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Bow for 16 year old son
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longboman 05-Nov-12
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TJS 05-Nov-12
Bloodtrail 05-Nov-12
From: longboman
I have not shot a compound sinse 1992 and do not keep up with all the changes. My 15 year old told his mother he wants a compound bow for Christmas. He is 6'-1" and 185lbs and GROWING/STRONG. so no 'kid" bows. I have been to mathews/hoyt websites but not sure if I want to spend the bucks on top line stuff. Any reccomendations on bows, sights,releases, stabalizers etc. I do not wnt to get him a bow that is....lets say something he will want to replace in two years but just not wanting to go overboard with his first bow. (compound) as he has a longbow. I plan on taking him to a pro shop and let him shoot a few. Maybe I should be asking what to stay away from?

Thanks fellas

From: Swampbuck
Maybe check out the mission line by Mathews, they have dual cam bows so you can adjust draw length if needed. Good bows priced well, just my 2 cents

From: x-man
Parker, Diamond/(Bowtech), Fred Bear, Martin, PSE, and Mission all have good values in the $500- $650 range. Any less than $500(new, retail) and you're not buying enough quality IMHO.

Stay away from magnesium, stamped or cast risers(ask specifically if it has a machined aluminum riser), stay away from anything with external axle mounts, stay away from bulky rubber or plastic grips, and if it has a single color(black) string, be prepared to spend an additional $75 or so for a custom string set right away.

From: TJS
Been looking/researching this type of purchase myself lately. Suggest you consider Diamond Razor Edge or PSE Rally. Mission had one as well. May have been the Riot. These have good adjustability. Prices $300 plus may be necessary.

From: Bloodtrail
Take a look at the Bowtech lineup. Great bows, moderately priced and adjustable draw lengths on most of the bows. And they shoot fantastic. I'm looking at the Assassin for my soon to be 14 year old. 6' and 160lbs. He has had the Diamond Razor Edge for two seasons but is outgrowing it now.

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