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Castle beer in the US



Messages posted to thread:
SDHNTR 13-May-09
Wary Buck 13-May-09
bohuntr 13-May-09
safari100 13-May-09
Ak Ultratec 14-May-09
kellyharris 14-May-09
INbowdude 14-May-09
kellyharris 14-May-09
bghunter 14-May-09
safari100 14-May-09
kellyharris 14-May-09
ZED 14-May-09
bghunter 14-May-09
jmiller 14-May-09
Ak Ultratec 14-May-09
Wary Buck 14-May-09
SDHNTR 14-May-09
HighLife 14-May-09
bghunter 14-May-09
Hollywood 14-May-09
Ken Moody 14-May-09
safari100 14-May-09
HighLife 14-May-09
Willieboat 15-May-09
kellyharris 15-May-09
Africanbowhunter 15-May-09
Bwana4 15-May-09
safari100 15-May-09
Pat Lefemine 15-May-09
bghunter 15-May-09
Hollywood 15-May-09
Africanbowhunter 15-May-09
Zbone 15-May-09
safari100 15-May-09
Hollywood 15-May-09
Africanbowhunter 15-May-09
StickFlicker 15-May-09
Spider 16-May-09
HighLife 18-May-09
Blue Buck2 18-May-09
Stik'n String 19-May-09
Spider 30-May-09
Bigpizzaman 30-May-09
ZED 03-Jun-09
Pat Bischoff 03-Jun-09

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From: SDHNTR Date: 13-May-09
Can you buy Castle anywhere here in the states?

From: Wary Buck Date: 13-May-09
I remember returning from my hunt in 1999 asking the same thing, but not getting much of a response. It kinda grows on you, doesn't it?

From: bohuntr Date: 13-May-09
Boy wouldn't that be great! If anyone knows where we can get some here let me know!!!

From: safari100 Date: 13-May-09
Castle is available at Deluth Package Store in Atlanta. It is owned and operated by Bernard Robertson. The problem is that it is not legal for him to ship across state lines. If it is help Castle is owned by South African Breweries/Miller (they merged). I have tried to get info thru them as to a distrubiter list, unsucessfully His store is across the street from a grocery that specializes on South African products. I think the website is I will add it to the thread when I recieve the next sale e-mail.

From: Ak Ultratec Date: 14-May-09
Great thread. I always figured we couldn't find it here because the alcohol content was too high or something.

From: kellyharris Date: 14-May-09
SDHUNTER= yes castle beer is owned by South African Breweries and yes they merged with MIller back on 2004. naming the Miller Brewing Company SAB-MILLER...

As of last July 2008 Miller did a joint venture with Coors to become MIllerCoors LLC with its now parent being company SAB (South African Breweries)

The joint venture alone will save alone over 650,000 MILLION miles per year in shipping milage...

As for where to find Castle Beer check your novelty grocery stores. The one in your city that sell every kind of veggie you could think of, or check with places like Trader Joes...Or get with a liquor store and have them order it in for you.

Now for another high quality tasting beer which is absolutely one of my favorites since the joint venture is BLUE MOON BEER...

Good luck with your search!

Kelly Harris MillerCoors Sustainable Development Coordinator Trenton Brewery aka (The Green Guy)

I am proud to say I celebrated my 18th anniversiry yesterday with MillerCoors... I started for the Miller Brewing Company back on 05/13/1991 LOL

From: INbowdude Date: 14-May-09
Kelly, I started my relationship with MillerCoors back in '78 but on a more casual basis. Congrats and thanks for the info. Castle beer and I got to know each other well in SA way back in the day.

From: kellyharris Date: 14-May-09
yeh I started my pre-employment habits in about 1982 myself...but it was with high life then to miller lite

From: bghunter Date: 14-May-09
I am with you guys I have been looking for Castle since I got back from SA in 2004. I live in Milwaukee the home of Miller. In my talks with reps they do not plan nor do they currently have Castle available. I also have a friend that works for Miller and he has checked and has not heard anything about them getting the beer.

I also can't find Zambezie (sp) beer either. Our local micro brew liquor store used to carry it, however they said once the political turmoil got bad in Zim they have not been able to get it.

I really miss that Castle after a day out in the field and then sitting around the fire.

From: safari100 Date: 14-May-09
Kelly, Castle is simply not available in RI or neighboring Ct, Ma. Help Me!!!

From: kellyharris Date: 14-May-09
safari100---get a hold of your local millercoors distributor they should be able to help...

I will work on this from my end as well.

You may have state laws that exclude the sale of that beer for any number of reasons...

Where are you in RI/CT??? In august my old highschool running buddy is coming here for our 25th reunion. If the 2 of you are close by then I can send some with him. (I have seen it here in Cincinnati I know I can get some)...

From: ZED Date: 14-May-09
I leave for RSA on Sunday... With all this beer talk, I can't wait to try a Castle!

From: bghunter Date: 14-May-09
Kelly you have any contacts in Milwaukee as my local guys say no go but I see you can get it in the states.

From: jmiller Date: 14-May-09
I have never been to Africa, but tried Tusker Lager that I bought at a local liquor store. If that is what African beer tastes like I'll refrain, it was terrible.

From: Ak Ultratec Date: 14-May-09
Zed...enjoy it my friend...second to sweat tea, it is the necter of the gods :-) Good beer!

From: Wary Buck Date: 14-May-09
And yes, the Zambezie beer from Zimbabwe was excellent as well.

Are Castle and Zambezie better than locally-available stuff? I don't know. But I think there's a little romance we are searching for in seeking out the beverage we were enjoying while on the hunt (or two) of a lifetime in Africa. Good times...

From: SDHNTR Date: 14-May-09
man this ain't making things much easier. I was just searchingfor a little nostalgia here from last year's safari. I'm missing those cold bottles after a successful day's hunt.

From: HighLife Date: 14-May-09
I just can't believe this site has turned into a beer lovefest. Just disgusting!!!!!

From: bghunter Date: 14-May-09
Does anyone remember the name of an apple cider style beer from SA I think it was called Sierra or something like that?

Also lets nto forget the best dessert drink ever nothing other then the Don Pedro

From: Hollywood Date: 14-May-09
You're probably thinking of "Savannah" cider, though in Namibia we drank "Hunter's Dry" cider.

...not bad. The beer in namibia was a Czech label, Taffel Lager.

I enjoyed Tusker as well, but you got to drink it ice-cold, also it helps if it's fairly fresh and not been sitting unrefrigerated in a warehouse for a year.

From: Ken Moody Date: 14-May-09
Yes, Castle is king. I'll drink a few for you guys over the next three months while I rough it out in SA. Zambezi sucks by the way. I think they strain it through a minnow seine used directly in the Z. River, hence the name :^) Windhoek is another bad one but Castle, it just doesn't get any better.

Ken Moody

From: safari100 Date: 14-May-09
Kelly, I am down in South County about 6 miles from Block Island Sound. Anywhere in RI is good as I can travel the entire state north to south in 60 minutes. Thanks for your help and I will call the distributers. If that does not work out I can send you a money order and meet your friend anywhere close. My office is 1/4 mile off exit 3 Rt 95N in RI. Thanks again!


From: HighLife Date: 14-May-09
No bites yet..... But I'm patient

From: Willieboat Date: 15-May-09
Hollywood, i have seen the video and you should refrain from any drinking in Africa, not pretty. LoL

From: kellyharris Date: 15-May-09
Gary--- I will get you hooked up... I will find out where he lives for sure. Our reunion isnt until August 14,15,16... So you have about 90 days until you get your beer... LOL

I met sandbrew here on bowsite tuesday for dinner he gave me some Blue Moon full moon it was freakin amazing beer...

From: Africanbowhunter Date: 15-May-09

Africanbowhunter's embedded Photo

Africanbowhunter's Supporting Link

Zimbabwe beer is called Tusker

Hunter is a 5% hard cider that I prefer in RSA

From: Bwana4 Date: 15-May-09 which changed its name to Southern Hemisphere Wine Center used to have it and ship it- it was like $20/case plus about $12 shipping. It was worth it. I believe there are now difficulties importing it to US (cost). it's now nearly impossible to obtain online, but if you can get it- sit outside with a fire and enjoy!

From: safari100 Date: 15-May-09

Just send me a message as to when and where and I will be there.


From: Pat Lefemine Date: 15-May-09
You can keep your castle. I prefer the beer the natives make themselves by fermenting their own saliva. My Zimbabwe PH called it Droolweiser or something like that.

From: bghunter Date: 15-May-09
Ah Savannah I loved that stuff, I would start with one of those after a day in the field and then switch to the Castle.


There is no way I would touch that stuff, but then again you wrestle with Black Mambas in a blind in Africa :)

From: Hollywood Date: 15-May-09

LOL, come on now! ...that was "Chateau Libertaisse", big difference!!!!

...obviously, not my finest moment.

From: Africanbowhunter Date: 15-May-09
Somebody on BS could make a million by importign a few palletts of Castle

For a while they took the word beer off the labels! I will take 1/2 a pallett


From: Zbone Date: 15-May-09
"For a while they took the word beer off the labels!"

What'd they use - weasel piz...8^)

From: safari100 Date: 15-May-09
The web address for SA items is, Mrs. Balls Chile Chutney is on sale $3.00 a bottle as is whole wheat rusk $2.50 a box. I buy both by the case.

Pat, Spit beer, are you kidding me??? You can have mine!!!

Kelly let me know what I owe you and I will send you a bank check prior to purchase.

From: Hollywood Date: 15-May-09
Mrs. Ball's Chutney????

...I'm on it!

From: Africanbowhunter Date: 15-May-09

Africanbowhunter's embedded Photo

Africanbowhunter's Supporting Link

Melmite AKA veggiemite ?

From: StickFlicker Date: 15-May-09
Isn't Melmite the blood version of veggiemite? I'll pass on eating THAT again!

From: Spider Date: 16-May-09
When we lived in the States we could get Castle and Savannah in Cali and Chicago and Boston. Just search for South African shops...

From: HighLife Date: 18-May-09
So ya' gonna let me in on where? How have you been spider?

From: Blue Buck2 Date: 18-May-09
I sampled the local beer. It was just fermented corn that looked and tasted awful - the PH didn't tell me there was spit in it......hmmm...maybe he didn't like me after all.;) Washed my mouth out with cold Castle.

From: Stik'n String Date: 19-May-09
The beer of choice in Northern Namibia was Tafel lager. I would buy the stuff by the crate if I could find it anywhere here...

From: Spider Date: 30-May-09
Just looked and saw on the african hut website that Castle has been discontinude in the states because of FDA issues.. they have Windhoek on there and Savvanah cider See

From: Bigpizzaman Date: 30-May-09
Yes, am still having withdrawls from Castel, Tafel and Jagermeister!

From: ZED Date: 03-Jun-09

ZED's embedded Photo

Had my share of Castle just last week.. :)

From: Pat Bischoff Date: 03-Jun-09
I live in the Greater Cincinnati area and drink Tusker Lager all the time. It is brewed in Nairobi and I really like it. They even have a website with all of their distributors. I love drinking it while looking through my photo album of my first trip to Africa.

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