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Willis River Hunting in Gladstone, VA
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Box 11-Oct-07
Owl 11-Oct-07
Does anybody here have any information on this outfitter in Gladstone, VA? I have been trying to contact them and it appears their phone number has been changed and cannot find any new contact info. The information on their website is incorrect. If anybody here is from the Gladstone area, I would appreciate it if you could verify some information for me. The owners name is Danny Henshaw and his wife is Cindi. Feel free to e-mail me at if you can help me. Thanks!


From: Box
They were shut down by the state. Them and another similar hunting site in Va were raided at the same time. It was over a year ago. Probably can find the article if you do a scan. Interesting case as they were openly operating and advertising their preserves but we shut down over some obscure laws. I took my son there 2 years ago to have him get a hog. Fun hunt and enjoyed hanging out with Danny.

From: Owl
Wow, I read up on the wife's version of what took place at Willis. Last I saw, there wasn't SUPPOSED to be a hammer and sickle on Old Glory. Maybe I'm not looking hard enough. Geesh, more evidence this government is going to crap.


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Doug- I've read several accounts of what allegedly occured at Willis including the article I linked here. I'm just trying to verify that the information is correct since the USDA is radically changing laws allowing them to do the same thing in other states. A ranch in northwest Oklahoma was recently "depopulated" using a similar method. Domestic hog producers aren't held to the same standards, so I'm really starting to feel like hunting itself is the target, not the animals. If anybody has any information from a credible source, I sure would appreciate it.


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