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Gator Recipes



Messages posted to thread:
bghunter 19-Mar-10
New York Bowman 19-Mar-10
Pete In Fairbanks 19-Mar-10
GaryDowdy 13-Aug-10

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From: bghunter Date: 19-Mar-10
Another thread got me thinking and I didn't want to steal his thread.

I got this Gator meat Tail/Jaw/loin and being from WI we don't cook gator on a regular basis how do you guys cook it? season etc.

From: New York Bowman Date: 19-Mar-10

New York Bowman's embedded Photo

It is very good just cubed, rolled in corn meal and bread crumbs and deep fried. I call it Gator Bites and dip it in some cocktail sauce and it is a very good and unique appetizer. It is really like pork and any chinese recipe calling for pork is excellent with gator. We had some great alligator ala orange at a recent buddy hunt. It is great as a stir fry as well.

We got a lot of meat out of my daughter's 10 footer.

From: Pete In Fairbanks Date: 19-Mar-10
I have had good luck with using a recipe for Cajun Grilled Shrimp.

Peanut oil with any commercial Cajun ground pepper blend mixed in. Add some diced onion or scallions. Marinade for a couple of hours, then put on skewers and grill. Don't overcook it til its tough.


From: GaryDowdy Date: 13-Aug-10
I cook it the way NYB does, too.

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