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Why do turkey heads change color?



Messages posted to thread:
Cheque 01-May-10
'Ike' 01-May-10
Buckfvr 01-May-10
Cheque 01-May-10
The Old Sarge 01-May-10
Hollywood 02-May-10
'Ike' 02-May-10
Hollywood 02-May-10
David Alford 02-May-10
Bill in MI 02-May-10
The Old Sarge 02-May-10
Bou'bound 02-May-10
300 Win Mag 02-May-10
guidermd 03-May-10
Gerald Martin 03-May-10
Bowfreak 03-May-10
The Old Sarge 03-May-10
Preacher Man 03-May-10
'Ike' 03-May-10
goosedog 03-May-10
Brotsky 03-May-10

Archery Turkey in South Dakota
by Dakota

turkey 2014
by wildwilderness

Short clip of Toms and Jakes
by hickstick

Opening day Indiana Gobbler
by mathewsman

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From: Cheque Date: 01-May-10
Just wondering why they change color. I've heard its from the mood they are in. So what moods do the different colors portray? I just shot my first gobbler this morning, and he came in strutting with a very white head. Does anybody know? thanks

From: 'Ike' Date: 01-May-10
It's a love thing! ;-)

From: Buckfvr Date: 01-May-10
Same as you.....testosterone.

From: Cheque Date: 01-May-10
Do you know what moods the different colors show?

From: The Old Sarge Date: 01-May-10
Most birds use color in males to attract and impress the less-colored female of the species. Ever seen a tom turkey's head change color when he's NOT strutting or fighting?

The Old Sarge

From: Hollywood Date: 02-May-10
It's about Oxygen levels in the blood and muscle contraction that forces blood to the skin's surface.

From: 'Ike' Date: 02-May-10
LoL! What the....

"It's about Oxygen levels in the blood and muscle contraction that forces blood to the skin's surface."

From: Hollywood Date: 02-May-10
Dude? ...That's why their head turns blue when you whack 'em.

From: David Alford Date: 02-May-10
Hey just imagine if you fed a Tom some Viagra...ok, j/k.

From: Bill in MI Date: 02-May-10
It's God's way of helping you pick a spot, duhhhhh

Bill in MI

From: The Old Sarge Date: 02-May-10
Well, at least the Viagra is blue. It'll match their excited necks. ;0)

From: Bou'bound Date: 02-May-10
notice to all toms:

be sure to call a doctor for heads that remain blue for 4 hours or more as permanent injury can occur.

From: 300 Win Mag Date: 02-May-10
His head changes color for the same reason your "head" gets STIFF!

From: guidermd Date: 03-May-10
red white and blue........its pure patriotism, nothing else, and don't believe anyone who says it isn't!!

From: Gerald Martin Date: 03-May-10
Hollywood is right. What's with the disbelief, Ike?

From: Bowfreak Date: 03-May-10
Bowfreak biting his tongue and dying to respond but will not as to retain his posting privileges. :)

From: The Old Sarge Date: 03-May-10
Then what's blue mean?


From: Preacher Man Date: 03-May-10
also biting tongue.....

From: 'Ike' Date: 03-May-10
"Hollywood is right. What's with the disbelief, Ike?"

The whacking part?

From: goosedog Date: 03-May-10
right on hollywood!

From: Brotsky Date: 03-May-10
Maybe they read the "action in the turkey blind" thread?

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Subject: RE: Why do turkey heads change color?

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