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Pictures of Mountain Goat Anatomy?



Messages posted to thread:
sharpstick 27-Jun-07
BB 27-Jun-07
LDC 27-Jun-07
Matt 28-Jun-07
sharpstick 28-Jun-07
Steve H. 02-Jul-07
BB 03-Jul-07
Steve H. 03-Jul-07
Matt 03-Jul-07
ehntr 03-Jul-07
Beauhunter 03-Jul-07
Mathews Man 03-Jul-07
Ranger Dan 03-Jul-07
Barclay 06-Jul-07
BB 07-Jul-07
Framer 07-Jul-07
alaska1171 07-Jul-07
alaska1171 07-Jul-07
ehntr 08-Jul-07
medicinemann 08-Jul-07
Extreme Hunter 08-Jul-07
Busta'Ribs 29-Aug-07
Nick Muche 05-Oct-14
SDHNTR(home) 05-Oct-14
Bou'bound 05-Oct-14

Goat Footage
by Chasin Bugles

G5 hunt
by wifishkiller

Sept 2012 Archery Mountain Goat
by Goat Guide

Season In The Scree Teaser
by ATeamProStaff

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From: sharpstick Date: 27-Jun-07
Where is a good place to find some Anatomy pic's of mountain goats? I found a good one for elk but am having problems finding one for goats.


From: BB Date: 27-Jun-07

BB's embedded Photo

I'm guessing it will be pretty hard to find that too, but if it were me, and I had a permit I would try to hit pretty darn close to the red spot on this goat. Of course that could change if the animal was not pretty much broadside as shown above.

Have a great bowhunt. BB

From: LDC Date: 27-Jun-07
Look on E-bay for an old book called Campfires in the Canadian Rockies by William T Hornady. There are some very detailed skelatal diagrams in there of Rocky Mountain Goats and Bighorn sheep as well.LC

From: Matt Date: 28-Jun-07
I'd shoot about 3" behind BB, but what's new? ;-)

I've only ever killed one, but the advice I received was that their vitals are a bit more forward than most critters and that seemed to be the case.

My best advice would be to ask your guide about shot placement.

From: sharpstick Date: 28-Jun-07
Thanks guys for the info guys.


My guide is not very good, I am on a DIY hunt. LOL!



From: Steve H. Date: 02-Jul-07
I believe BB is spot on. Three inches left would be drifting from center of the goodies.

From: BB Date: 03-Jul-07

BB's embedded Photo

Let's say you were hunting goats, it was the last day and you came upon this goat late in the day. It was an okay goat and you wanted to fill your tag. This was probably the last chance you got to fill your tag. Would you take this shot? If so where would you hope your arrow entered the animal?

Have a great bowhunt. BB

From: Steve H. Date: 03-Jul-07
Looks like a situation I was in two years ago. Wait and he'll turn. My shot was seven feet. Results on the early season goat pics thread.

From: Matt Date: 03-Jul-07
Steve, I get nervous about placing an arrow that close to bone. BB and I go back and forth on this all the time. The one I killed was quartering too and I hit it just a couple of inches forward of BB's spot (exit behind the offside rib cage) and he was down in 90 yards. That shot turned out to be a touch back because he was quartering harder than I realized.

From: ehntr Date: 03-Jul-07

ehntr's embedded Photo

I don't know if I am reading the elevation right.....if this were real we would have a better perspective (distance and 3 dimensions). But I would consider this.....through the bottom of the brisket heart/arteries/diaphragm?liver?spine. Lots to poke into.

From: Beauhunter Date: 03-Jul-07
That's a nanny right? It's kind of tough to tell without getting the side profile too, but I would say that it's either a small billie or about a 4-5 year old nanny, I think I would pass.


From: Mathews Man Date: 03-Jul-07
If I were down to my last day, last hour I would have the motto similar to "if it's brown, it's down", only it's white and I can't come up with anything catchy...

Luckily, I wasn't placed in such a prediciment when I drew my CO tag.

After waiting for 17 years to draw, I hate to admit it, but I might have reduced myself on the last day to borrowing a fire stick and plucking one. Whew, glad that didn't happen.

From: Ranger Dan Date: 03-Jul-07
There is a book called The Perfect Shot. There is one for North America and another for Africa. I think one of them is written by Craig Boddington (maybe the African one). They talk a lot about shot placement and have pictures and anatomy diagrams. I believe that the books are intended for rifle hunters, and even talk about caliber/bullet selection, but it is still good reference material for archery hunting. I highly recommend these books to anyone hunting new species.

As a teenager growing up in the 80's, I subscribed to Peterson's Hunting magazine and loved the column they did each month about knowing your game. They talked about distribution and anatomy, etc. I don't think they have this column any longer, but I don't subscribe either. I always thought that this would be a great reference source for a website.

From: Barclay Date: 06-Jul-07
Pass and wait for a broadside or quartering away. BB is back on his frontal shot crusade, this time with goats.

The red dot on BB's first pic is also too far right, IMO. Aiming a bit left, as Matt said, is the better shot at a live animal. The red dot is "spot on" for a target.

From: BB Date: 07-Jul-07

BB's embedded Photo

For those of you who want a broadside goat, here's one. What would you do with this one?

Have a great bowhunt. BB

From: Framer Date: 07-Jul-07
I never shot at a goat but I'd say you cant get any better than this one ,, 2 inches behind the top of the crease thru to the off shoulder... i hope I get this same oppertunity in BC this year

From: alaska1171 Date: 07-Jul-07

alaska1171's embedded Photo

Looking at my life size goat and the first pick and the shot angle the red dot looks a bit low IMHO.

From: alaska1171 Date: 07-Jul-07

alaska1171's embedded Photo

From: ehntr Date: 08-Jul-07
Alaska 1711...............maybe yours is good? I really can't tell what the angle is without some real perspective.

From: medicinemann Date: 08-Jul-07
I agree with Ranger Dan. I have the Perfect Shot books, and they are excellent.....I understand that the anatomy was a compilation of effort from Boddington AND veterinarians.

From: Extreme Hunter Date: 08-Jul-07

Extreme Hunter's embedded Photo

Extreme Hunter's Supporting Link

Himqlyqn MTn Goat in New Zeland is similar.I was schoolled by an Excelletn Guide Joel Wilkinson, Yokon 1/2 year adn NZ the other half ( whose Dad won the PH of the Year for 2005 for SCI) to Stay away from the shoulder, and ONLY take them behind, even towards the Middle. HE claims ( and other Guides) the ones they lost gun or bow were to hits in the shoulder , with no penetration. The one I got was just behind, but a total Passthru at 29 yatds with a Muzzy Phantom 9 AT 70 ke). Had a Luminic on and knew Instatnly it was a kill. He wenT 10 yards adn rolled down another 90 yards. Tahr is just behind a Cape Buff for Stalking.

YOu can see the hit in the photo.I was really elated taking him AFTER A 3 HOUR STALK and the scenery was just as good in the Southern ALps.

From: Busta'Ribs Date: 29-Aug-07

Busta'Ribs's embedded Photo

From "The Perfect Shot".

From: Nick Muche Date: 05-Oct-14
That last picture really helps, thanks!

From: SDHNTR(home) Date: 05-Oct-14
Fwiw, my buddy hit one square in the shoulder with a 445 gr arrow flying 295 and tipped with a solid COC broadhead. He got 3-4" of penetration. You don't want that! Stay off the shoulder, and in the lower half of chest.

From: Bou'bound (mobile)Sent from Mobile Phone Date: 05-Oct-14
Helpful thanks

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