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Wyoming Moose Recommendation



Messages posted to thread:
SDH 06-Jan-12
wyobullshooter 07-Jan-12
jerseyjohn 07-Jan-12
BULELK1 07-Jan-12

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From: SDH Date: 06-Jan-12
I have 10 preference points for Wyoming moose that I'm thinking about using before I get too old. Can someone give me a recommendation for a unit that would provide a chance at taking a moose?

I would probably be hunting alone, so could also use a recommendation on a good outfitter.

Thanks for the input.


From: wyobullshooter Date: 07-Jan-12

wyobullshooter's Supporting Link

Here's the results of the 2011 draw. You can see what units you have a chance of drawing with 10 PP's. Since these are the results of last year's draw, you will need to see where the 9 PP pool stood in each area to give yourself a rough idea of where you sit compared to everyone else going into this year's draw.

There are moose in every area that has tags. Many factors will determine how successful you are. To be perfectly honest, you aren't going to draw a prime area with only 10 PP's, unless you draw a random tag. Not to say you can't kill a nice bull in a "lesser" area, but you will more than likely have to work harder to do so.

Best thing you can do is determine which area you have a good chance of drawing with 10 PP's and make a phone call to the Wyo G&F regional office that is responsible for the area(s) you decide on. The wardens and biologists can answer any questions you might have, such as moose numbers, suggested areas to focus on, outfitters, etc. Good luck.

From: jerseyjohn Date: 07-Jan-12
Bald mt outfitters. Area 3,4,5. JJ

From: BULELK1 Date: 07-Jan-12
44 is not an option this year for some reason?

ONE very good piece of advice----do not post your 10 pts question on the freaking web!!!

With our non-ressy fees/price$ it has become such a challenge to draw.

Ya know what I am saying?

Good luck, Robb

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Subject: RE: Wyoming Moose Recommendation

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