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what would you do?



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elmer@laptop 10-Sep-12
Bowslinger 10-Sep-12
elmer@laptop 10-Sep-12

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From: elmer@laptop Date: 10-Sep-12
I was out moose hunting again the last 2 days. this morning ran into a situation I wasn't sure what to do. Almost made it work...but.....was wondering what you would do in this case.

Scenario. Very early/pre rut. Bulls JUST started rubbing out of velvet. First cold morning of the year...25 degrees at sunup...warming fast! Wind gusting from the north 5-25MPH. I am in my tree stand in a clear cut with woods 400 yards to my north with a small line of trees 1/2 way there. I can't see the woods due to the line of trees. to my west 175 yards is woods and swamp. 250 yards south is more trees and swamp. 3/4 mile east is the road.

I scented heavily the evening before. I hear a bull scraping his horns in the thick stuff 400 yards north. From the hollowness of his scrape it sounds like a big bull. Wind from him to me! At first I waited, but then thought....I have my antler with after the second time i heard the bull scraping in the woods I scraped and rattled brush from my stand. the bull whacked a tree and rubbed more.

He went quiet for about 15 minutes and I thought....why don't I get I did and raked the brush with my antler. (I have a small paddle bull antler that is about 14 inches long) the bull raked back. So I slowly made my way closer. I got to about 75 yards from the edge of the woods where he was hiding. I scraped a small spruce tree and the bull raked back but was still hanging back. I then tried a soft series of 4 bull grunts. and he raked back.

this is all within about 1 hour time.....about 15 minutes after my last rake and grunt, I rake one more time. No answer and that's it.

He would not come out of the thick woods.

Did I play this right, or should I have used another tactic like not raking at all and just moving quietly to him? Should I have thrown in a cow call? What do you think?

From: Bowslinger Date: 10-Sep-12
It was early/pre rut.You never know what the crazy swamp donkeys are going to do. Sounds like you did everything right to me.What State?

From: elmer@laptop Date: 10-Sep-12
Bowslinger. Southcentral Alaska.

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