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Ground Max Preadator Den Blind?



Messages posted to thread:
flip 04-Feb-12
Hoytboy 04-Feb-12
flip 04-Feb-12
split_toe@work 05-Feb-12
flip 06-Feb-12
split_toe@work 07-Feb-12
jtek 07-Feb-12
flip 07-Feb-12
split_toe@work 08-Feb-12
split_toe@work 08-Feb-12
jtek 09-Feb-12
split_toe@work 10-Feb-12
jtek 10-Feb-12
split_toe@work 11-Feb-12
Call'em N 11-Feb-12
split_toe@work 12-Feb-12
car 12-Feb-12
Michael A 12-Feb-12

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From: flip Date: 04-Feb-12
Anybody know of a place i could still purchase one of these.Ihad the cheaper camo version Eclipse, but wrecked it this season.I dont know if they still make them but would like to locate one if possible.Maybe even used if in good shape. Good Huntin

From: Hoytboy Date: 04-Feb-12
Im pretty sure Cabelas has them. If you want one with good quallity I would get one of the Double bull blinds like the dark horse or the crusher.

From: flip Date: 04-Feb-12
cabelas says they are discontinued.

From: split_toe@work Date: 05-Feb-12
midway usa

From: flip Date: 06-Feb-12
Thanks split Checked it out but they dont have the Pedator Den by ground max Guess ill have to go with the Eclipse. Just a cheesey camo.Dont think turkeys care anyway.

From: split_toe@work Date: 07-Feb-12
Try a Barronet grounder in blood trail camo I bought two for youth season from Buyers Guide they are huge cheap and easy to set up also the bag is good for running and gunning blinds les that 20 lbs think i paid less than $170.00 with shipping

From: jtek Date: 07-Feb-12
What type of window closers does the Barronet grounder use?

Good window setup for bow hunting?

Do they shed rain well?

No flapping in high wind?

From: flip Date: 07-Feb-12
I guess The reasonI like the Ground Max so well is because I cant shoot through the mesh with my expadables, and i leave every other window open then meshed.It works well for me and maybe Im alittle bulheaded.How bout a used one out there?My fealling is Primos fased them out so they wouldnt compete with their Double Bull which is twice the money

From: split_toe@work Date: 08-Feb-12
Zipper and velcrow for windows Perfect window set up for bowhunting almost like it as well as my Matrix 360 Sheds rain great I use campmor tent spray on my blinds 40 mph winds this year and no flapping

Primos pissed me off their customer service blows arse now. Bubba doesnt answer the phone anymore and everything is done thru call tags and e-mail now.

From: split_toe@work Date: 08-Feb-12

split_toe@work's Supporting Link

thats a deal

WX2-191282 - Barronett Blinds® Grounder™ 3Mi50 Hunting Blind with BloodTrail™ Camo Compare at $159.99 Buyer's Club $143.97

From: jtek Date: 09-Feb-12
Thanks split_toe.

Does a person really need the 350. By the dimensions, I would think the 250 would be large enough for most people.

DO the blinds have brush loops to camo the blind?

From: split_toe@work Date: 10-Feb-12
250 Is too short to stand and shoot No brush loops but I've never used any and brush all my blinds in for deer but not for turkeys

From: jtek Date: 10-Feb-12
I usaully shoot sitting anyway in my blinds. Are the windows good for seated shooting?

I too never brush for turkey but do for deer.

From: split_toe@work Date: 11-Feb-12
YES window is set up well the 250 model would be fine

From: Call'em N Date: 11-Feb-12
Give Primos Customer service a call. Your blind may be under warranty? They may also have a replacement for you.

From: split_toe@work Date: 12-Feb-12

split_toe@work's Supporting Link


From: car Date: 12-Feb-12
Nice price but, I would think you would have a tough time drawing a bow in it.

From: Michael A Date: 12-Feb-12
If this is the same ground max predator den that Cabella's sold-sell by Primos, not surprised they quit making them.I ordered 2 and both entrance zippers and 3 window zippers failed when I set them up in my living room. very poorly made.

The money spent on the fancy Primos logo embriodery on both blind and carry bag would have been better spent on better quality zips.

My next blind wil be made in Mich. "Lucky Blinds"

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Subject: RE: Ground Max Preadator Den Blind?

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