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PSE Bow Specs



Messages posted to thread:
BUCKeye 04-Jun-07
bgfisher 04-Jun-07
BUCKeye 04-Jun-07
jjpro 04-Jun-07
BUCKeye 04-Jun-07
jjpro 04-Jun-07
jjpro 04-Jun-07
BUCKeye 04-Jun-07
jjpro 04-Jun-07
BUCKeye @ home 24-Jul-07
jjpro 25-Jul-07
jjpro 26-Jul-07
BUCKeye @ home 26-Jul-07
BUCKeye @ home 28-Jul-07
jjpro 30-Jul-07
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From: BUCKeye Date: 04-Jun-07
I need a new string for my PSE Mohave and I'm trying to find some specifications on-line, but having no luck. I've tried Google and PSE's website. Any good ideas where to look?

From: bgfisher Date: 04-Jun-07
Isn't that information on the lower limb sticker?

From: BUCKeye Date: 04-Jun-07
Yeah- I have the string length from the sticker, but don't know the cable length.

From: jjpro Date: 04-Jun-07
Does the sticker give you a cable code # ? If it does, list it and I will look it up.

From: BUCKeye Date: 04-Jun-07
The sticker says:

29" Draw Length 70# Peak Weight 2939 Cable Tune 58.5 String Length 420 Min Grain Arrow

The bow is a PSE Mohave. Its the dual cam model and the cams have a 'B6' on them.


From: jjpro Date: 04-Jun-07
Does the sticker give you a cable code # ? If it does, list it and I will look it up.

From: jjpro Date: 04-Jun-07
Sorry about the double post.We had some severe storms and we are still trying to work out some bugs.A 2939 cable is 43" long. Hope this helps.

From: BUCKeye Date: 04-Jun-07
Thanks for the help. For some reason, I was thinking there are 2 cables, but maybe its all one piece.

Just curious- where are you going to look up the length?

Thanks much!

From: jjpro Date: 04-Jun-07
There is two cables. Both are 43" in length.I apologize for my wording,I make it sound like there is only one. I shoot for PSE and have their product guide for reference.

From: BUCKeye @ home Date: 24-Jul-07
One more request- Can you tell me the specified ATA length and brace height for this bow? jjpro- I'm sending you a PM also.

One correction- The top cam says 'T6' and the bottom cam says 'B6'.

Thanks for your help.

From: jjpro Date: 25-Jul-07
PM returned.

From: jjpro Date: 26-Jul-07
Buckeye, The info that I got is as follows;

2000 Mojave 29/70 string-58.5" cable tune-2939 43" synergy 3 #6 cam 65% lo ata 41" brace 6 7/8 mass weight 4.2 lbs IBO 296 I hope this helps. If you have any more questions ,let me know and I will do what I can.

From: BUCKeye @ home Date: 26-Jul-07
Thanks so much for your help- I owe you one.

I gotta get this thing chronographed. Seems hard to believe that these little round wheel cams throw 296 fps. I shoot it w/ fingers and thought it was in the low 200's......

From: BUCKeye @ home Date: 28-Jul-07
I measured my ATA length and its nearly 40". I'm still trying to figure out exactly where to measure brace height at. Not sure how I have nearly 1" less ATA length? Is there any chance those specs are for the single cam version of the Mohave? I'm certain my rig isn't throwing 296 fps (maybe thats the speed for the single cam?)


BTW- I set up the bow with 58.5" string and 43" buss cables.

From: jjpro Date: 30-Jul-07
Okay!So here is what I was told today. 41"ata, 6 7/8 brace.15 1/2 limbs from axle hole to the end of the limb. What I would suggest is if you have your own press or know someone that does, take your bow down and measure limbs,string, and both cables to make sure they are where they are supposed to be. Let me know what you find out.

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