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SMOOTH drawing bows?



Messages posted to thread:
JERSEY BOB 28-Apr-10
Txnrog 28-Apr-10
Double Lung 28-Apr-10
loudman70 28-Apr-10
Raghorn 28-Apr-10
9er 29-Apr-10
elkoholic 29-Apr-10
LKH 29-Apr-10
Windwalker 29-Apr-10
im-ocd 29-Apr-10
CurveBow 29-Apr-10
Tincup 29-Apr-10
Olink 29-Apr-10
KShogman 29-Apr-10
bad karma 29-Apr-10
Bowfreak 29-Apr-10
12yards 29-Apr-10
ozarkian 29-Apr-10
Extreme 29-Apr-10
Matt G 29-Apr-10
Charlie Rehor 29-Apr-10
marvelous 29-Apr-10
Otterbow 29-Apr-10
agassiz ace 29-Apr-10
notfastbutaccurate 29-Apr-10
6pointbull 29-Apr-10
Ironbow 29-Apr-10
Bowman II 29-Apr-10
elktracker 29-Apr-10
coldsteel 29-Apr-10
Hawkeye 29-Apr-10
ole thumper 29-Apr-10
ole thumper 29-Apr-10
ventilator 29-Apr-10
1BAD1 29-Apr-10
NYbob 29-Apr-10
x-man 29-Apr-10
Ogoki 30-Apr-10
Bill in MI 30-Apr-10
wild1 30-Apr-10
Txnrog 30-Apr-10
cowboyed 30-Apr-10
T.K. McGraw 30-Apr-10
BowNFly 30-Apr-10
hunter 30-Apr-10
smokeetr17 30-Apr-10
SD Double J 30-Apr-10
fairchase 30-Apr-10
High Country 46 01-May-10
SteveD 15-Nov-10
'Ike' 16-Nov-10
JLBSparks 16-Nov-10
bow shot 16-Nov-10
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From: JERSEY BOB Date: 28-Apr-10
I've got some shoulder problems. They seem to be working out, but just in case, I'm due for a new bow suggestions on smooth drawing bows?

From: Txnrog Date: 28-Apr-10
Elite 728 is one of the smoothest bows I've tried. THat was one of the major selling pints for me.

From: Double Lung Date: 28-Apr-10
Bowtech Destroyer 340

From: loudman70 Date: 28-Apr-10
JB, went to range w/hntn buddy and I shot his Martin Moab.It was the smoothest bow I ve ever shot.

From: Raghorn Date: 28-Apr-10
By all accounts, the Elite Z-28 should be what your looking for.

From: 9er Date: 29-Apr-10
Athens Accomplice is one of the best i have ever shot. Have fun in your search

From: elkoholic Date: 29-Apr-10
both the destroyers are smooth drawing bows. another one to check out is the high country. fast, smooth adn quiet. I will also vote for the z7

From: LKH Date: 29-Apr-10
Try a recurve or longbow. I don't mind pulling a compound, but letting one down really bothers my left shoulder.

From: Windwalker Date: 29-Apr-10
Matthews Drendlin LD or the new Triumph.

From: im-ocd Date: 29-Apr-10
I've got a 62# Mathews Drenalin LD and it's easy to draw for the weight.

From: CurveBow Date: 29-Apr-10
I shoot a Ross 337 that I bought because of its draw curve. I liked it much better than my Hoyt with cam and a hald's on it. Much less stacking and easy to let down IMHO. Haven't tried most of the other bows mentioned either. Not sure if the Ross Carnivore (current mdel) shares this type cam/force draw curve. Personally, I hate the ratchet cam speed bow type of pull.....


From: Tincup Date: 29-Apr-10
Destroyer 350 & 340 Speed bow without the pain!

From: Olink Date: 29-Apr-10
The Elite Z28 that I checked out had a definite bump at the end of the draw. Not real bad, but if I can feel a drop into the valley, I don't consider it smooth. I thought it had a similar draw to my Hoyt AM32.

My Ross CR334 is definitately very smooth.

I have a new bow on order that is downright amazing for how fast it is and yet has one of the smoothest, easiest draws I've ever felt.... an Athens Accomplice 34.

From: KShogman Date: 29-Apr-10
Hoyt carbon matrix

From: bad karma Date: 29-Apr-10
Folks are going to praise what they just bought. In general, I find the single cam bows draw smoother than the twin cam bows. My all time favorite for smooth draw is the Mathews Switchback XT. My Bowtech Admiral, which I shoot better, is considerably stiffer to draw.

I'd look at the S2 from Mathews, and the Diamond bows as well.


From: Bowfreak Date: 29-Apr-10
Most not aggressive single cams are going to hands down be the smoothest. But you will probably have to go back a few years to get one that doesn't have a hump in it to try to play the speed game.

If you want anything other than a single cam and you want smooth.....super smooth with speed to boot, look at anything by Athens. I have an Accomplice 34 and an Exceed 300. Both are great bows.

From: 12yards Date: 29-Apr-10
I shot the Mathews Z7 and it was quite smooth. The Carbon Matrix was very smooth as well. I would also try to find a nice used Switchback. I've got issues with both shoulders so am very sensitive to harsh draw cycles. I've got a Hoyt Vectrix XL set at 55 pounds that isn't bad, and a Martin Bengal that is decent as well.

From: ozarkian Date: 29-Apr-10
Bowtech SWAT

From: Extreme Date: 29-Apr-10
try a oneida they are the smoothest pulling bow out there. I personally prefer my ross but it isnt as smooth

From: Matt G Date: 29-Apr-10
elite z28

From: Charlie Rehor (mobile)Sent from Mobile Phone Date: 29-Apr-10
Elite Z 28!

From: marvelous Date: 29-Apr-10
Maxxis 35 You need to try this new bow.

From: Otterbow Date: 29-Apr-10
Try a Limbsaver DZ32. I just tried the Strother Vanquish and Infinity, Bowtech Destroyer 340, Mathews Z7, Hoyt Maxis, and a new Martin. While all these new bows are impressive with their speed, none were as smooth as the DZ32. The Strother bows and the Destroyer 340 were the best of the new crop in IMHO. I am waiting for the Limbsaver Proton before I make a choice.

From: agassiz ace Date: 29-Apr-10
You must try a Parker Blackhawk with the EZ draw. With my bad shoulders, it's the only bow I can use. Ace

From: notfastbutaccurate Date: 29-Apr-10
PSE Bow Madness

From: 6pointbull Date: 29-Apr-10
Ill have to agree with Notfast, PSE bowmadness was the best I shot while testing bows. I didnt shoot mathews but shot most all others listed above. PSE single cam was the best.

From: Ironbow Date: 29-Apr-10
The Parker EZ draw might be the smoothest out there. I have a Diamond Marquis and Hoyt Katera XL, both are super easy without the major hump. I personally thought the Destroyer wasn't anywhere near that smooth, great bow, but stiff draw. I too have had shoulder problems and the Diamond and Katera XL filled the bill for me.

From: Bowman II Date: 29-Apr-10
Of the bows I've owned over the last couple years (Allegiance w/smooth mods, Captain, Airborne, Darton 3500, Destroyer 350, Mathews Z7, Athens Accomplice 34, Rytera Alien X, Hoyt AlphaMax, and some more I've forgotten), the Athens Accomplice is hands-down the "smoothest." Not only is the draw cycle totally void of any humps or bumps, the valley is very nice too; if you creep forward it's very easy to pull it back again, unlike many of today's bows.

From: elktracker Date: 29-Apr-10
Destroyer 340 Never shot the other popular picks

From: coldsteel Date: 29-Apr-10
PSE bow madness X force, and Switchback XT... Very smooth drawing bows...

From: Hawkeye Date: 29-Apr-10
Mathews Z7 is one of the smoothest I have ever drawn.

From: ole thumper Date: 29-Apr-10
Ross carnivore!

From: ole thumper Date: 29-Apr-10
Ross carnivore!

From: ventilator Date: 29-Apr-10
Strother bows are very smooth, for speed bows. Otherwise, ive seen nothing to compare to the draw cycle of Mathews Switchback XT.

From: 1BAD1 Date: 29-Apr-10

1BAD1's Supporting Link

If you have an APA dealer near you take look at the APA Viper series smoothest single cam I have ever shot.

From: NYbob Date: 29-Apr-10
Mine is 4yrs old But I agree with the Parker EZ Draw, I'm 77 and its just great on these old bones!

From: x-man Date: 29-Apr-10
"You must try a Parker Blackhawk with the EZ draw. With my bad shoulders, it's the only bow I can use. Ace"

If you haven't shot this bow, you have no idea what smooth is.

From: Ogoki Date: 30-Apr-10
Another vote for the Switchback XT . Nice thing is they can still be bought on Ebay at a decent price . Been shooting the regular Switchback since it came out and had to have an XT while I could still get one . My wife is shooting an XT at 54 lbs and can draw it easier than her older Hoyt that is set at 42 lbs.

From: Bill in MI Date: 30-Apr-10
Yeah the Parker EZ draw or the Bowtech Guardian.

Bill in MI

From: wild1 Date: 30-Apr-10
Agree - the Mathews Switchback XT. I have two other bows, but I'll never get rid of the SB XT, incredibly smooth.

From: Txnrog Date: 30-Apr-10
Smooth is a relative term that can somewhat be picked out in draw force curves, but is very archer dependant. Ideally, the 'smoothest' bow should have a bell shaped draw force curve, but that puts the peak draw too far back in the cycle for me. The z-28 is probably not the 'EASIEST' draw, but can be considered one of the smoothest (at least to me) since it hits peak weight very early in the cycle, maintains steady weight thru the bulk of the cycle, then smoothly drops into the wall.

If you shoot a few and compare draw force curves (typically available in bow reviews), you can start to see the curves that cater to your preferences.

From: cowboyed Date: 30-Apr-10
The Mathews Z7 is the smootest drawing bow I have shot out of the 2010 bows. The Hoyt Maxxis was really smooth also.

From: T.K. McGraw Date: 30-Apr-10
If your willing to get a little older bow, the Mathews MQ1 has got to be mentioned for the ease and smoothness of its draw. The MQ1 is like a '76 Corvette...timeless. I shoot a Z7 now but I will NEVER part ways with my MQ1! I'll be buried with it. T.K. McGraw Gunnison, Colorado.

From: BowNFly Date: 30-Apr-10
Probably long axel to axel length (like my trusty Matthews Ocation) without a large cam to turn over

From: hunter Date: 30-Apr-10
Quest hammer or Quest smoke are the binary Quest primal all are very smooth drawing bows.

From: smokeetr17 Date: 30-Apr-10
I love my admiral, i shot the destroyer 350 and 340 at the shop and they both seemed harsh to draw. i also shot the hoyt carbon matrix and to me it felt like someone smacked the bow with a 2x4 everytime i shot it. but if you read the other posts some say the exact opposite. best bet is just to head down to your local pro shops and try everything.

From: SD Double J Date: 30-Apr-10
Diamond Black Ice.... bought it for the ease of draw cycle 2 years ago and love it to death.

From: fairchase Date: 30-Apr-10
Mathews Z7 is about as smooth as they get.

From: High Country 46 Date: 01-May-10
Athens Exceed smooth all the way to the stops no harsh drop into the valley

From: SteveD Date: 15-Nov-10

From: 'Ike' Date: 16-Nov-10
07 or 08 Bowtech Allegiance!

From: JLBSparks Date: 16-Nov-10
Guardian. -Joe

From: bow shot Date: 16-Nov-10
Lots of brace will help you, since you begin the draw with your elbow farther back.

Mathews Ovation easily tops the list for me, I've compared many side-by-side because I'm old and my soulder (used to) hurt.

Other recent vintage bows I've tested: 1)Bear Instinct: kinda rough on the draw, but a great bow

2)Mathews Outback was close to the Ovation, believe it or not.

3) Mathews Drenaline: not particularly smooth on the draw

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