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From: jasondwhite
I currently shoot a trophy ridge sight with vertical pins. I really like the vertical pins but feel there are better sights out there than trophy ridge. Does anyone know of another sight that has vertical pins? I am also considering going to a single pin sight like the Black Gold Ascent but I am a little hesitant to do this b/c I am a whitetail hunter that spends 99% of my time hunting out of a tree. Any suggestions?

From: Gray Ghost

Gray Ghost's embedded Photo
Gray Ghost's embedded Photo
I've enjoyed my HHA with its moveable vertical pin.


From: grant815
Second HHA . I use the optimizer with the round dial adjustment

From: tech1
love the HHA

I also really like the vertical pin set up but don't like the weakness of the Trophy Ridge pins. It seems like somebody is making one better. Anyone know?

From: jasondwhite
Thanks guys for the info. HHA seems to be a pretty popular choice for a movable pin. I'm with spike bull. I really like the vertical pins but would like to know if anyone else is making a multiple pin vertical pin sight. Maybe TR had a patent on the concept b/c I can't recall ever seeing one made by another manufacture.

From: blackeagle
My vote goes to the HHA. awesome sight made in America, and a life time warrenty = money well spent.

From: jasondwhite
Has anyone modified a single pin slider to have multiple aiming points? I have heard of people using white out or glow paint to put marks on the front of the pin to act as different aiming points for longer distances in a pinch. I do not hunt out west and many times the deer are moving in or out when I go to draw on them. It would be great to have the accuracy of a slider, but I am a little cautious of changing yardage mid draw and being stuck with whatever my pin is at. Was just curious if you could add aiming points and still have the option to use the sight as a slider if the time was available.

From: medicinemann
I used Trophy Ridge vertical sights for 8 years and just switched to Black Gold about 4 months ago. Granted, the Black Gold sight uses horizontal pins, but they seem brighter, which was a challenge that I had with the Trophy Ridge sights. I have the Ascent frame with a Flash Point Solaris head. This allows me to have a "slider" sight (actually it's a wheel)AND multiple pins at the same time. So far, it has worked very nicely for me.

The new Trophy Ridge 5 pin vertical sights are twice as bright as they have been in the past. I love this sight it is so bright, day, night or ground blinds. Simple to set up & make adjustment. Best sight I have ever used in 15 years of bow hunting. Only $80.00 at Cabeals

From: Medicine Bow
Grey Hair, I believe that's the chief complaint. They may be bright as they were in the past but to me and apparently others they aren't bright enough. I really like the sight's design and build.

The first half hour and last half hour are my chief complaint about the sight. Here in Colorado we can't use lighted sights. If they have improved the light gathering characteristics of their fibers it would be a definite improvement and I would replace the sights I have with new TR sights.

From: Dave32
5 or 6 years ago it looked like all the sights were going to the in line pin idea. but that has seemed to fade out. i dont know why i really like inline pins. but i wish there were more choices.

From: ole thumper
HHA with the wheel, my favorite!

Ole Thumper

From: Big Red
Vital bow gear used to make a 3 and 5 pin vertical pin sight. Brightest around. I shoot the 3 pin myself, very bright and durable. Maybe a pro shop has an old model laying around somewhere?

From: huntingbob
I use them and will until I find something else that does what this site does for me. This Site forces me to hold my bow verticle everytime I shoot it and it works! The verticle in line pins make you aware of your position when shooting and you dont have to look at a bubble just he pins.

From: Outdoorman

Outdoorman's Link
TruGlo has an innovative design sight you might be interested in.

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