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High Uintas East Utah Mt Goats



Messages posted to thread:
idcntryboy 07-Jul-09
idcntryboy 07-Jul-09
woodsy 07-Jul-09
idcntryboy 07-Jul-09
woodsy 08-Jul-09
HorseBite 08-Jul-09
BULELK1 08-Jul-09
BULELK1 15-Jul-09
Mountain Time 23-Jul-09
MntBiker 24-Jul-09
BULELK1 01-Mar-10

Goat Footage
by Chasin Bugles

G5 hunt
by wifishkiller

Sept 2012 Archery Mountain Goat
by Goat Guide

Season In The Scree Teaser
by ATeamProStaff

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From: idcntryboy Date: 07-Jul-09
Does anyone have information on where the goats are at in the high Uintas east, north and south slope?

From: idcntryboy Date: 07-Jul-09

idcntryboy's embedded Photo

Does anyone have information on where the goats are at in the high Uintas east, north and south slope?

From: woodsy Date: 07-Jul-09
Congrats on the Mnt. Goat.

That is one beautiful picture.


From: idcntryboy Date: 07-Jul-09
Thanks, that is my good friend Darin and the great goat we got two years ago on the Wasatch. It is my turn this year and i'm having a hard time finding the goats in the Uintas. Do you know anyone that has hunted the Uintas north and south slope?

From: woodsy Date: 08-Jul-09
Go to:

Once there click on hunting forum, then click on sheep, goats, moose and antelope.

There should be info there about your unit and several people that have hunted the High Uintas East. People are usually more happy to help out with this kind of tag.


From: HorseBite Date: 08-Jul-09

HorseBite's embedded Photo

This guy walked to within 8 yards of me on the south slope. This pic was taken 14 miles from the trail head. PM me if you are interesed in the location.

From: BULELK1 Date: 08-Jul-09

BULELK1's Supporting Link

Hey Kurt......

See my link and order Map 704.

This has trail numbers and Topo's do not....

I put in for this very unit for years.....

I feel comfortable saying I can give you some good 'intel' on where you can go find ya a nice Billie.

Touchbase with me after ya get the map okay...thanks

Good luck, Robb

From: BULELK1 Date: 15-Jul-09

If your map arrives tomorrow----Thursday----heads-up.....I am off to Wyoming 0500 in the morning thru Sunday.....

Talk at ya Monday Okay?

Good Luck, Robb

From: Mountain Time Date: 23-Jul-09
Good luck on your hunt. I am hunting the Lone Peak unit on the wasatch front and until this last weekend we've had a pretty tough time getting close to goats. I think they have moved into there summer range now.

From: MntBiker Date: 24-Jul-09
I helped an out of state friend hunt the Uintas 4 years ago, I received some great info from the Biologist he was very willing to help when I called. I scouted hard and found some very nice goats. PM me if you want more info.

From: BULELK1 Date: 01-Mar-10
How did it all turn out?

Good luck, Robb

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