem Date: 03-Jun-08
She's OK , If ya like that sort of thing...

From: Matt Date: 03-Jun-08
Is there seriously a person whose handle is "Deflatem" posting on this thread?

From: bullelk Date: 03-Jun-08
Russ, You are one funny guy!!! I agree, my wife and I have been together for 25 years, but I sure enjoy the view of a pretty gal. You guys knocking TIffany are either dating Ms. Universe or have a much higher standard than me. She is a very attractive female with a nice figure who bowhunts... What's wrong with that!!!!???

From: Blacktailhunter Date: 03-Jun-08
"She is a very attractive female with a nice figure who bowhunts... What's wrong with that!!!!???"

Nothing wrong with that in my book... My wife's hotter but she doesn't bow hunt.. :)

From: Bowman_No4 Date: 03-Jun-08
ROFLMAO Matt. I was thinking the same thing.

From: chip Date: 03-Jun-08
Matt-You have without a doubt hit some of your highest highs with your past days posts. The above one will rise above all the others. You should get an additional star!!

From: Deflatem Date: 03-Jun-08
Hey that hurts. LOL

From: IaHawkeye Date: 03-Jun-08
I 'm back. read every post too. Still don't care for the thread. Just an old fartts opinion ! And no, I still appreciate looking at a good looking woman. Just not on this site.

From: HeadHunter®........ Date: 03-Jun-08
Give her a few years....and it's all over!

My wife is hotter than that too! Also a great bow hunter too! But "WE" have some age on us happens to all of us sooner or later! Someone will come along soon and take her place. There are a lot of nice looking young landies that do bow hunt in The World! Some of them....are even better hunters than some guys I know!

Some guys are too easily 'amused'!.........

From: Blacktailhunter Date: 03-Jun-08

Blacktailhunter's embedded Photo

From: Blacktailhunter Date: 03-Jun-08
She's way better looking and she's a archery hunter to boot. :)

From: JUSTHUNT1 Date: 03-Jun-08
Miranda has Tiff beat hands down. No contest!

From: live2hunt88 Date: 03-Jun-08
they do have a point. i believe she gets a nice buck on monster bucks 15 with a bow in texas!

From: DadOfTwins Date: 03-Jun-08
"Miranda has Tiff beat hands down. No contest!"

Ridiculous. Tom Miranda IS NOT hotter than Tiffany Lakosky

From: DonVathome Date: 03-Jun-08
Here's to our wives and our girlfriends................

May the two never meet!

From: Blacktailhunter Date: 03-Jun-08
"Here's to our wives and our girlfriends................

May the two never meet!"

i just spit up ice tea on my monitor after reading that post... Thanks Don

From: keep Date: 03-Jun-08
Ridiculous. Tom Miranda IS NOT hotter than Tiffany Lakosky

Now that's funny.

From: John Ryan Date: 03-Jun-08

From: mn_archer Date: 03-Jun-08
Dudes, you guys all think your wives are dogs?

I hope they don't come on this site! lol


From: CVC Date: 03-Jun-08
Miranda Lambert, Blake Shelton's girlfriend. If I were about 30 years younger, I'd have have the hots for both.

Man, I don't think you really mean what you wrote :)

From: Blacktailhunter Date: 03-Jun-08
"Miranda Lambert, Blake Shelton's girlfriend. If I were about 30 years younger, I'd have have the hots for both"

I hope you meant Miranda and Tiff...LOL

"Dudes, you guys all think your wives are dogs?"

My wife is beautiful... I'd post a pic of her but i know she'd kill me if i did that. :) she use to be a swim suit model..:) :) :) :)

From: mn_archer Date: 03-Jun-08
So you're one of those types huh john?



From: chip Date: 03-Jun-08
John-You are on the verge of almost losing a star.:)

From: bowaholic Date: 03-Jun-08
Okay...I couldn't take it any more. I have to admit that my eyes wander especially to the likes of Tiffany and Mirands Lambert but my heart and all my love will always belong to my one and only true love of my life, my loving and beautiful wife!.....

Honey, come see what I said in front of a whole bunch of good ole huntin' guys....what do you want to do now?

From: bowaholic Date: 03-Jun-08
Didn't work. :(

From: Blacktailhunter Date: 03-Jun-08

From: tonyo6302 Date: 03-Jun-08

Just give her your credit card and directions to a shoe sale - you will be taken care of then!


From: live2huntsgirl Date: 03-Jun-08

live2huntsgirl's embedded Photo

Blake Shelton is a hottie aint he john??? lol jk

From: LW Date: 03-Jun-08
OK, I gotta respond, and I'll take all the hits.

I married my lovely bride, Robin, 27 years ago this July 18th. She was and still is a hottie. She made the front page of the Cleveland Plain Dealer when she was 17, clothed in a bikini, in a story about Mentor Headlands Beach opening up. I first asked her out because she was good looking.

All of us long timers married to our first wife know something though-looks alone won't cut it for the long run. A loving, supportive, stand by her man kind of woman is what it takes for the 'till death do us part' portion of the vows. I wouldn't give that up for the best looking gal on the planet. And everyone that has been there agrees with me.

But, yes I still looked when I was younger. Now though, I'm kinda like the dog that chases a vehicle-he wouldn't know what to do if he caught it. Then again, I'd never hurt the only one who has loved me enough to stay with me in spite of all my huge flaws and ugly mug!

And no, I'm never going to tell her I wrote this. She already knows how I feel. I never miss the chance to tell her. Somehow, I bet she wouldn't trade that for Tiffany's looks!

From: non-typical Date: 03-Jun-08

From: Pat Lefemine Date: 03-Jun-08

Pat Lefemine's embedded Photo

This has to be our most popular Bowfishing topic ever in the history of LOL!

You're all like a bunch of spawning carp. It may not be pretty, but it's natural.

Oh, and my wife is HOT too!

From: mn_archer Date: 03-Jun-08

Congtatulations on your marriage. My parents are exactly 3 months away from their 40th!

That sorta thing brings hope (not obama type of hope) to those of us who are just getting into a serious relationship.

I met my current girlfriend Miranda 3 years ago on June 8th and we are in discussions right now about getting married. I say discussions cause we discuss it on a daily basis! lol Some day, but our lives are just a little hectic right now.

When we are out and I see a hotty it almost makes me uncomfortable because I feel weird that I think someone else is attractive. Not really sure what it is, but there is no way I would ever do anything to hurt Miranda. The day I met her I told my best friend I was going to marry her and I have felt that way since then.

Sure, there have been times when we haven't exactly seen eye to eye. Hell, she is a school teacher and I am fairly cinservative- nuff said! lol

So back to the topic at hand, who the heck said she aint much in the face dept?

Wow, they must grow them right wherever you aare from buddy!


From: mn_archer Date: 03-Jun-08

mn_archer's embedded Photo

Oh, here she is packing oout my muley from last year!


ok, just kidding, but I bet this girl would look pretty good in some sitka gear!


From: Bowman_No4 Date: 03-Jun-08
That is a nice rack MN_archer! LOL

From: HeadHunter®........ Date: 03-Jun-08
she probably RAN to wash her hands after handling it.....(*;

Most women can't and won't deal with 'animals'! Unless they are the fuzzy touchy pet type........

From: Ranger6 Date: 03-Jun-08
I know them both; they are a very nice couple. Also Lee is about 6.3 and looks like he could have been an NFL Defensive End. Keep this in mind when you bag on his wife. Unlike many people in the television industry I was pleasantly surprised when I got to know them they are very down to earth and genuinely nice people. Yes the reason Lee is always smiling is that he has a very attractive wife.

From: TD Date: 03-Jun-08
LOL! Pat, your wife is very pretty! But that animal is just plain butt UGLY!

LW, I know what you mean, married 32 years now. All to the same girl too! And I'd say exactly those same things if she were standing over my shoulder reading what I was typing too...

From: John Ryan Date: 03-Jun-08
OK boys, I screwed up. I meant Miranda Lambert & Tiffany. If any of you clowns wanna make something of it, I'll meet you out behind the barn for an attitude adjustment! Pat you can just look the other way on this one. Your wife is certainly pretty, but if you think I'm gonna comment in public, buddy you're nuts! I'm not gonna get banned.

BTW, I know Blake and his family quite well. Blake was on a deer lease with me & his stepfather, before he became famous. Blake & my daughter went to highschool together here in Ada. And, I knew his parents before he was born! Blake & Miranda have both bought land fairly close to where I live in order to have a place to hunt.

Now if any of you boys wanna know directions to my barn, I'll tell ya!

Now back to the regularly scheduled program. JR

From: wibowhunt Date: 03-Jun-08
any pics of Laura Francecse, shes the hottest of them all

From: DeerSlayer06 Date: 04-Jun-08
I agree with Pat and mn_archer!

From: John Ryan Date: 04-Jun-08
OK boys, I edited the post. Now do you all feel safer? Lee & Tiffany are both very nice people. Tiffany is quite a young lady, loves to talk, and very friendly. She & Lee both kind of took a back seat to Blake and the other celebs at the two events that I attended when they were there. In fact, if you didn't recognize them, you would never had known who they were. They quietly went about their business at the event, and only stopped to talk to people that approached them. I stood next to Lee for quite awhile before I figured out who he was. When I recognized him. I introduced myself to him and told him how much I liked their show. He seemed kind of embarrassed, and we stood and talked for awhile. He's just as common as anyone else. Tiffany was clearly having a ball. Laughing, talking and telling jokes on herself. Never did I see her tell anyone, hey I'm Tiffany from Gettin Close! In fact, believe it or not, very few people even noticed her! and I'm serious. There were several attractive young ladies there, and she got no more attention than they did! I do firmly believe that she will gut out and drag her own animal if she can. Lee said that she is pretty tough, and loves to hunt. When I commented on how pretty she was, he just kind of shuffled his feet a bit, looked down at his feet and kind of grinned. I think that it embarrassed him. Their show may be a bit much at times, and the bowfishing show was a bit cheesey, but hey it worked! They sure are getting a lot of free advertisig here, now aren't they? Pretty shrewd folks I'd say. I'd love to share a camp with them. I think that it would be a lot of fun. I expect that I could hunt with Blake and Miranda if I wanted to bad enough, but I'm too old to be a groupie, and not interested at all. It's pretty neat that I got to meet Lee & Tiff. Maybe I'll meet Miranda one of these days. Blake is just a hometown boy to me, not much more. JR

From: NWOkla Date: 04-Jun-08
Tiffany. Cute girl next door face and some really nice uh, well, you know......... And she hunts. That Lee dude scored.

From: Bill_Weber_RRT Date: 04-Jun-08

Bill_Weber_RRT's embedded Photo

Perfect form!

From: Razorback Date: 04-Jun-08
What program are you guys talking about?

Nevermind. I found it.

From: JUSTHUNT1 Date: 04-Jun-08
Good pics! I think I'll stay single! Cheers nontypical! So many women, so little time.

From: Blacktailhunter Date: 04-Jun-08

I think she needs CPR.... :)you better clear her airway

From: Blaise Date: 04-Jun-08

Blaise's Supporting Link

A couple nice ones.

From: Bill_Weber_RRT Date: 04-Jun-08
Blacktailhunter-Airway is patent I will now auscultate her chest! lol

From: Blacktailhunter Date: 04-Jun-08

Make sure you remove any clothing that might be binding... :) Breath sounds Clear bilaterally.. maybe she needs some CPT...:)

From: Kiteman@work Date: 04-Jun-08
Those of you who think Tiffany is not hot should go see ex-gov McGreevey--He has something for you.

...and Miranda L is a cute as they come, but the swing on the back porch is a bit wide! (Not that there's anything wrong with that!!)

From: Blacktailhunter Date: 04-Jun-08
Miranda L is a cute as they come, but the swing on the back porch is a bit wide! (Not that there's anything wrong with that!!)

"the swing on the back porch is a bit wide"... i just spit out my coffee... ROTFLMAO... hey baby's got back.. :)

From: whump Date: 04-Jun-08
Whump Sez: I will take them all on my next hunt---just put a little doe pee behind their ears for perfume and stand back! Hunt safe

From: peter.p Date: 04-Jun-08
ahh...the wonders of silicone.

From: mizzoukispot Date: 04-Jun-08
I think that Lee and Tiffany seem like a good couple and she is really cute...both in looks and her personality. He seems like a great guy. Thats all I have to say about that.

From: midwest Date: 04-Jun-08
Love that laugh of hers.

From: wrench Date: 04-Jun-08
I think that Vicki Cincurlo (spelling?) is hot!

From: woodie Date: 04-Jun-08
Holy Cow!!!

From: spanky67 Date: 04-Jun-08
wait just one minute!!!..i think i can see herrr........jewels???????

From: TD Date: 04-Jun-08

My bet is she wouldn't know which was the bow and which was the arrow and more than likely just killed this thread.

From: NewNoPeep Date: 04-Jun-08
Talk about wac'en um I mean wac'um. lol take a starr!

From: elmer Date: 05-Jun-08
Sorry, Wac wife just looked at your girlfriend and said they are silicone!! UNREAL!

From: Bill_Weber_RRT Date: 05-Jun-08

Bill_Weber_RRT's Supporting Link

wrench-Did you mean vicki cianciarulo?? No offense but you got some horrid taste...She is hideous and just plain annoying when she opens her mouth, ewwww...Sorry

From: woodie Date: 05-Jun-08
Again Holy Cow:)

From: BOWBUD Date: 05-Jun-08
Tiffany has nice stabilizers. Hey Tank you out there?

From: heartshotathome Date: 05-Jun-08
wacum, Sorry, I might have to see another pic....maybe one with you with her......maybe at Christmas or something. I am from the show me state.

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