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From: Bill Obeid
I'd like to open up a discussion on what Wyoming sheep unit to apply in. Consider :

1) the terrain of the unit that lends itself to a successful DIY bow hunt.

2) access to sheep in non wilderness areas, as I am a non resident.

3) sheep quality,sheep quantity etc... or any other reasons you would apply to your choices.

With 15 points my time is quickly approaching and any help is appreciated.

Units of highest interest to me are 1 thru 5 and 19.

From: Outdoordan
You should add unit 22 to that mix as well. Several of the units in your 1-5 are wilderness units, so I would take some of those off.

From: Bill Obeid
Consider 22 added and let's take 2 off.

4 is mostly wilderness, 1 has low sheep numbers, 5 is by far the best for a non-resident DYI hunt in my opinion

Forget about 1, low sheep pop and they're in the wilderness part mostly. 5 is a good choice it sounds like.

From: squirrel
I did this in #5 a couple years ago, incredible hunt/country, tough in spots for archery but if you have patience/time it would work out eventually- it always does if you let it. I cheated and went with a rifle but got a beauty of a ram. With your point level if you get the magic piece of paper get back with me- and get in shape.

From: Tracy
I hunted 1 this past fall. Tough area. I saw more griz and wolves than rams.

Area 19 is mostly private. From what I hear, landowners won't let you hunt their sheep, or charge a very hefty fee.

From: Ron Niziolek
Like LawDog said - area 5.

From: Bighorn Ram
Area 5 give you lots of options outside the wilderness. You can also have a resident get a guides licence{free for the asking, 2 hunters per year} and go with you into any wilderness.I have hunted 5 many times for sheep and hope to go this year as 2 of my freinds have max points. It has lots of sheep and an any ram licence.You should expect multiple ram sitings during a 10 day hunt and a 160+ ram is a reasonable goal. Sheep with a bow is never easy, get in great shape, consider renting a horse for packing and have a great adventure. PM me if you draw i will help all i can. i think the outfitter rule is stupid and should be thrown out. The hunter should decide for him or her self. Not many would forgo an outfitter on an once in a lifetime tag like this!

From: Bill Obeid

Believe me , I'm more than a little nervous to go without a guide AND use the bow. Wouldn't hesitate to go alone with the gun. But it's a long season and I can't think of a more satisfying hunt....if I can pull it off.

Resident guide has come up in some private conversations. Maybe I could secure a fellow FNAWS member.

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