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Jim Shockey mountain/alpine boot??
Wild Sheep
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woodsy 30-Jun-09
howler 30-Jun-09
From: woodsy
Saw Jim Shockey advertising a new mountain/alpine boot last night on the hunting channel. First time I have seen the add. I forgot the name of the boot. It was real close to bedtime. Anyway, does anyone know the name and has anyone tried them out yet? They may be too new to the market to have been tried out yet?



From: howler
Sorry don;t kow the name of the boot, But the fact that Schocky was stumping for the boot don't make it a good boot. I like Jims shows and he seems to be a down to earth guy and a pretty fair hunter not a bowhunter but an OK guy. Jim is a salesman, you pay him and he will swear that your product is the best there is. He is a walking commercial, No Guff

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