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New Mexico ibex?
Mountain Goat
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wybowhunter 27-Mar-11
Buzzard 27-Mar-11
Chip T. 27-Mar-11
arctichill 28-Mar-11
From: wybowhunter
I was checking out the cabelas T.A.G.S. service and discovered that they have free ranging Ibex on a draw in new mexico... is it to late to put in? the archery seasons are in January.

From: Buzzard
You have till tomorrow @ 5PM MST. Regulations and on-line applications are on the NM website.

They are reducing nonresident draw allocators next year, not sure if it will apply to sheep, ibex & oryx, but this might be your last best chance. Right now, price is the only nonresident difference in the draw for ibex.

From: Chip T.
Plus you have to put up the $1600 license cost up front.

From: arctichill
The up-front thing isn't new. Regardless, it's a lot cheaper than travelling overseas to hunt the Persian Ibex.

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