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Ladder stand with flip up seat?
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From: Keadog
I have been looking for a ladder stand with a true flip up seat like a hanging stand and can't seem to locate one. Does anyone know of one? It seems like a natural idea to me, so you can stand with you back against the tree instead of hanging out in space while the edge of a metal seat is digging into the back of your knees. Anyone? Thanks for any info!

I usually stand on the seat so I can hug tight to the tree! This also gives me more height and the SOP safety harness keeps things safe!

From: Tracy
You could easily make yours a flip up seat with a cutting torch, welder, drill, bolts, and some more square tubing. Simple!

From: caribou77
Rivers Edge made them at one time

From: fastflight
I have often wondered this also. Surprised nobody has one.

From: mcdeer
Just bought 2 of them from The Sportsmans Guide.The stand is pictured on the back page of their latest hunting catolog G2D1-177432Jumbo 18' Ladder Tree Stand.

From: mdj
Check out the "NextGen Stealth" ladder stand by Big Game, at www.biggametreestands.com. That'll be my next stand.

I have three of the original Stealth with the half-size foot platform and a fixed seat. It's light enough that I can put it up myself, but there's still that balancing act that comes with standing up (with harness, of course). I like the idea of standing on the seat!

From: GED
I believe the one I bought came from Dicks Sporting Goods.

From: Rick Hodges
They make them...I have one with and one without...first one I didn't know what I was looking for. I think most manufacturers make at least one model with a folding seat. I have a "Big Dog" 18' ladder with one.

From: LBshooter
Two stands which are no longer made, Loc-On and Northstarr. Both aluminum and have great platforms with seats that fold up easily. if you can find them buy them, you won't be sorry.

From: Storm27m
I believe the Leverage speed ladder has one, but it's a little spendy.

From: JTV
Ive always considered ladders more for the gun guys...I have 1 out of 22 stands....the one I have, I have been outlined and picked off numerous times...You can back up to the tree and freeze even on a deer your not wanting to take...the big mama Does sillouette me every time....If there is one less than $150 with a folding seat and at least 18ft to the platform I might be interested...other than that, I'll stick to my portables....Jeff

From: tuckerman9
I bought a 1.5 man stand at Dicks 2 yrs ago with a flip up seat, I think it is a rivers edge

From: LBshooter
The northstarr stand hugs up against the tree so your not seen by human and animal.

From: edge1771
As others have said, check out Big Dog or Rivers Edge.

From: turkulese
I usually make my own ladder stands and almost all of them have a flip up seat. Most are made from the ground up, but I have converted a few purchased stands to a flip up seat.

With that said... Millennium Treestands came out with a ladder stand that has a flip up seat. I have a m100 hang-on and it's the same style seat... you can't beat it for comfort.

From: turkulese
I just checked out the Big Game stand... the Stealth that mdj suggested. The seat looks VERY similar to the Millennium model and it's cheaper. I think I will give that one a try in the coming years. Thanks mdj!

From: z hunter
The Big Dog Lancer,.it is 17' 6",..i then add a 4' extension which is sold separately,..

If you have a Menards, they carried them last year,..I bought several of them for $79.99 they may still be in the close out price. you will need to ask if they have them. When i bought them in april, they had them all on a pallet in the warehouse,..they also sold the extension kit,..bought them on sale for $19.99

Yes, it has a flip seat. during assembly, i dont install the gun flip down gun rail, you will have to add washers or spacers to the flip down gun rail bolts,..

it is metal on metal where the seat meets the frame,..the stands come with velcro padded arm rests, i put the arm rest pad around the frame so the seat metal doesnt touch the frame metal,..helps to quiet them down

Hope this helps

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