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Best portable bow press?



Messages posted to thread:
Bernie1 14-Aug-09
Bernie1 14-Aug-09
Bernie1 14-Aug-09
Knife2sharp 14-Aug-09
c3 14-Aug-09
Hunting555 14-Aug-09
HuntinHabit 14-Aug-09
Bernie1 14-Aug-09
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From: Bernie1 Date: 14-Aug-09
I need a new portable bow press for my hoyt Alphamax 32, any suggestions?

The only presses I can find really are on Cabela’s the “ratchet loc” and the “bowmaster" any opinions?


From: Bernie1 Date: 14-Aug-09

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From: Bernie1 Date: 14-Aug-09

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From: Knife2sharp Date: 14-Aug-09
I think the Bowmaster is more portable, but it depends on your bow and what you would mainly a portable press for. The Ratchet-Loc is above the string, so it would make puting on a new peep tough. However, the Bowmaster can be obstructed by sites and string dampeners, depending on your limb configuration. I had to remove the string dampener on my Z28 for the Bowmaster, and before that the cable would rub against my VBG site. I just had to put something between the cable and site so as not to scuff the finish.

From: c3 Date: 14-Aug-09
I've had a bowmaster for years and it has worked on every bow I've ever tried it on. With that said the PSE X-Force is way scary as you have to use the split limb hangers on the screw heads for the little dampers on the ends of the limbs.

The Alphamax should be a piece of cake with the split limb hangers. You'll also need to put a pad of some sort between the sts and the cable as it will tension against the side of it.

Cheers, Pete

From: Hunting555 Date: 14-Aug-09
I actually made my own a couple weeks ago. Two long 5/16 eye bolts, two pieces of 9/16 round steel, some rubber hose, and a ratchet strap.

It's not the most convenient for releasing the pressure when your done, but it works. Less than $5 in the whole thing because I already had the ratchet strap.

From: HuntinHabit Date: 14-Aug-09
That sounds scary.....

From: Bernie1 Date: 14-Aug-09
C3, I’ve been looking at pictures online and it looks like on a parallel limb bow the conversion bracket for the bowmaster will come flying off and make one big mess!

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Subject: RE: Best portable bow press?

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