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Bottom cam lean, alphamax 32



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sagepig 04-Sep-11
RosinBag 04-Sep-11
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From: sagepig Date: 04-Sep-11

I have an alphamax 32 and have just had the bow shop here put new fuse strings on it for me. I tried to tune it today and had major problems then discovered that at full draw the bottom cam has about 4mm of lean in it.

I am going to get it back to the bowshop but was just after a biot of advice on why this has happened and if there's anything I can do to address the issue.

From: RosinBag Date: 04-Sep-11
Top cam lean can be fixed with adjustment to the upper yoke. The bottom cam would need to be shimmed if it is leaning. If it didn't lean before, I would guess your bowshop did something when installing the strings; cracked a washer, left a washer out, put the wrong size washer back in or didn't get the strings back to factory length before installing. I would have them double check everything.

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Subject: RE: Bottom cam lean, alphamax 32

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