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Moose Sightings
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Fallon911 05-Sep-09
elmer 06-Sep-09
From: Fallon911
My husband and I are going to Breckenridge & Steamboat Springs mid-October and are wanting to find some moose to photograph. We're not hunters, just photographers, and want to get some pictures of moose. What is the best area for sightings and will there be any to see that time of year?

From: elmer
It's a little bit of driving, but If you can get to grand lake and still go up into Rocky Mtn National park from there there's a pretty good chance you'll find some moose if you get on one of the hiking trails.

I used to live in Winter Park and almost every time I'd go into the park I'd see moose. Mostly in the thick stuff near small water holes. Went back 5 years ago and on the very first hike less than 1/2 mile from the trailhead found 3 moose, and then another 1/2 hour in found 2 more.

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