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mathews z9 ?



Messages posted to thread:
ryanrc 06-Nov-11
Buffalo1 06-Nov-11
Blueridge 13-Nov-11
ryanrc 13-Nov-11
Buffalo1 13-Nov-11
JGG 14-Nov-11
sundowner 14-Nov-11
Monmouth533 14-Nov-11
ryanrc 14-Nov-11
Buffalo1 14-Nov-11
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From: ryanrc Date: 06-Nov-11
anyone shoot the z9? any thoughts on it?


From: Buffalo1 Date: 06-Nov-11
What is your draw length?

From: Blueridge Date: 13-Nov-11
I shoot a Z9 better than any bow I've owned thus far. I think it's the best balanced bow in the Z series lineup. Lond straight riser lends itself to good holding characteristics and accuracy. I shoot at 28.5 and 60#. Plenty fast for my hunting needs.

From: ryanrc Date: 13-Nov-11
i have about a 29inch draw

From: Buffalo1 Date: 13-Nov-11
The Z9 was designed "primarily for the long draw, at to perform best (faster speeds) at the longer draw lengths. This does not mean that it will not perform at shorter lengths, just not at peak performance levels.

I would suggest you try the 2010 EZ7. In my opinion the EZ7 is smoother to draw and sweeter at release than the Z9.

I have shot both bows and own an EZ7- bought I back in April 2010. I have used this bow on South Africa and US bowhunts. I am a happy with my purchase.

If you will look at all the specs of the Z9, its specs are very simular to a Switchback XT, which proved to be a great Mathews bow.

From: JGG Date: 14-Nov-11
"Buffalo" why on earth did Mathews discontinue the EZ7? I'm scrambling trying to find one now!

From: sundowner Date: 14-Nov-11
Love my EZ7. No other bow is as smooth drawing, and it's fast enough. I will look at the Z9, but its gonna have to be awfully good to make me look twice.

From: Monmouth533 Date: 14-Nov-11
I shot one the other day. I have a 30 1/2" draw and i never felt like i hit a plateau(valley) with that bow. It felt like it kept wanting to pull foward.I had a dxt before my z7e and i will say one thing after shooting the z7 for a few months I am really happy with it. One thing the z9 has going for it is it is very light.

From: ryanrc Date: 14-Nov-11
i am interested in the z9 b/c of its brace height. i really like a brace height of 8"'s or better. i currently shoot an ovation and i am just thinking about getting something shorter. i know that now w/ the parallel limbs the shorter ata's still have as long as a riser as my ovation so i wouldn't lose anything there. i looked at the switchbacks but the z9 seems to fit my wants the best. thanks for the responses so far.

From: Buffalo1 Date: 14-Nov-11

I am still still stunned as to why Mathews only produced the EZ7 for one year. I guess "sales" is the driving decision maker. I personally don't think they gave the bow enough marketing exposurer- it was all about the Z7 xtreme because short ata was what it was suppose to be about.

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Subject: RE: mathews z9 ?

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