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Messages posted to thread:
BUDLITE8 15-Dec-08
BirdBoy 15-Dec-08
TnBama 15-Dec-08
camoman73 15-Dec-08
DRR324 15-Dec-08
Pat Lefemine 15-Dec-08
Dragnet 15-Dec-08
fuzzy 15-Dec-08
bigpizzaman@work 15-Dec-08
bigpizzaman@work 15-Dec-08
Africanbowhunter 15-Dec-08
WhitetailWhacker 15-Dec-08
Bill in MI 15-Dec-08
camoman73 15-Dec-08
BingoFlyer 16-Dec-08
Shuteye 16-Dec-08
Canuck 16-Dec-08
Shuteye 16-Dec-08
asatguy 16-Dec-08
Mote 16-Dec-08
seamus7 16-Dec-08
Africanbowhunter 16-Dec-08
Elkhunter 16-Dec-08
Al 16-Dec-08
Shuteye 17-Dec-08
LongbowBob 17-Dec-08
Gobblestopper 17-Dec-08
Instinctive 17-Dec-08
treewalker 18-Dec-08
weighttrain_2000 18-Dec-08
LongbowBob 20-Dec-08
bill brown 20-Dec-08
Gampaw 20-Dec-08
Put Your Video Clip Here!

From: BUDLITE8 Date: 15-Dec-08

From: BirdBoy Date: 15-Dec-08
Not for me. I took mine back.

From: TnBama Date: 15-Dec-08
But- on the plus side- mine is heavy as you know what, and about three feet long... so...

From: camoman73 Date: 15-Dec-08
NO they do not work!

From: DRR324 Date: 15-Dec-08
I've seen the primos and gerber in action.... nope, my lantern is still the best blood tracking light out there.

From: Pat Lefemine Date: 15-Dec-08
My buddy bought one and he found it made tracking more difficult. Went back to his MagLight.

From: Dragnet Date: 15-Dec-08
I paid 41.00 for the Gerber, total waste of money. Dragnet

From: fuzzy Date: 15-Dec-08
what about you red-green color blind fellas?

From: bigpizzaman@work Date: 15-Dec-08
Got the Primos as a gift, heavy and makes the job harder. Stays at home now, might be a re-gift if i can find the box.

From: bigpizzaman@work Date: 15-Dec-08
Got the Primos as a gift, heavy and makes the job harder. Stays at home now, might be a re-gift if i can find the box.

From: Africanbowhunter Date: 15-Dec-08

Africanbowhunter's embedded Photo

Africanbowhunter's Supporting Link

not very well but tinks Starlight Bloodhound spray works and you dont need any light.

Just spay it 20" fromthe groudn if the is Blood it glow blue with no flashlights needed

From: WhitetailWhacker Date: 15-Dec-08
They kept making me mad because we were following the bloodtrail to my possible first deer and before we found blood we saw a ton of freckin red leaves. Got me excited for nothing.

From: Bill in MI Date: 15-Dec-08
I bought an expensive MAG light version, someone converted a mag housing to a LED version with a flashing option- Not worth it, run away in fact.

Love a gas lantern with foil reflector and a regular 3 D size mag light.

Bill in MI

From: camoman73 Date: 15-Dec-08
BRIGHT white led flashlight your choice of brand. Thats the way to go for tracking.

From: BingoFlyer Date: 16-Dec-08
Coleman Gas lantern (mine is their North Star) very bright white light. I put a reflector on it so the light was directional, beats the heck ot of one of the expensive (over $100) ones a hunting buddy has.

From: Shuteye Date: 16-Dec-08
I have several of the blood trailing flashlights including the Gerber. None of them work for me. I have used a lantern with great success over the years and a three cell mag light with good results. Last year I was in Sam's club and saw a package with two small flashlights inside for $28. I bought them and gave one to my wife and kept the other. I used it to blood trail a deer my cousin hit right at sundown. He was so impressed with my tiny light he had to have the same so I bought a pack of two for him. Both of us have done several blood trailing jobs since then and the mag light never comes out of my pack any more. These little multi led lights, powered by 3 AAA batteries are the brightest little things I have ever seen and absolutely great for blood trailing. My Coleman lantern has been retired for cat fishing. Yesterday I bought a new head lamp that is also powered by 3AAA batteries and I will try it on my next night time blood trail. It is super bright on the high setting and gives hands free operation. It even has three red leds in you want to sneak to your blind in the dark. I just use the low setting white. The brand is Energizer and it is great.

From: Canuck Date: 16-Dec-08
Love a coleman propane gas lantern with their reflector that focuses all light downwards. I have a screen instead of the glass globe which makes it more durable.

any one PM's me I will send them a picture. regards from Canada

From: Shuteye Date: 16-Dec-08
The one thing great about the Coleman over the years is that when you are field dressing your deer you can hang it on a limb and do the job. It is a great hand warmer too in real cold weather. I have a shield on the back of mine too. I won't live long enough to blood trail as many deer in the future, with my new lights, that I trailed with the Coleman. I have two of them.

From: asatguy Date: 16-Dec-08
Blue Star blood finder. Similar to the Tinks blood finder.

That stuff DOES Work! and if it rains a little, even better. It will pick up the least amount of blood and glow it blue.

Buy the Blue Star Kit blood finding agent. Good stuff. We carry it in the store.

From: Mote Date: 16-Dec-08
asatguy: i've heard that this stuff also picks up on all sorts of things besides blood leading you off the trail. have you experienced this?

From: seamus7 Date: 16-Dec-08
Get yourself a Surefire flashlight. Super bright, WHITE light. Really makes the red blood visible.

From: Africanbowhunter Date: 16-Dec-08

Africanbowhunter's Supporting Link


That what happens when people fail to follow instructions

First you need to spray 20" from the ground then you must TURN OFF ALL THE LIGHT

if you leave light on the whole area is blue

When its dark and all the guys have turned off flashing only blood and flesh will glow or phosphor blue in the darkness

99% of our sales of Tinks Starlight Bloodhound Trackign Spray are to the FBI BTW


From: Elkhunter Date: 16-Dec-08
I agree on the brightest white light that you can find. The blood lights are junk!

From: Al Date: 16-Dec-08
My vote is for any 3 watt (or more) LED flashlight. Great battery life, bright white light.

I can't get around the fact that my brain is conditioned to look for RED when blood trailing. A bright white light shows me true colors, so I can identify red.

Now, I've heard from many seasoned veterans that a Coleman lantern works great. But the 3 Watt LED flashight fits in my pack, the Coleman does not.

My two cents.

From: Shuteye Date: 17-Dec-08
The only time I run into trouble is in the fall of the year when leaves are starting to fall. In my area there are a lot of gum trees and the leaves are covered with red spots. If is is wet the leaves look just like they are blood spattered. We manage to get through these tough areas and into the oaks and find our deer, it just slows us down a little.

From: LongbowBob Date: 17-Dec-08
I was very disappointed with the Primos light. Cabela's, to their credit, took it back.


From: Gobblestopper Date: 17-Dec-08
The absolute best combo I've ever seen (I put the lantern away also) is using a craftsman 19.2volt fluorescent worklight along with a 3watt led small flashlight to pinpoint stuff. The worklight gives off a very bright "white" flood and really makes picking out blood on tall grass much easier. The small led really lets you pinpoint stuff to see if its a pindrop or not. A huge help on those really tough blood trails. The nice thing is its rechargable so no running out of gas or smelling fumes from a lantern all night.

From: Instinctive Date: 17-Dec-08
I bought 2 clip on led lights last summer for night fishing(clips on the bill of my cap). One of them has a blue/white light (almost like a black light like they use in night clubs)(makes white shirts really stand out) It takes one AA battery and it makes blood look like it has lights on it. I'm red/green color blind as a bat.

Got them at cabelas in the fishing dept. 6+ dollars. Make sure it puts out the off white blue looking light.

However take along a 3 cell D cell big light, for distance lighting.

From: SERBIANSHARK Date: 17-Dec-08

SERBIANSHARK's embedded Photo


From: treewalker Date: 18-Dec-08
Got the Primos one... used it for the first time this past bow season in a corn field.... did more bad than good. regular white flash light is 10X better IMO

From: weighttrain_2000 Date: 18-Dec-08
That's good to know. I recently got the Primo as a gift. Fortunately I never took it out of the package.

From: LongbowBob Date: 20-Dec-08
BTW when I took it back to Cabela's they had a pile of then in the discount bin. Guess why?


From: bill brown Date: 20-Dec-08
Attempted to track a doe last weekend with the Primos. Light rain. Couldn't even spot the blood we KNEW was there. Also, it is very distracting that whenever a twig blocks only the green light, you think you are seeing red when it is only the red lens.

From: Gampaw Date: 20-Dec-08
I've never tried it, have no first-hand experience...A friend of mine told me that he once blood trailed a deer in the dark with a Coleman Lantern...the type that uses the liquid Coleman Fuel.

Maybe he was just lucky. Some one might want to give it a try.

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