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Is this moose poop?



Messages posted to thread:
DonVathome 21-Oct-10
DonVathome 21-Oct-10
The Old Sarge 21-Oct-10
itshot 21-Oct-10
Bou'bound 21-Oct-10
HiMtnHnter 21-Oct-10
Outfitter 21-Oct-10
St. Croix 22-Oct-10
trackman 22-Oct-10
Feather Merchant 22-Oct-10
Canuck 23-Oct-10
guidermd 24-Oct-10
DonVathome 24-Oct-10
aspenguide 26-Jan-11
Redclub 26-Jan-11
Leadspreader 26-Jan-11
elmer@laptop 26-Jan-11
bow assassin 26-Jan-11
Leadspreader 26-Jan-11
TD 26-Jan-11
aspenguide 26-Jan-11
bb 26-Jan-11
bigchub76 27-Jan-11
J-ROD 27-Jan-11
Leadspreader 27-Jan-11
J-ROD 27-Jan-11
Medicine Bow 27-Jan-11
DonVathome 28-Jan-11
Saxton 28-Jan-11
elmer@laptop 28-Jan-11
TreeWalker 28-Jan-11
TD 28-Jan-11
aspenguide 29-Jan-11
howler 30-Jan-11
MJH 03-Feb-11
KGhunter 25-Mar-11

Giant bull - No tags left
by Shiras

Moose Hunt, Andy Krieger and Mike's Outfitting
by Mike Ukrainetz

Big Alaskan Bull Moose
by Shiras

Wedding proposal moose hunt
by newfielander

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From: DonVathome Date: 21-Oct-10

DonVathome's embedded Photo

1 of 2 pics

From: DonVathome Date: 21-Oct-10

DonVathome's embedded Photo

From: The Old Sarge Date: 21-Oct-10
Maybe elk? Where is it? ... besides the future, that is. ;0)

From: itshot Date: 21-Oct-10

never ate moose, couldn't say for sure

From: Bou'bound Date: 21-Oct-10

From: HiMtnHnter Date: 21-Oct-10
That's moose poop. No doubt. Late fall or winter poop to boot. May be a paddle or two laying around the area.

From: Outfitter Date: 21-Oct-10
It should taste like willow bark lol

From: St. Croix Date: 22-Oct-10
Moose, but you gotta taste one to be sure.

From: trackman Date: 22-Oct-10
I have seen them before and i am sure they are porcupine eggs The Trackman

From: Feather Merchant Date: 22-Oct-10
They're smart pills. Chew them very slowly, wash down with an RC Cola, and you'll learn a valuable lesson.

From: Canuck Date: 23-Oct-10
Jaazus!!! Moose for sure bud!!!!!!

From: guidermd Date: 24-Oct-10
looks like a hand and a boot to me

From: DonVathome Date: 24-Oct-10
Thanks I thought it was moose, much different then elk, just wanted to be sure.

From: aspenguide Date: 26-Jan-11
Porcupine as far as I can tell. I would put $ on it..

From: Redclub Date: 26-Jan-11
Porcupine, Moose is just like elk /deer only slightly larger Redclub

From: Leadspreader Date: 26-Jan-11
I dont know about determining poop in 2072, but in 2010 the only sure-fire way to tell is to taste it!

From: elmer@laptop Date: 26-Jan-11
That's winter range moose poop....

From: bow assassin Date: 26-Jan-11
That is without a doubt bigfoot poop

From: Leadspreader Date: 26-Jan-11
CHUPACABRA! I said it first!

From: TD Date: 26-Jan-11
That's some interesting chit! Those things last forever. I have particle board that would fall apart sooner exposed to the elements like that.

Climbed a near vertical south face in ID elk hunting a couple years ago (trying to drop into another area from above with the right wind and glass it) and the entire face was covered in it. I mean covered, not just some here and there. I literally could have filled several 55 gal drums with it. (Any market for it? Or is the market saturated after last nights speech? LOL!)

I was told it took years and years to break down so that's why there was so much of it, it just accumulated over the years. They were there because the steep slope held less snow and the south side was warmer, made a good place to yard up in the winter.

I had to crawl up much of the area. Amazing to me how they ever even got there.

From: aspenguide Date: 26-Jan-11
Right, winter moose poo in sept? Porcupine is woody like that all year, I could look at the trees around there and know for sure, moose in sept. Would be much darker brown..

From: bb Date: 26-Jan-11
It could have been a year old.

From: bigchub76 Date: 27-Jan-11
definitely pocupine dropping. they are usually around the base of conifer trees where they feed or in rock pile when they den.

From: J-ROD (mobile)Sent from Mobile Phone Date: 27-Jan-11
This thread is a load of crap LOL!!

From: Leadspreader Date: 27-Jan-11
Dang J-Rod, ya beat me to that one....

From: J-ROD (mobile)Sent from Mobile Phone Date: 27-Jan-11
Ha ha

From: Medicine Bow Date: 27-Jan-11

Medicine Bow's embedded Photo

This is moose poop

From: DonVathome Date: 28-Jan-11
It was very old poop looked "freeze dried" and if their were that many procupines pooping that size I would be worried!

From: Saxton Date: 28-Jan-11
Definitly moose, without a doubt. I have seen it many times in Canada with actual moose tracks around it.

From: elmer@laptop Date: 28-Jan-11
winter range moose poop is dry woody and lasts over a year or 2, so despite this phot being taken in sept I still say it's moose poop. I see dry woody moose poop every year in september from the previous year...and I've been Hunting moose over 20 years!

From: TreeWalker Date: 28-Jan-11
I hunted goats in Alaska a couple of years ago. We would fill our water containers in the small creeks at times when hiking over the flats to the ridges. You could not find a 5 foot stretch of those creeks without a few of the moose dropping laying on the bottom of the creek...never got sick though. Did not have a filter with me since was assured the water was pristine there.

From: TD Date: 28-Jan-11
Sure it was, the water was "pasture" ized.

From: YANKEESAMURAI Date: 29-Jan-11

From: aspenguide Date: 29-Jan-11
Saxton? Have you ever seen porcupine poop? The go to the same spot in the woods to deficate. Their droppings are huge. Often at the base of a tree but not always, the picture that medince posted is moose poop. Notice the lack of course fiber in it. We have porcupine everywhere around here. Infact I could mail everyone some if they really don't think it could be that large. Lol,

From: howler Date: 30-Jan-11
I'd bet the moose poop you seen in the creek was beaver poop and you are lucky you didn't get giardia

From: MJH Date: 03-Feb-11
"I'd bet the moose poop you seen in the creek was beaver poop and you are lucky you didn't get giardia"


From: KGhunter Date: 25-Mar-11
Thats porcu-poop for sure!!!

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