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Wild cattle in Hawaii...



Messages posted to thread:
Bushman45269 17-Jan-11
Bowhunner 18-Jan-11
Kawabunga 18-Jan-11
TD 18-Jan-11
bowhunta16 18-Jan-11
Steve H. 18-Jan-11
wild1 18-Jan-11
wild1 18-Jan-11

Wild Boar hunting in Australia
by Batesy

Pig hunt in Australia
by Batesy

Wild boar charge, one freckle clenching moment.
by xlr8scotty

Goat Bowhunt--Graphic Kill Shot
by Bowhuntr64

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From: Bushman45269 Date: 17-Jan-11
Just wondering if there's any places other than Hilo that has a huntable population. If so are you allowed to use a bow.

From: Bowhunner Date: 18-Jan-11
I hunted with Pat Fisher of Hawaii Safaris in Maui for Axis and spanish goat. He has some great spots and is a real hunter. I didn't hunt wild bulls but he does do those hunts and I believe you can use a bow. Give him a call and tell him I sent you(I get no commisson). I am confident he will treat you fairly.

From: Kawabunga Date: 18-Jan-11
Bowhunner is right as far as I know you have to get on private land, if you can get on a south Kona ranch they have Vancouver bulls, I think thats what they're called, they are giants. Funny thing is they're quite a few areas where they're tearing up the forest worse than hogs but you can't hunt them, think the ranchers have something to do with that.

Good luck.

From: TD Date: 18-Jan-11
Years ago we had a wild herd on Maui that the DLNR wanted eradicated, which they did. Not like hunting moo cows in the pasture. These were wild animals, surprisingly cagey. I took a young bull with the bow and later a big ol cow with a rifle on a special eradication hunt. They make packing out elk seem like a walk in the park.

Lanai had some a one point too, but no more. They just recently killed the last two bulls that eluded everyone for over two years. They lived in the tall cane grass, one of the wildlife managers said it reminded him of hunting cape buffalo.

To answer the question, I don't know for sure, nowhere I know of currently, if anywhere maybe the Big Isle. They used to hunt feral donkeys there also until the wild horse huggers got involved and shut it down. I'm still waiting for my invite from one of the cowboys but not going to hold my breath.

From: bowhunta16 Date: 18-Jan-11
Use to hunt the Lapahoehoe GMA on the Big Island for pig's with a gun though, that place is thick... There we use to see some runaways, not like regular cattle though, these guys see you they DIG!

From: Steve H. Date: 18-Jan-11
I've been into sign on the Kona side of Mauna Loa but didn't see any.

From: wild1 Date: 18-Jan-11

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From: wild1 Date: 18-Jan-11

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Subject: RE: Wild cattle in Hawaii...

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