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boyer vinson miner /bows of wood
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R.D. 19-Aug-08
bigriver 19-Aug-08
fuzzy 20-Aug-08
Ollie 20-Aug-08
From: R.D.
Iam considering a long bow made by boyer vinson miner of bows of wood.Anyone familiar with his bows

From: bigriver
Do a search on the leatherwall, you might lose your money.

From: fuzzy
he has a bad rep right now, allegedly took money from several folks and never delivered

From: Ollie
Vinson makes good all-wood bows but a lot of people have sent him money and never received their bows or refunds. I would only consider a purchase if you can purchase the bow on site. If the bow breaks or develops a problem after you walk away with it I would not expect him to make good on fixing it based on the experiences others have had with him.

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