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Gator Recipes
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From: bghunter
Another thread got me thinking and I didn't want to steal his thread.

I got this Gator meat Tail/Jaw/loin and being from WI we don't cook gator on a regular basis how do you guys cook it? season etc.


New York Bowman's embedded Photo
New York Bowman's embedded Photo
It is very good just cubed, rolled in corn meal and bread crumbs and deep fried. I call it Gator Bites and dip it in some cocktail sauce and it is a very good and unique appetizer. It is really like pork and any chinese recipe calling for pork is excellent with gator. We had some great alligator ala orange at a recent buddy hunt. It is great as a stir fry as well.

We got a lot of meat out of my daughter's 10 footer.

I have had good luck with using a recipe for Cajun Grilled Shrimp.

Peanut oil with any commercial Cajun ground pepper blend mixed in. Add some diced onion or scallions. Marinade for a couple of hours, then put on skewers and grill. Don't overcook it til its tough.


From: GaryDowdy
I cook it the way NYB does, too.

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