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DIY Idaho goat units



Messages posted to thread:
DonVathome 05-Feb-11
Outdoordan 05-Feb-11
bullelk 05-Feb-11
DonVathome 05-Feb-11
Mtnbikeit 05-Feb-11
The Old Sarge 06-Feb-11
DonVathome 12-Feb-11
Mtnbikeit 12-Feb-11
Outdoordan 13-Feb-11
Sage Buffalo 13-Feb-11
DonVathome 13-Feb-11
Mr Wapiti 13-Feb-11
Outdoordan 13-Feb-11
billybuster 20-Feb-11
DonVathome 20-Feb-11
LIK2HNT 28-Feb-11
Hollywood 01-Mar-11
BB 01-Mar-11
Sage Buffalo 01-Mar-11
Mt. man 01-Mar-11
DonVathome 02-Mar-11
LIK2HNT 06-Mar-11

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G5 hunt
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Season In The Scree Teaser
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From: DonVathome Date: 05-Feb-11
What units can a DIY NR hunter NOT hunt in Idaho? Units where you might need to pay a tresspass fee for access, or pay for a jetboat ride or are simply way to far to DIY hunt on foot.

I want to backpack in and can work hard but I want a DIY only hunt.

Basically I just want to know if there are any units I would not be able to hunt DIY on foot.

From: Outdoordan Date: 05-Feb-11

Outdoordan's Supporting Link

Most units are DIY. Every unit that starts with 3,5,6 are all DIY.

Don, if you need scouting, we can provide. I would suggest a scouting service as the hills are tall, and the goats are spread out.

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From: bullelk Date: 05-Feb-11
You can legally DIY in any unit. Some are far less accessible than others. Most mountain goat hunters gain access to their hunt areas on foot. It won't be easy, and obviously you need the tag!

From: DonVathome Date: 05-Feb-11
I know legally (WY???) what about units with a 2?

From: Mtnbikeit Date: 05-Feb-11
Yes, all units can be done DIY. Draw a tag, and the access is open to anyone.

From: The Old Sarge Date: 06-Feb-11
Idaho does not have any rule/law requiring a guide or outfitter for any hunt. License and tag ... that's it.

From: DonVathome Date: 12-Feb-11
Sorry I was a little confusing in my question, I am concerned that some units are so inaccessible a NR cannot simply drive to a trailhead, park and hike in - to far etc.

From: Mtnbikeit Date: 12-Feb-11
You should be able to park in any unit, hike uphill and begin your hunt. I am not aware of any unit that is physically restrictive.

Your biggest challenge will be drawing the tag. Access and the physical demand is no biggie here in Idaho. Idaho is certainly no Alaska, BC, or Colorado for that matter.

From: Outdoordan Date: 13-Feb-11
Much of the area in the units that begin with 2 are in wilderness areas. Very hard to access alot of that country.

Idaho has the biggest wilderness areas in the lower 48's. Idaho has arguably some of the steepest, roughest country around.

From: Sage Buffalo Date: 13-Feb-11
Call a biologist and explain to them what type of hunt you are looking for. Odds are the hunts that are the easiest are the most sought after.

Some hunts are very remote and difficult and some hunts you can see goats from the road.

From: DonVathome Date: 13-Feb-11
Thanks a lot guys! I know odds are tough, but I am hoping to pick a rougher unit with small goats and outguess many, and get lucky!

From: Mr Wapiti Date: 13-Feb-11
Some biologist are helpfull but the guy in charge of the trophy species is not. There are other sources that can be found to help you. most units(that have goat) in idaho have good goats and great opportunity.

From: Outdoordan (mobile)Sent from Mobile Phone Date: 13-Feb-11
I sgree the biologists give generalism a new meaning.

From: billybuster Date: 20-Feb-11

billybuster's embedded Photo

Wife drew Idaho goat in '09 and the help we got was a mixed bag. I'd give it a 3 out of ten.

One F&G person was incredibly helpful, however the head trophy species guy was an a-hole. It was obvious to us he didn't want us to succeed. We did...although we did get some help from a local guide. I drew bighorn the same year (which we did DIY) yes, we were very lucky, but it really made things tough from a transportation and scouting aspect doing two trophy species in one year.

Know that the goat country in some Idaho units can be very, very unforgiving and tough to hunt. Scouting is tough with the goats too high to see above the timber and bedded (re: hidden) during the warmer, sunny portions of the day. Road access can be nonexistent.

For DIY persistence and lots of time to scout and hunt is the key. Be in the best shape of your life.

From: DonVathome Date: 20-Feb-11
Outdoor Dan, funny, I have run into the same thing. Billybuster, wow, you would think they would help out.

I am starting to get annoyed by some bio's/wardens not helping. Do not get me wrong, many guys do but some act put out. One thing I have been thinking about is I keep calling around in WY and many places I laeve messages says they cannot call back long distance. This is making me salty, in no way do I blame a underpaid game warden from not returning tons of long distance calls on their dime. I do blame the G&F, they make a LOT of money off the NR and they cannot allocated funds to return calls?

WY gets 1 million dollars from NR for sheep points alone, this is without tag fees, just point fees! I spend over $350 just to apply in WY and cannot get a return call?

From: LIK2HNT Date: 28-Feb-11
DV, Not only will the not return a call, but I have left my e-mail address on their phone message and still never heard back from them. Bill

From: Hollywood Date: 01-Mar-11
I would take anything a "biologist" says with a grain of salt. Over the last 15 years, I have found State biologists less and less helpful.

...kinda like callin' "Huntin' Fool" and sayin you want to hunt DIY.'ll be a short conversation.

From: BB Date: 01-Mar-11
Don I wish you well if you apply in Idaho. But don't forget Utah has good goat hunting too and I can help you if you draw a Utah tag.




But Utah's application ends on 3-3-2011 so hurry if you haven't already got it done.

Have a good bowhunt. BB

From: Sage Buffalo Date: 01-Mar-11

I would not go to ANY head of ANY division of ANY company to get specifics as they deal in generalisms.

You have to go to the field bioligist of the unit you are hunting.

You also have to have the ability to sweet talk info from people.

I drew a Moose tag when I was at BSU a long time ago. I found the right biologist and she monitored the Moose movements in the area I was hunting and the week before my hunt she told me of a problem Moose in the area.

I took care of that problem.

She is not the only biologist who has helped me. You just have to figure out how to speak to them.

What usually works is to say you have a couple areas you are looking at and get their opinion. People like to be given the opportunity to share their knowledge rather than do all the work for you.

Not everyone is helpful but that's the same anywhere!

Either way, good luck!

From: Mt. man Date: 01-Mar-11
Good luck and if you draw do some scouting on your own. It will help you learn the area. I agree above. Find the CO or Biologist in that unit and talk with them. The heads of the dept.'s are usually very slim on helping out. Another good source of info is P&Y and B&C entries. Call past successful hunters in that unit. They are usually very helpful as they know they will not be hunting that spot/species again since it is once in a lifetime. Or ask on Bowsite for past successful hunters like billybuster above. Good Luck!

P.S. It may take some extra miles to go around some Private land, but I would say EVERY Mt. Goat Unit is accessible for you. If your willing.

From: DonVathome Date: 02-Mar-11
BB I am in for Utah nanny tag! I am also in WY, MT, CO - I actually have a "reasonable" chance at a goat tag somewhere this year. I am debating adding Idaho to my list this year.

From: LIK2HNT Date: 06-Mar-11
BB, Great pictures, Mtn Goats sure do look majestic.


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