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My last two back from the taxi



Messages posted to thread:
switchback33 15-Jul-11
BIGHORN 27-Dec-11
diesel 28-Dec-11
PAstringking 28-Dec-11
MaBow 29-Dec-11
krieger 29-Dec-11
switchback33 30-Dec-11
MaBow 30-Dec-11
aspen bulls 30-Dec-11
BULELK1 31-Dec-11
PAstringking 31-Dec-11
huntindoc 31-Dec-11
bayhunter 31-Dec-11
HockeyDad 14-Jan-12
Drahthaar 14-Jan-12

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From: switchback33 Date: 15-Jul-11

switchback33's embedded Photo

I thought you all might like to see how great the Gemsbok and the Kudu turned out. These are the last two of the four animals I took last July.

From: BIGHORN Date: 27-Dec-11

Nice! Did you make the stand yourself?

From: diesel Date: 28-Dec-11
I love the African continent cutout!! Awsome

From: PAstringking Date: 28-Dec-11
very beautiful mount!!

From: MaBow Date: 29-Dec-11
It looks awesome. Where is a pic of the Kudu?

From: krieger Date: 29-Dec-11
Sweet !! Gemsbok is at the top of my list, amazing critter !

From: switchback33 Date: 30-Dec-11

switchback33's embedded Photo

I made the pedestal myself and I don't know what happend to the Kudu but here he is.

From: MaBow Date: 30-Dec-11
The Kudu looks great! I wish mine came out that good.

From: aspen bulls Date: 30-Dec-11
Awesome mounts, very cool!

From: BULELK1 Date: 31-Dec-11
Those are beautiful.


Good luck, Robb

From: PAstringking Date: 31-Dec-11
both are beautiful animals and mounts!!

From: huntindoc Date: 31-Dec-11
Beautiful mounts! Love your very life like 3D targets too! :-)

From: bayhunter Date: 31-Dec-11
wow! that is an AWSOME kudu! congrats

From: HockeyDad Date: 14-Jan-12
Awesome pedestal and mounts. Sent you a PM for some construction information.

Who did your Taxidermy?

From: Drahthaar Date: 14-Jan-12
beautiful mounts. Forrest

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