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Anyone eat Cougar???



Messages posted to thread:
Doc 03-Mar-08
Can Hahaka 03-Mar-08
bowhuntress 03-Mar-08
Slider, 03-Mar-08
kellyharris 03-Mar-08
Ermine 03-Mar-08
HeadHunter®........ 03-Mar-08
Bou'bound 03-Mar-08
richthebowhunter 03-Mar-08
cornfed 03-Mar-08
Dirty Bill 03-Mar-08
chip 03-Mar-08
ridgerunner 03-Mar-08
bghunter 03-Mar-08
Outfitter 03-Mar-08
Bou'bound 03-Mar-08
gettreed 03-Mar-08
elknuts2 03-Mar-08
BluegrassHammer 03-Mar-08
TD 03-Mar-08
Brotsky 03-Mar-08
bow shot 03-Mar-08
smarba 03-Mar-08
BB 03-Mar-08
Ermine 03-Mar-08
Dwayne 03-Mar-08
Shooter 03-Mar-08
Bowboy 03-Mar-08
gone2hunt 03-Mar-08
gone2hunt 03-Mar-08
COUGAR 04-Mar-08
string boy 04-Mar-08
dennisomfs 04-Mar-08

Mineshaft Lion
by FullCryHounds

Four Mountain Lions
by CO_Bowhunter

Cat vs. Avian X decoy
by Mt. man

Alberta Cougar 2014
by SS75

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From: Doc Date: 03-Mar-08
I went to the local Elks annual game feed last week and had the usual. Goose, Turkey, Deer, Squirrel, Rabbit, BBQ Raccoon, Pheasant Pot Pie, and this year Mountain Lion. The Lion was very light meat and had been tenderized but it was incredible! Everyone in my group loved it also. I had heard lion was good but had my doubts, it was excellant.

From: Can Hahaka Date: 03-Mar-08
I've had the sausage and it was good!

From: bowhuntress Date: 03-Mar-08
I have not eaten cougar, but leopard is fantastic! Leopard backstraps are a lot like pork...a firm white meat. We basically lived on my leopard for 3 days until fresh impala loin, guinea fowl, and tilapia made a welcome change. Fine eatin' all the way around!


From: Slider, Date: 03-Mar-08
Yes I have had Cougar and Rice!!! VERY GOOD!!! Tastes like

From: kellyharris Date: 03-Mar-08
I had chinese last night does that count??? Just Joking

From: Ermine Date: 03-Mar-08
I love Mtn Lion meat. It is awesome. It is my favorite wild game meat. Even beats elk in my opinion and that is tough to do.

From: HeadHunter®........ Date: 03-Mar-08
Cougar is great! We had a ham smoked. It looked like Ham and tasted like Ham! You would never know the difference!

From: Bou'bound Date: 03-Mar-08
so then just eat ham.

From: richthebowhunter Date: 03-Mar-08
I was actually going to ask this very same question about anybody actually eating it. Interesting results so far.

From: cornfed Date: 03-Mar-08
I had my entire cougar processed. The breakfast sausage was great, and the cuts of meat were very good as well. To me it had it's own unique, mild flavor that was very nice.

From: Dirty Bill Date: 03-Mar-08
I ate a whole cougar.Best meat i ever ate.

From: chip Date: 03-Mar-08
Hey Bou-So just eat ham!!! Can always count on you for a litary gem.

From: ridgerunner Date: 03-Mar-08
My lion was delicious, you do get alot of funny looks from people when you tell them you are eating it.

From: bghunter Date: 03-Mar-08
I wish I would have brought all my meat home from my cougar hunt I love the stuff and wish I could get more. My opinio better then any whitetail meat I have ever had

From: Outfitter Date: 03-Mar-08
Trappers in northern parts of Canada also consider Lynx very good to eat . Light meat similar to chicken.

From: Bou'bound Date: 03-Mar-08

chip -

.....or even a literary gem

you gotta admit it's a lot easier to find ham than cougar!

From: gettreed Date: 03-Mar-08
at our annual beast feast, lion was the meat of choice by majority of attendees. beat out elk, deer, buffalo, beef, antelope ..etc.

From: elknuts2 Date: 03-Mar-08
I haven't eaten Mtn. Lion, but I'll 2nd the comments about how good leopards are to eat. We ate the backstraps from one of my leopards, and it was outstanding. None of the other meat went to waste, either; as the camp staff ate the rest of the cat.

From: BluegrassHammer Date: 03-Mar-08
What are you talkin about 'Bou? You can definitely find Cougar in the grocery store :)

From: TD Date: 03-Mar-08
That's odd. Another thread just started about cougar eating anyone?

From: Brotsky Date: 03-Mar-08
Hammer, better be careful. Those cougars are the real man eaters.

From: bow shot Date: 03-Mar-08
Tastes like Pork loin...only better. Easy to cook too.

From: smarba Date: 03-Mar-08
It's just so hard to hoist a pig up in a tree to shoot it ;o)

So if a cougar eats your buddy on an elk hunt, and you eat the cougar, does that make you a cannibal?!

I've heard bobcat and cougar are awesome. Can't wait to try either myself. Problem is getting one...


From: BB Date: 03-Mar-08
Cougar is one of the best tasting wild meats around. It has always seemed strange to me that it would taste that good, but if you ever get the chance to eat it, you will enjoy it I am sure.

Have a great bowhunt. BB

From: Ermine Date: 03-Mar-08

Ermine's embedded Photo

I love Lion, but wasnt too fond of Bobcat.

From: Dwayne Date: 03-Mar-08
I had cougar once that I guy brought with him to a hog hunt in south TX. I thought he was kidding when he said he would barbeque up some cougar that evening. It indeed was awesome.

From: Shooter Date: 03-Mar-08
never tried cougar, but I can tell you that bobcat is not to tasty. I was skinning two for my sister in law and my not head brother in law says wow that meat looks good. So he cooked him a few steaks..... we all took a taste but it only took one bite to pass on another.

From: Bowboy Date: 03-Mar-08
To me mountain has a taste between pork and turkey. I really liked it.

From: gone2hunt Date: 03-Mar-08
Cougar meat is very good to eat. My favorite version so far was when one of my hunting partners cooked the backstraps from a big tom using a Chinese style BBQ recipe. Oh so good!

From: gone2hunt Date: 03-Mar-08
My previous reply would be more informative if I had been more specific by saying "Chinese BBQ Pork" recipe.

From: COUGAR Date: 04-Mar-08
Boubound is right! You can hunt ham right in the supermarket!!! I have harvested many a ham in that manner!! LOL!

From: string boy Date: 04-Mar-08
never eatin cougar or bobcat,but sure have gnawed on a few beavers

From: dennisomfs Date: 04-Mar-08
...oldtimers called it "painter meat" and the mountain men preferred it over all other wild game. With a diet primarily of fresh kill deer and elk, it's no wonder it's fact, I may just thaw some out tonight! As others said, very similar to pork loin only not as dry.

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