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Anyone hunt with Didimala Safaris?
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Stateline 09-Feb-09
Craig 09-Feb-09
Stateline 26-Mar-09
Tradlad 30-Mar-09
Stateline 05-Apr-09
From: Stateline
Just looking to book a hunt in 2010 ith Didimala Safaris. Talking to Ethan (PH) at an outdoor expo, I was really impressed with his product. Just wondered if anyone had experience with them??

From: Craig
I know they've been around for quite some time. They are memebers of PHASA so you have recourse if something goes wrong which is something to keep in mind.

They also have a great selection of trophies like Hartmann zebra, Mountain reedbuck & Red lechwe. Their prices seem to be very reasonable too.

It looks like you can book with confidence.



From: Stateline
Thanks for the reply!! Talked to Ethan (PH)the other day and can't help but like the guy!! They are actually known as "Hunting Ventures" as well. I hope I have a great story to tell in just over a year from now!!!

From: Tradlad
I guess the only thing I would be sure of is their expertise with bow hunters. I looked at 5 or 6 pages in the trophy room and did not see one bow kill. Good luck.

From: Stateline
Thanks for that reply!! They are actually going by "HUNTING VENTURES" now, and have just started to up their bow hunting facilities!! I really like their PH so far, and plan to take my rifle along anyway!! I guess worst case, I can hunt with it!! I plan to spot and stalk, so maybe it won't change things too much!!

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