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How much to tip?
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From: ORarcheryboy
How much do you guys usually tip for the PH and all the workers at the lodge? From what I heard it's pretty high.

From: LongbowBob
I gave 10% of my day fees to the Outfitter to divide among his staff. Then I gave archery equipment and a set of Gortex socks to my guides. To the staff, I brought gifts, like wind up flashlights. Als bags of M&M's were greatly appreciated.


From: jerseyjohn
I am not sure myself but I hear that 10% of the cost of the hunt is a good tip. Any other comments? JJ

We suggest $5\day per person to the tracker\skinners\cook ect.and between 5% and 10% to the PH if he lived up to your expectations.

Like LB said..besides the money candy is a great idea for the kids and staff (again, not in leu of money)...but the look on one kid's face who ate a rice krispy treat for the first time was priceless.

From: caller79065
When i hunted with Ken Moody last year, I gave 1 ph $300 and another $200. I gave the extra hundred to the first PH because he took me on a rifle hunt for a day. I tipped the trackers $100 and the camp staff $100 to be split among them. I would have given more, but it was all the cash i had and i went home with $50 cash on me and a debit card. They were more than worth it, all of them.

From: safari100
Tipping is an individual thing and is directly related to service. The guide line I use is 10% of the day rate to the PH,5% to the cook, and $100-200 to the camp staff on a 10 day hunt. I give the latter to the outfitter as he knows how much each staff member has done for you. So at a day rate of $400 on a ten day hunt that would work out to about $700-800. Again this is just what I do, and is an individual thing.

From: adkman
When we were with our people we gave 10% to trackers and skinners, 500 to the PH 400 to the cook and 100 to the cleaner/laundry. This may seem high to some or not enough to others but if we tipped accordingly to the time we had I would have to remorgage the house.

We also gave the owner/PH 2 sets of broadheads and 2 pair of self focusing bino's.

From: Van
I think tipping has got out of hand in some cases. I tip for personal services - PH, Tracker/Skinner, Cook, Maid and Laundry Service. I dont tip the gardener and others that I am sometimes ask to tip. I typically start at 7-10% of the total hunt and divide as I see fit. 50% or more going to the PH. For exceptional service I may increase a few points and if not so good drop by a few. Its not an exact science.

From: Mathews Man
In talking with several of the PH's and Owners at some of the Sportsman's Shows, generally Europeans and Foreign hunters DON't TIP! They generally pay the same prices as Americans as well.

Dangerous game deserves more for the Ph and trackers,

From: Spiral Horn
Tipping is certainly a personal thing – the amount I give varies from hunt to hunt depending on how prepared the PH was, and if he took ownership of my hunting goals, laughed at my jokes, and listened with interest to all of my tall tales. The best PH’s and outfitters that I’ve met are those that realize they are simultaneously in the hunting and outdoor entertainment industries. Not impressed when the bowhunting plan is made in the truck on day one of the safari – the tip will usually reflect it. I also always make it a point to tip the camp staff – more when the service is first rate – find that most of them are very surprised and appreciative of a direct tip. Don’t usually tip the outfitter unless he was also my PH. On a PG hunt, I usually do at least one days rate to the PH, and about ½ of that to the staff (sometimes more, depending on the service). As someone already noted, more on a long DG hunt, especially if successful. If a PH gets you a RW Buffalo, Sable, and Leopard, and all you give him is a few $ 100, don’t expect him to fetch you a beer when you show up to supper.

10% of the daily rate. If you are paying for more people, add the daily rate for everyone that you are paying for times 10%. If they are not a good place, adjust the percentage down.

From: jrb(CO)
Do you guys factor trophy fees into this equation? It looks like I will be spending more on trophy fees than the daily rate (assuming things go well).

From: safari100
jrb, No only the daily rate, but if you feel that you should tip more based on the service you recieved, do what you feel is right.

From: Buff
I always have tipped 10% of the total hunt daily fees plus trophy fees.

From: ElkFanatic
When I was in Africa in 2009, I tipped a total of about 10% of the total day rates plus trophy fees. I gave the least amount to my outfitter since he broke some promises but did not think it fair to short either his staff or PHs. I will just never hunt with him again.

From: Bigdan
Before I left I went to a gun show and bought some folding knifes. and gave them to the trackers and helpers. Ph ask me not to give them cash.

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