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Chuffa ??



Messages posted to thread:
Plowjockey 31-May-07
Bowman_No4 02-Jun-07
whipplebuck 15-Jun-07
Sully 15-Jun-07
dizzydctr 15-Jun-07
denvergriz 05-Aug-07
Tom inPA 06-Aug-07
dizzydctr 06-Aug-07
AZHOYT 06-Aug-07
dizzydctr 07-Aug-07
dizzydctr 07-Aug-07
Caribou 08-Aug-07
PCOutfitter 28-Sep-07
Whipplebuck 10-Dec-07
Extreme Predator 10-Dec-07
Whipplebuck 11-Dec-07
Gobbler101 07-Jan-08

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From: Plowjockey Date: 31-May-07
I have been thinking of putting in some Chuffa in a food plot... I have turkeys all around but the habitat on our farm seems sparce. We have corn and beans but I want something that will bring them in in the spring and get some hens setting. We have no Oaks other than the river bottom 5 miles away.. Feed back guys....

From: Bowman_No4 Date: 02-Jun-07
The turks on my Dad's farm must be lazya** birds. There is plenty of food around and they will not scratch for the chuffa nuts. I hope yours, because of lack of food sources, will put forth the effort!

From: whipplebuck Date: 15-Jun-07
I have beach nuts and acrons, hicory and they still leave my chufa patch looking like a bomb zone, they just love them in VT.

From: Sully Date: 15-Jun-07
I busted my a$$ over a Chufa plot for two years , can't say I was impressed. Seed is EXPENSIVE , but not to hard to plant. My biggest problem as weed control but in the end my birds would run through my Chufa plot to get to the Clover ( which is good for deer also ) so I scraped any future Chufa patches. I'll stick with my white clover plots !

From: dizzydctr Date: 15-Jun-07
Turkeys at my farm seem to prefer chufas over the clover patches. I agree that the seed is expensive and weed control can be a problem. However, you can sometimes get two years out of a planting with volunteer growth after discing and can use Treflan preplant and spray Poast and 2,4 DB(not 2,4 D!!) postemerge that will give you some weed control. I killed a nice gobbler at the farm this year and his crop was like a bag of marbles, filled with chufa. The plantings don't always do as well as I would like but I keep trying as the turkeys her in west-central Alabama seem to prefer them over just about anything else. I might add that if you have wild hogs on the property, forget it as the hogs will tear your chufas fields up and they will look like the surface of the moon. Good Luck.

From: denvergriz Date: 05-Aug-07
My friend in West Virginia has numerous food plots on his property and still plants Chufa. It works great. The Eastern bird just tear it up!!! It looks like a mine field when they are done.

From: Tom inPA Date: 06-Aug-07
We planted Chufa this spring. I am not sure that it any of it survived. The area looks like grass. How can I tell if it is Chufa growing or grass??

From: dizzydctr Date: 06-Aug-07
Chufa looks like a clump of tall, dark green nut grass. I planted 3-4 acres in 2 different plots this year. It looks good right now as I planted it in rows, sprayed it with Poast and 2,4 DB and cultivated it. I suspect by late summer or fall the weeds will be into it bad. I'll try to take a picture and post it.

From: AZHOYT Date: 06-Aug-07

AZHOYT's embedded Photo

Our place in TN my dad uses Chuffa, but he also plants a few acres of clover that actracte everything. That gives the birds some extra supplements and it keeps them in there. You need to plant the clover as early as you can or the birds will eat the seeds before they sprout. Darndest thing I have ever seen. AZHOYT

From: dizzydctr Date: 07-Aug-07

dizzydctr's embedded Photo

I took a few pictures of a chufa patch I planted at our hunting club. I hope the hogs don't find them.

From: dizzydctr Date: 07-Aug-07

dizzydctr's embedded Photo

Here's another picture.

From: Caribou Date: 08-Aug-07
The first year I planted chuffa the turkeys took awhile to know what they were, but I spread a little wheat in one spot and that did it. Now 3 years latter I have had to increase my ac. because the turkeys dig it up as soon as you plant it. I have fooled to turkeys in some spots by planting in a different area. However in W.Va. this year weh have had no rain and the weeds have been terrable. Sprayed 2 4 d and Post last week for the second time. It seems weeds grow better with little water. It also helps to plant were there is little competion from other food. Great for spring, but deer also like it and will dig it up also.

From: PCOutfitter Date: 28-Sep-07
After the turkeys (in VA) figure it out they pretty well get addicted to it! We struggled a couple of years trying to train the turkeys to scratch it up and when they figured it out it is no doubt the best thing we have found to plant for turkeys. We had 1 acre planted beside 1 acre of clover and the turkeys would spend time in the clover but the majority of the time was spent in the chufa.

We dug up sections of the field to try to get them to eat it and finally last year we disked up the one whole patch in the fall after the tops turned brown. the birds found it in the winter and by spring there was still a lot left and a great place to hunt when they weren't gobbling.

We have never had any regeneration but I think down south they do.


From: Whipplebuck Date: 10-Dec-07

Whipplebuck's embedded Photo

in Vermont we never had regeneration but I don't think there was ever anything left to grow. this past spring my brother and I got Doubles opening day in the Cuffa's

From: Extreme Predator Date: 10-Dec-07
Do a sol sample, analyze then plant it. Turkey will come by and scrath it up. so will hogs. keep the hogs down, as chuffa has gone up in prices. it works.

From: Whipplebuck Date: 11-Dec-07
also be very carefull with "cheep" chuffa's many of them have a very high rate of Dormant tubers, and a much longer time of maturation. Chuffa Gold has been the best for me and yes its not cheap. But when the food plot looks like a 1000 M-80's have blown up in the dirt in May it sure feels good.

From: Gobbler101 Date: 07-Jan-08
Plant em! First spray roundup wait 3 or 4 weeks then disk, fert. with 13-13-13 and broadcast seed at 30lb per acre. Lightly disk to cover and spray Prowl pre-emerg at recomended rates---no weeds--more turkeys than you can shoot-legally Steve

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