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bobcat mount or rug



Messages posted to thread:
INbowdude 02-Jan-08
INbowdude 02-Jan-08
Ermine 02-Jan-08
bo-n-aro 02-Jan-08
Coyote 65 02-Jan-08
Beachtree 03-Jan-08
INbowdude 03-Jan-08
INbowdude 03-Jan-08
Panhandle Bob 03-Jan-08
Panhandle Bob 03-Jan-08
Mathews Man 03-Jan-08
Mathews Man 03-Jan-08
FINGERS 03-Jan-08
tony r 03-Jan-08
TopPin 03-Jan-08
travis@work 04-Jan-08
travis@work 04-Jan-08
Bou'bound 04-Jan-08
travis@work 04-Jan-08
Boomerdog in OK 04-Jan-08
INbowdude 06-Jan-08
Ermine 06-Jan-08
St. Croix 18-Jan-08
G.R. 18-Jan-08
G.R. 18-Jan-08
Teeko Dog 18-Jan-08
travis@work 19-Jan-08
TD 19-Jan-08
INbowdude 19-Jan-08
G.R. 20-Jan-08
travis@work 21-Jan-08
Tradman and Huntress 22-Jan-08
chris schroeter 24-Feb-08
INbowdude 25-Feb-08
Wholaverj 28-May-08
Rattus 30-May-08

Mineshaft Lion
by FullCryHounds

Four Mountain Lions
by CO_Bowhunter

Cat vs. Avian X decoy
by Mt. man

Alberta Cougar 2014
by SS75

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From: INbowdude Date: 02-Jan-08

INbowdude's embedded Photo

Okay guys I have a lot of mounted game as well as rugs. I was lucky enough to get a bobcat (yearling) in Oklahoma last week. What I'm looking for is: 1. Pictures of bobcat mounts and/or rugs. 2. Taxidermists that you have used that are good with preditors. Thanks, Mike

From: INbowdude Date: 02-Jan-08

INbowdude's embedded Photo

Okay guys I have a lot of mounted game as well as rugs. I was lucky enough to get a bobcat (yearling) in Oklahoma last week. What I'm looking for is: 1. Pictures of bobcat mounts and/or rugs. 2. Taxidermists that you have used that are good with preditors. Thanks, Mike

From: Ermine Date: 02-Jan-08
Nice work on the cat. Predators with a bow are so fun. I arrowed and Bobcat a few years ago. Plan to make a rug or mount it, just have not had the money yet. I am kinda leaning toward a rug.

From: bo-n-aro Date: 02-Jan-08

bo-n-aro's embedded Photo

This is one I did for myself. A little different swing on the usual habitat. Maybe it will give you an idea or two.

From: Coyote 65 Date: 02-Jan-08
A guy that I worked with had a glass enclosure made with a bob cat stalking a covey of quail. The cat was about to spring. His wife wouldn't let him keep it at home so it was in his office at work.


From: Beachtree Date: 03-Jan-08
Mike check out steve kinker he lives close to batesville IN he is outstanding on everything.

From: INbowdude Date: 03-Jan-08
Thanks Andy, will do.

From: INbowdude Date: 03-Jan-08
Just for clarification, the bobcat was not a bow kill. HOWEVER, I do a bunch of bowhunting and this was a cool opportunity. I'm thinking either a rug or just tan the hide out for now, kinda like a trapper would do. Thanks for the ideas, keep them coming.

From: Panhandle Bob Date: 03-Jan-08

Panhandle Bob's embedded Photo

Yes, a very cool opportunity! Nice cat.

From: Panhandle Bob Date: 03-Jan-08

Panhandle Bob's embedded Photo

My mount

From: Mathews Man Date: 03-Jan-08

Mathews Man's embedded Photo

If I ever actually kill a bobcat with my bow, I would like to have it mounted like above (Watts- a bowsiter did this mount), or else have it reaching in the air grabbing onto a Pheasant.

From: Mathews Man Date: 03-Jan-08

Mathews Man's embedded Photo

I can also vouch for Bill (Watts) taxidermy skills as he mounted this little fart for me.

From: FINGERS Date: 03-Jan-08
My wife has a gorgeous full mount of a Bobcat reaching for a grouse, it's awesome, I'll try and post pics.

From: tony r Date: 03-Jan-08
here is mine. tony


From: TopPin Date: 03-Jan-08
Alpine artistry in Arlee Montana does some very nice predator mounts. He did the single best lion I've ever seen and is who I will go to when I get a cat I want to mount.

From: travis@work Date: 04-Jan-08

travis@work's Supporting Link

Bowdude--I`ve got alot of pictures of cats on my website...go to the photo galleries and click on bobcats

From: travis@work Date: 04-Jan-08
Drop me an e-mail if ya have any questions about the poses/prices if your interested in a full body mount..I`ve done about 550 cats in the last 7 I`m right north of ya in Mulvane KS...

From: Bou'bound Date: 04-Jan-08
cats are tough to get right but if you look at travis' work you'll find no better

From: travis@work Date: 04-Jan-08
Thanks guys I appreciate the kind words..I pretty much started my business specializing in bobcats. I used to sell 40 to 60 cats a year on Ebay when I first started but haven`t sold on Ebay for a while. I do cats for people all across the U.S...whats nice about cat mounts is the fact they are small enought to ship through UPS...

From: Boomerdog in OK Date: 04-Jan-08
Lonny's work is the best it gets. I have one of his mounts on my mantle. Quests and friends freak out when they see it for the first time because it looks alive.

From: INbowdude Date: 06-Jan-08
Thanks guys, I've been in contact with Lonnie!

From: Ermine Date: 06-Jan-08

Ermine's embedded Photo

From: St. Croix Date: 18-Jan-08
Bobcat rank right near the top of my "TO DO" list! Anyone know of a good cat-guide in Minnesota, Wisconsin or Michigan??? A few years back I read a magazine article, which I unfortunately have lost, about someone in Minnesota offering "Guaranteed" hunts for them....Chimeleski or something like that I think was his name?????? What does a decent size bobcat weigh?

Mathews Man, that bobcat on the snowy rock is AWESOME! I really like that pose!

From: G.R. Date: 18-Jan-08

G.R.'s embedded Photo

This is a huge bobcat I shot here in alberta a few years ago . It was so abnormally large and light in color , everyone wanted me to mount it . I still decided to go with the rug . I've always liked rugs ---throw 'em on the floor or wall . This particular bobcat could of been mistaken for a lynx . Even the taxidermist thought it was a lynx when I brought it in . The muley rack behind it has an outside spread of 32" to show size .


From: G.R. Date: 18-Jan-08

G.R.'s embedded Photo

The rug is 47.5 inches long

From: Teeko Dog Date: 18-Jan-08
G.R. could that be a hybrid bobcat/lynx cross? I know we have a few of those running around here in B.C. A buddy of mine that runs hounds took one last year.

From: travis@work Date: 19-Jan-08
All bobcats have a black tail with white under the bottom..Lynx have a solid black tip tail..usually if they are mixed the lynx genetics will have the whole tip black..I have done 3 cats out several hundred that weighed over 40 lbs..the biggest being 43...They look like a whole different animal than a normal bobcat..especially in their eyes...they look beady and small for the head...that looks like a huge cat no doubt...

BTW--I should have INbowdude`s cat done in about a week...I`ll post some pictures when he`s done...

From: TD Date: 19-Jan-08
IMO the cats make the coolest mounts there are of ANY animal. I like the rugs, please don't get me wrong and sometimes depending on your "trophy room" they might be the best style. But cat mounts are the pinnacle to me. I had a bobcat pelt/rug that I "lost" in a move storing some things with a friend. (Along with a bunch of stuff, Bear Kodiak Magnum, several trophy mule deer racks, etc.) It was the first thing I ever shot with my bow. I always wanted the mount but never got to it.

I agree with the folks above. Whoever you get make sure they are a cat specialist. Most guys don't do them right. Those mounts posted above are very good. Sounds like travis knows what he's doing too.

We have an award winning taxi here on Maui that took an African lion. He is a VERY good taxidermist. But he actually flew in a guy from Texas that was a cat specialist to help him with the mount. It turned out awesome. For some reason cats have their own degree of difficulty. I guess their eyes and face are so expressive compared to say a deer or bear.

From: INbowdude Date: 19-Jan-08
Thanks Travis! I'm looking forward to it. I should probably tell the wife about this sometime. Might just wait till it arrives before I actually say something. I've found it's always better to beg for forgiveness than ask for permission when it comes to stuffed critters. Mike

From: G.R. Date: 20-Jan-08
Yes , I was wondering the same thing about the cross bobcat/ lynx . ? I personally do not know much about that . This cat was over 40 lbs . I new that was big but I do not have much experience weighing bobcats so I didn't realize just how big that was . Back to the taxidermy thing ---- I rarely see a cat mount that I like . This is a personal thing but IMO most taxidermists screw up on the faces . I don't know what it is but most have a problem getting the natural look on the face . This is something I can't stand . I'm not a taxidermist but I've seen enough cat mounts from good taxidermists to understand there must be something difficult about cats .

From: travis@work Date: 21-Jan-08
Mike--I`ll give you a jingle next week to discuss the habitat your looking for...I haven`t sent the skull to OK just yet..I need the carcass for accurate first I thought I was going to have to carcass cast him but I finally found a manikin that will fit him. I just have to make some alterations to it first so I need the carcass to get it accurate...Talk at ya next week...and yes asking for forgiveness is easier than asking for permission...he he he...

From: Tradman and Huntress Date: 22-Jan-08

Tradman and Huntress's embedded Photo

Mike-here's that 30 lb cat that I told you we were having mounted. I just picked it up from the taxidermist.

From: chris schroeter Date: 24-Feb-08

chris schroeter's embedded Photo

My dad was mulie hunting near Cranbrook BC and he stubled upon a lynx 40 yards away. he swore it was at least 50 pounds. my uncles hunting buddy took it 4 weeks later and it weighed 52 pounds. it was nearly 5 feet in length.

From: INbowdude Date: 25-Feb-08
Awesome. Lynx is a critter on my short list of game I'd like to get. I've heard that they get big.

From: Wholaverj Date: 28-May-08
Something I noticed is a lot of mounts mess up the cats eyes or the face, it gives them a real real bad look, all of the above pics have that look except for the Mountain Lion and the Bobcat on the Ice and Snow...whoever did them knew what they were doing. The other ones look like the cat is looking at big Mouse of something... (.)(.) big eyes!

From: Rattus Date: 30-May-08
Lynx do not get as big as you may think. They are leggy, but not heavy. A 50 pounder is exceedingly rare. 20-30# is more common.

Biggest problem with cat mounts is the expression and position of pupils. The "cat in the headlights" look is all too common, and could be avoided by pulling the top eyelid down toward the pupil a little.

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