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Wolf or coyote?



Messages posted to thread:
blixen 18-Jun-09
bullelk 18-Jun-09
bullelk 18-Jun-09
Deacon Dave 18-Jun-09
Ole Coyote 18-Jun-09
Driver 18-Jun-09
JTV 18-Jun-09
Dante24 18-Jun-09
Norseman 18-Jun-09
gone huntin' 18-Jun-09
BMizl 18-Jun-09
Wolf Hunter 18-Jun-09
Outfitter 18-Jun-09
Alzy 18-Jun-09
cjgregory 18-Jun-09
Bernie1 18-Jun-09
blixen 18-Jun-09
HUNT MAN 18-Jun-09
Ki-Ke 18-Jun-09
Tracy 18-Jun-09
Barclay 18-Jun-09
Ermine 18-Jun-09
Jbird 18-Jun-09
nalgi 18-Jun-09
Pete In Fairbanks 18-Jun-09
Sixby 18-Jun-09
Forest Bows 18-Jun-09
ryanrc 18-Jun-09
Salagi 18-Jun-09
Griz34 18-Jun-09
BULELK1 19-Jun-09
Clutch 19-Jun-09
gundy 19-Jun-09
scentman 19-Jun-09
TD 20-Jun-09
Bou'bound 20-Jun-09
Lad 22-Jun-09
Ole Coyote 22-Jun-09
Zeke Fantuz 22-Jun-09
trkytrack 22-Jun-09
blixen 24-Jun-09
blixen 24-Jun-09
blixen 24-Jun-09
LitlRiddle 24-Jun-09
Gundy 24-Jun-09
nijimasu 24-Jun-09
whackn n' stackn 30-Aug-09
Sixby 30-Aug-09
Shoots-Straight 30-Aug-09
Russ Koon 31-Aug-09

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From: blixen Date: 18-Jun-09

blixen's embedded Photo

From: bullelk Date: 18-Jun-09
That's a tough call. Is it hanging around a bear bait or was this just a random photo on a trail or something?

From: bullelk Date: 18-Jun-09
After studying the photo I am going to guess its a coyote. I suppose it could be a young wolf, but I doubt it.

From: Deacon Dave Date: 18-Jun-09

From: Ole Coyote Date: 18-Jun-09
Hey did my brother Willie Bob give you permission to publish his ugly mug? LOL !! A coyote for sure!! Muzzle to long for a fox and ears to close together for wolf!! Maybe!!

From: Driver Date: 18-Jun-09
Young wolf

From: JTV Date: 18-Jun-09
Face and muzzle looks to thick to be a 'yote.....Jeff

From: Dante24 Date: 18-Jun-09
I would say its a timberwolf. Most if not all we see in northen minnesota have that coloring scheme to them. The shape of the head and muzzle also are closer to a wolf than coyote.

From: Norseman Date: 18-Jun-09
young wolf

muzzle to long for coyote

From: gone huntin' Date: 18-Jun-09
Wolf, no doubt about it.

From: BMizl Date: 18-Jun-09
Wolf, absolutely.

From: Wolf Hunter Date: 18-Jun-09
Young wolf for sure!

From: Outfitter Date: 18-Jun-09
Snare him and find out for sure LOL.

From: Alzy Date: 18-Jun-09

From: cjgregory Date: 18-Jun-09

From: Bernie1 Date: 18-Jun-09

From: blixen Date: 18-Jun-09
No bait here. May have been sniffing a couple of Canadian honkers that had waddled around. I'm agreeing with the majority. The neck and head and coloring have me pretty convinced it's a wolf. This was shot in the Centennial Mountains of Idaho. Blixen

From: HUNT MAN Date: 18-Jun-09

From: Ki-Ke Date: 18-Jun-09

From: Tracy Date: 18-Jun-09
Wolf for sure.

From: Barclay Date: 18-Jun-09
Medium-sized wolf.

From: Ermine Date: 18-Jun-09
Wolf. look at the face

From: Jbird Date: 18-Jun-09
Pomeranian/wolf cross for sure.

From: nalgi Date: 18-Jun-09

From: Pete In Fairbanks Date: 18-Jun-09
Young wolf (last year's pup)

I have trapped and shot a LOT of them.


From: Sixby Date: 18-Jun-09
Agree on the young wolf.

From: Forest Bows Date: 18-Jun-09
Wolf hybred (some one's pet)

From: ryanrc Date: 18-Jun-09
wolf for sure. what do i win?

From: Salagi Date: 18-Jun-09

From: Griz34 Date: 18-Jun-09
Not a doubt...wolf!!!

From: BULELK1 Date: 19-Jun-09
Maybe a female wolf that has just had a litter and is looking thin and weak?

Good luck, Robb

From: Clutch Date: 19-Jun-09
young wolf--bone frame looks big for yote

From: gundy Date: 19-Jun-09
I'd say it's a wolf because of the thick muzzle, facial markings and just by crudely estimating it's size in comparison to the trees.

From: scentman Date: 19-Jun-09
Looks like a wolf to me. Any tracks at the sight? I think Pete in Fairbanks has seen some of these, I would trust his judgement.

From: TD Date: 20-Jun-09
Honestly, they all look like yotes to me. Somes just bigger than others.

From: Bou'bound Date: 20-Jun-09
Wolf for sure.

From: Lad Date: 22-Jun-09
Dang it man you found my

From: Ole Coyote Date: 22-Jun-09
Hey boys and girls take a hard look at the ears says coyote to me!!

From: Zeke Fantuz Date: 22-Jun-09
Definetly wolf.

From: trkytrack Date: 22-Jun-09
Shoot them both.

From: blixen Date: 24-Jun-09

blixen's embedded Photo

Here's a few for perspective and scale..

From: blixen Date: 24-Jun-09

blixen's embedded Photo

From: blixen Date: 24-Jun-09

blixen's embedded Photo

From: LitlRiddle Date: 24-Jun-09
Where in Idaho? Never heard of the Centennial Mtns. You talking Central Mtns like in the center of the state like the Frank Church? Anyhow after seeing the other pics my vote is coyote..just not big enough to be a wolf unless of coure its very young

From: Gundy Date: 24-Jun-09

Gundy's embedded Photo

Not perfect but gives it some scale.

From: nijimasu Date: 24-Jun-09

From: whackn n' stackn Date: 30-Aug-09

From: Sixby Date: 30-Aug-09
Moose is in same location. Size alone says wolf.

From: Shoots-Straight Date: 30-Aug-09
I say wolf. No doubt on my part. I see them fairly regualary here is western Montana

From: Russ Koon Date: 31-Aug-09
6X, the moose looks taller without the saddle it sometimes wears.

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Subject: RE: Wolf or coyote?

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