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how long to charge 6 volt battery
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diamondLangus 12-Jan-07
bg3nch 12-Jan-07
diamondLangus 12-Jan-07
BUCKeye 12-Jan-07
Shuteye 12-Jan-07
diamondLangus 12-Jan-07
Predator 1 13-Jan-07
I have a 6 volt 5ah rechrgeable battery from cabelas and their 6 volt wall charger that puts out 500 milliamps. Does anyone know how long it should take to charge the battery the first time? Thanks

From: bg3nch
I've been charging mine for 12 hours. Then I put it in the camera to check the power level it usually reads 100%, but it only lasts 4 days.

I also bought a solar panel to connect to my camera when in the field. I just wasn't sure how long it would take to charge the battery the first time. thanks

From: BUCKeye
I've got the same setup, different brand and the recommended charge time for a dead battery is 15 hours with 24 hour max. They strongly recommend against going over 24 hours.

From: Shuteye
I generally charge mine 12-18 hours.

thanks everyone

From: Predator 1
The length of Charging a SLA battery depends on the amps of the charger and the amps of the battery.

If I remember correctly the simple eqaution goes like this:

5 Amp/Hr batt x 0.5 Amp (500 mAmp) = 10 hours charge time

Is the charger you have a Smart charger? that is does it idle back when the battery is fully charged? If not, be very carefull not to overcharge SLA batteries. If they get overcharged too much, they will basically be useless and won't hold a charge for very long. I don't think there's anyway to get them back to normal after this.

If your charger is not a smart charger, make sure you watch the time closely. A fully charged SLA (6 volt 5 Amp/Hr) should read about 6.4 volts when fully charged. Before testing voltage, let it sit (settle down)for a bit after taking it off the charger.


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