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Hunting in Guam

This thread designated as DEBATE FREE. All responses must be Constructive and Positive.


Messages posted to thread:
Bushman45269 13-Jul-10
Bushman45269 13-Jul-10
Carolina Counsel 13-Jul-10
Bushman45269 13-Jul-10
medicinemann 13-Jul-10
The Yode 13-Jul-10
The Yode 13-Jul-10
non typ 13-Jul-10
tonyo6302 13-Jul-10
tonyo6302 13-Jul-10
PAdroptine. 15-Jul-10
guamhunter 20-Sep-10
The Old Sarge 20-Sep-10
Purdue 20-Sep-10
guamhunter 20-Sep-10
soldierbowman2 21-Sep-10
guamhunter 21-Sep-10
The Old Sarge 21-Sep-10
Thunderflight 22-Sep-10
guamhunter 22-Sep-10
The Old Sarge 22-Sep-10
elkhunter81 22-Sep-10
The Yode 22-Sep-10
TD 22-Sep-10
guamhunter 22-Sep-10
elkhunter81 22-Sep-10
guamhunter 24-Sep-10
whitetailer 25-Sep-10
AMGW232 08-Mar-11
beaterAK 10-Mar-11
knifer 10-Mar-11
Guahan 29-Mar-11
Thunderflight 30-Mar-11
TNCountryBoy 13-Apr-11
LongbowBob 13-Apr-11
comanche 15-May-11
hoytshooter 16-May-11
hoytshooter 16-May-11
Thunderflight 24-Aug-11
PeterWolf69 03-Sep-11
JTV 03-Sep-11
steph_tiki 22-Sep-11
thesquid 05-Jan-12
island hunter 12-Mar-12
MichaelGuthrie 03-Jul-13
Coop1223 20-Apr-15
Dreezyboy 02-Oct-15
jerry 03-Oct-15
Zbone 05-Oct-15

Wild Boar hunting in Australia
by Batesy

Pig hunt in Australia
by Batesy

Wild boar charge, one freckle clenching moment.
by xlr8scotty

Goat Bowhunt--Graphic Kill Shot
by Bowhuntr64

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From: Bushman45269 Date: 13-Jul-10
I've read about the bowhunting regs and wild game there and it's totally awesome.

From: Bushman45269 Date: 13-Jul-10
Wild game like Filipino Deer, wild pigs, wild goats, monitor lizards, and several exotic game birds. Archery regs are compound bows, crossbows, longbows, and primitive self bows. Also good spearfishing on that island.

From: Carolina Counsel Date: 13-Jul-10
Sounds cool. Do you outfit on Guam?

From: Bushman45269 Date: 13-Jul-10
Sorry cuz, I would love to but I don't have that many connections sorry. I just read the regulations thats all.

From: medicinemann Date: 13-Jul-10
There use to be a US military base there.....I wonder if any Bowsiter has ever been stationed there?

From: The Yode Date: 13-Jul-10
My nephew is on his way there now for the Navy. He is set for a three year tour. After he has been there a while, I'll check with him. Visiting him and his family would be cool - throwing in a hog hunt would be GREAT!

From: The Yode Date: 13-Jul-10
I don't see anything about resident vs. nonresident! A hunting license costs $10. They give you one deer tag free with that (the season limit is one). You can only shoot two hogs a day for a season total of 40 (guess I'll have to cut back!). No limit on goats.

The only thing I noticed was that ALL hunters seem to have to wear blaze orange - there was no exception made for bowhunters. They didn't mention if blaze camo was OK so I would bet it is. Depending on the terrain, I'm not sure it would make much difference anyway...

One thing I'll want him to check on is the amount of public land open to hunting. It may sound good because all the hunting is on private property and they charge. We'll see unless someone else who has been there can chime in.

From: non typ Date: 13-Jul-10
I believe I am going there to work in a couple weeks. I did not think to look into hunting I just planned on fishing.

From: tonyo6302 Date: 13-Jul-10
I was sent there for business in December 2006. I could not get up with anyone prior to the short notice trip, so I did not take my bow. I struck out finding much correct info on the internet back then.

What I did find out is that most of the hunting takes place on Anderson Air Force Base. I learned this from an E4 Airman that was skinning a hog at the time.

He told me that there are plenty of hogs, but they are very difficult to hunt, and it is practically hit or miss in the early AM and late PM. He said there were Sambar Deer there, but few were ever killed. He also told me that except for one or two private ranches near the Navy Base, there were no other places to hunt, and no public land. He said Anderson AFB only allows active duty and retired Military to hunt there. It is a jungle environment, and the Airman told me his best luck on Hogs came from ground blinds near clearings/openings. It is very difficult to stalk there due to the thickness of the vegetation.

I checked with the Concierge (sp) at the Marriot Resort I was staying at, and she could not come up with any outfitters on Guam for hunting.

To get a hunting license on Guam, according to the Airman, you have to attend classes at the University there, so you might want to reserve a seat prior to going there. He said that Guam does not accept hunter safety certification from anyplace stateside.

I was hoping to go back to Guam, and even had this E-4 willing to receive my bow via FedEx, but alas I have not been back.

I was not told anything about goats or monitor lizards there. Guam is very protective about non-native species since the ill-fated introduction of the brown snake that has decimated native bird populations there.

non typ, the Fishing Charters can be expensive there, as Guam is "Hawaii" to the Japanese, and the whole island really caters to the Japanese who vacation there. The Japanese Tourists have been known to lay down loads of cash to poach charters away from others with reservations. Now, if you are Military, or Retired Military, or carry a civilian CAC Card, make sure you get your basic Coast Guard Boater Safety Certification prior to going to Guam, because you can rent fishing boats at the Navy Base as long as the Fleet is out to sea. When the Fleet in is port, the seagoing Sailors get first shot at everything, and of course I think that is fair. Just beware of that in your planning.

And keep in mind all this info is from December 2006, so it is very old. A whole lot could have changed since then.


From: tonyo6302 Date: 13-Jul-10
One more thing, there was one of the Ranches that advertised horseback trail rides in the northern mountains.

I asked the Concierge to get me booked on an all day trail ride, and when I returned from work that day, she informed me that months prior to my arrival, a stable fire had killed all the horses.

Hopefully, this has changed, and you can find, once again, a good trail ride on a gorgeous Pacific Island.


From: PAdroptine. Date: 15-Jul-10
im tdy in Guam right now until september, It is extremely hot here and definetly not my style of hunting, trudging through the jungle dodging extremely large spiders and snakes....i'd stick with the golf course & the beach until its time to go home !

From: guamhunter Date: 20-Sep-10
hey all, i'm new to the site so bear with me. i'm an E-6 in the navy, and spend most of my time out to sea, however i have been stationed in guam for just over a year and a half and have killed more than one pig and deer. some of the best hunting may be on andersen, however there is public hunting land available (quite a bit) and also, nearly all private land owners will let you hunt pig as they are destructive. there is no limit on wild hogs, or goats(which i havent seen yet), and for deer, you do not get a free tag, its 15 bucks per tag, and you can buy more than one. also, no class required, you just go buy a liscence, the class is required by Andersen, if you intend to hunt on base. blaze orange is required. the deer are very hard to hunt, the hogs arent that hard. i've seen quite a few monitor lizards, none that big though, the largest being only about 3 feet. but i've had no desire to kill one. there's also black frankolin here, guams only game bird. hard to hunt do to fast flying in thick cover, but extremely tastey. you can hunt with guns here, just not on base. if anyone is coming to guam, or plans on visiting, let me know and i would be willing to help out and even put you on some game. i have hundrededs of acres of prime deer/pig/frankolin land in my backyard, along with acess to some wonderful privated ranches. i am not an outfitter, and cant promise anything, but i'm successful and can at least get you to the right area.

From: The Old Sarge Date: 20-Sep-10
Andersen AFB is still there and still going full speed. I was there several times through the '70s. Never did stay long enough to hunt though.

The military (Air Force, Navy, Coast Gurad) has something close to 40,000 acres on Guam, close to a third of the island.

From: Purdue Date: 20-Sep-10

Purdue's Supporting Link

Beware of the Brown Tree Snakes.

From: guamhunter Date: 20-Sep-10

guamhunter's embedded Photo

the brown tree snakes arent a big problem. they used to be, but do to great efforts, their numbers are down. in all the time i've spent in the jungle, i've only seen two. both juveniles. they're highly nocturnal. also, they're harmless, they are rear fanged semi-constrictors. they have to chew on their prey to inject the venom. and, they're harmless a healthy adult, even a child. the only ones in danger are newborns, and i dont see many of them in the jungles. they attached picture is one of the two i've seen, my wife caught it in our kitchen while i was at work. apparently they sometimes sneak into homes and eat dog food. weird huh?

From: soldierbowman2 Date: 21-Sep-10
The Flat Frog Capitol of the World!!

From: guamhunter Date: 21-Sep-10
i actually went scouting yesterday. saw two good boar, both with nice cutters, and about 35 deer. only 5 bucks, 1 of which i would consider a shooter. on my way out right now to find some new spots to set up.

From: The Old Sarge Date: 21-Sep-10
How big are the deer? What species?

From: Thunderflight Date: 22-Sep-10
guamhunter you have a pm.

From: guamhunter Date: 22-Sep-10

guamhunter's embedded Photo

they're filipino deer. i have pics of a doe i shot, she kinda small. they average a lot smaller than whitetail, however, a couple buck have been taken that have broke the 300lb mark (live weight).

From: The Old Sarge Date: 22-Sep-10
Cool! A bit bigger than I thought. How do they taste?

From: elkhunter81 Date: 22-Sep-10
Hey guys, I was stationed there for 5 years in the Air Force. As a matter of fact, I was the Conservation Officer for 2 of those years. I ran the hunting/fishing programs for Andersen AFB. This was a few years ago('97-'99) and the hunting for pigs was outstanding. I had to trap them around the base because there were so many tearing up the golf course, base housing, the beach areas, etc. That's where I began my bow hunting career, thanks to hoytshooter, who posts on bowsite occasionally. I don't know if things have changed but for 6 weeks before the season started, I would give hunter safety classes once a week and provide hunting licenses for AAFB. I also had 20-30 volunteer CO's help me accomplish this. I still have contacts over there so if any of you are interested, let me know and I'll see what I can find out. I have two really big pigs and a nice sambar deer hanging on my walls from Guam, a place I'll never forget. BTW, snakes aren't bad but it is hot!

From: The Yode Date: 22-Sep-10
Great! My nephew just got transferred to Guam (Navy). If I get a chance to go visit, I'll have to take my bow along. A good pig roast would be REAL nice!

From: TD Date: 22-Sep-10
All I know is they practically steam clean anything that comes into HI from Guam because of those brown snakes.

Apparently they have found a few hidden in a few planes and such. They crawl up into them when they are parked on the ground.

Snakes on a plane. Over the ocean. I think there's a movie like that...

From: guamhunter Date: 22-Sep-10
they taste pretty good, alot gamier than the deer from the states, but still good. and again, the snakes arent that bad.

From: elkhunter81 Date: 22-Sep-10
All planes, cargo, boats, etc are checked closely for snakes by humans and more intently by jack russell terriers. Those little guys/girls hate brown tree snakes, I've seen them in action:-) Back to hunting on Andersen, ask the gate guard for the Conservation Officer, which was located at the Self-Help Store. If you're active duty or retired, it's a relatively short briefing followed by getting your license. Guamhunter is right about the deer meat, but if you get a chance, try deer kelaguin.

From: guamhunter Date: 24-Sep-10
did some more scouting yesterday, saw some good boars and lots more deer. no bucks this time though, but i put the trail cam out, so hopefully i'll have some pics to post soon.

From: whitetailer Date: 25-Sep-10
I was stationed at Anderson AFB Guam in 1969, did alot of training their, and went tty out of there and back. They use to clear the run way of the deer,,,,,

We shot them at night, on some local ranches, shot some pigs, people were nice, and we use to surf at Talofofo Bay........ I got nailed by a portugese man o war there, and it kept me at the sick bay for awhile.......

Very small island, nice people..... I think its all changed now.........

I got to see Jaques Costeau's ships back then, they were studying the depth of the mariana trench off the end of the run way......

B52's were pretty busy back then..............

Then some idiot brought in the snakes and I heard they killed all the birds............

From: AMGW232 Date: 08-Mar-11
Is anyone still in Guam from this forum? We are stationed here and trying to find a place to hunt some deer and hog.

From: beaterAK Date: 10-Mar-11
Where are you based? I'm headed to Andersen TDY for the month of April. I plan on hunting hogs there on base. Send me a PM if you want to exchange info...

From: knifer Date: 10-Mar-11
many moons ago way back in the early 80's i nearly lost a stripe for shootin a scorpion with an m-16.-turns out the marine corps frowned on such things.who knew?

From: Guahan Date: 29-Mar-11
AMGW232, I am currently in Alaska and will be tour complete come 01JUN. I am from there and am getting staioned there this summer (around mid June). I am from down south (inarajan) and know the southern part of the island very well, as well as some parts of the central and northern areas. Grew up hunting and fishing there. Give me some info. and we can meet up and hunt this summer. I know the lands down south and the people who own the property, so I'm pretty sure I can get permission to hunt their land. If not, there's public land down there you just have to know where it is and I do.

From: Thunderflight Date: 30-Mar-11
beaterAK, I'd like to hear what you thought about hunting on Andersen. I'm stationed in Japan and I'm considering trying to catch an AMC flight over there to do some hunting.

From: TNCountryBoy Date: 13-Apr-11
guamhunter, AMGW232, Guahan, I am also headed to Guam on 1 June, really looking forward to hunting and fishing/spearfishing. I will be stationed at Andersen, for 3 years...don't have a whole lot of bowhunting experience, but do have a couple bows and the desire to get some pigs and hopefully a decent deer. I will stay on here, and be trying to hook up and learn some stuff once I get over!

From: LongbowBob Date: 13-Apr-11

That is a very generous offer you have made. Guys like you are what we are suppose to find on the Bowsite.


From: comanche Date: 15-May-11
Hey all. I live on Guam. Hunting in the jungle is tough. I have killed several pigs with my recurve but have not killed a deer yet, been here since 1989. Anderson is where most of the best huntin is but since the last big typhoon blew through here several years ago and took out a bunch of the big trees, the underbrush has grown up and now it is very thick and tought to hunt. Guahan or any of you that are on Guam send me a pm or email me at maybe we can get together and hunt, would love to hunt down south but do not know any landowners. I hunt pigs on my property in Chalan Pago and have seen a few deer there lately.


From: hoytshooter Date: 16-May-11
You guys that are interested, send me a PM, i was stationed there and still have friends at Andersen in the conservation program...i spent my 15 months huntin the hell outa the pigs there....i can give you some heads up on places to hunt on base...

From: hoytshooter Date: 16-May-11
You guys that are interested, send me a PM, i was stationed there and still have friends at Andersen in the conservation program...i spent my 15 months huntin the hell outa the pigs there....i can give you some heads up on places to hunt on base...

From: Thunderflight Date: 24-Aug-11
I'm planning a hunting trip in December. I'm a bit concerned about getting the necassary hunting class to hunt on Andersen AFB. I'm stationed in Japan and "might" be able to make down in October for a class, but if they have them in December then that would be even better.

From: PeterWolf69 Date: 03-Sep-11
I'm on Guam right now and have been getting the run around as to where I can go hunting. First, I have been unable to locate a place that sells the basic license (and is still open). The next issue I am trying to resolve is where the public hunting lands are on the north side of the island that are not involved with Andersen and the conservation program there. I say this since the license is by fiscal year and ends this month, and I don't want to buy two Andersen licenses due to my short time here. Any information would be great (on top of the useful info already here).

From: JTV Date: 03-Sep-11
I was on Guam back in the late '70's for "cinderella liberty" .....all I got was a huge headache the following morning ...... Semper Fi ...... Jeff

From: steph_tiki Date: 22-Sep-11
I leave for guam in 1 week. I will be there for a deployment from 3-30 oct. Is there any way I can hunt with someone and use there weapon. I am very intrested in deer. I will pay for your time. I am active duty USMC.

From: thesquid Date: 05-Jan-12
I was there in 1968 after being wounder in Vietnam - I didn't get to do any hunting because I was in the hosiptal while there but a couple of the locals said they have "much-good" hunting for many things and liked hogs the best.

From: island hunter Date: 12-Mar-12
hafa adai

i just found this site today. with that said i will try my best to answer all posted questions on this thread .

info for Guam hunting regulations can be found @

as for game the island does have the Philippine Sandbar deer , hogs ,birds and monitor lizards

weapon of choice for local hunters is the shotgun/slug-gun

bow hunting has a small following , Guam's hot humid weather makes it a little tougher to bow hunt. long sits in a tree stand are uncomfortable . but fun none the less, short ata bows are best . as the jungle is thick.

Best places to hunt are on Anderson Air Force Base and North West Field. these areas are military installations and license's are only available through the AAFB Volunteer Conservation Office . there is a mandatory background check for civilians ,that can take up to two weeks. they can also give you info on safety equipment required when afield on the base.

as for public hunting land ,pls check w/Guam department of agriculture for land map of these areas .

the hunting season for deer will be ending on Guam Oct.01,2011 - Mar 31,2012 .hog/pig hunting is allowed till Oct. 31,2012

if hog hunting is your thing ask around iam sure some local bow hunter's will put you on some hogs on private land


From: MichaelGuthrie Date: 03-Jul-13
Hows it going,

I will be moving to Guam next year and am looking for a hunting partner to show me around the island when i get there. i am a bowhunter, bowfisher and a fisherman. any information would be appreciated.

From: Coop1223 Date: 20-Apr-15
Anyone here still in Guam, been here for about six months and want to start hunting. Where are the public areas?

From: Dreezyboy Date: 02-Oct-15
Coop I just moved to Guam, and am excited to get started. Have you found anything out yet?

From: jerry Date: 03-Oct-15
I was stationed on Guam at the naval magazine in 71. It was a high fencnced in area that housed munitions of all sorts . It also had a large fresh water lake. Being large and isolated it housed an array of animals. We had deer, wild pig, and large asiatic water buffalo. My understanding it was an experimental game preserve. We would get permission to harvest a water buffalo once a quarter for a cookout. They were huge and we would have steaks all weekend at Nimitz beech. The lake had different fish from all over. They had tilapia, South American tucanary, North American largemouth. I was not into hunting much at the time, I spent my time scuba diving in some of the best waters anywhere. Also the last Japanese holdout from wwii gave up from hiding in the jungle while I was there. His cave was no more than a mile or so from my barracks. Lots of stories.........

From: Zbone Date: 05-Oct-15
Interesting thread... Thanks for sharing...

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