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why is there no ammo ?



Messages posted to thread:
sweet old bill 06-May-13
Crazy_8s 06-May-13
MaBow 06-May-13
vension junky 06-May-13
keepemsharp 06-May-13
Thumper 06-May-13
cjgregory 06-May-13
Tigereye 06-May-13
MT in MO 06-May-13
cjgregory 06-May-13
cjgregory 06-May-13
SB 06-May-13
Bluetick 06-May-13
Keith in colorado 06-May-13
Dave G. at home 06-May-13
cjgregory 06-May-13
Pat C. 06-May-13
Keith in colorado 06-May-13
Dogsoldier 06-May-13
Wild Bill 06-May-13
Carpshooter 06-May-13
sundowner 06-May-13
RK 06-May-13
BIGHORN 06-May-13
Kathi 06-May-13
Bluetick 07-May-13
Keith in colorado 07-May-13
sundowner 07-May-13
cjgregory 07-May-13
Straight —» Arrow 08-May-13
SB 08-May-13
muskeg 09-May-13
KS Flatlander 09-May-13
Elkhuntr 09-May-13
Spike Bull 09-May-13
Oakie 09-May-13
Spike Bull 09-May-13
Spike Bull 09-May-13
cjgregory 09-May-13
cjgregory 09-May-13
cjgregory 09-May-13
MT in MO 09-May-13
Joey Ward 09-May-13
SteveCOontheroad 09-May-13
elkhunter-ny 09-May-13
Spike Bull 10-May-13
Spike Bull 10-May-13
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From: sweet old bill Date: 06-May-13
I just tried to get some ammo for sighting in a new scope on my old deer rifle and found you can not find any ammo available period, tried cheaper that dirt and midway and no 308, 303 British, or 22 long rifle for plinking. how is it in your area ?

From: Crazy_8s Date: 06-May-13
Same here. 30-06 is in decent supply but handgun, 308, 223 and rimfire are nonexistent. Seems like folks are still in hoarding mode.

From: MaBow Date: 06-May-13
The shelves are empty in Mass. People are buying it as fast as it come in to the gun shops. People are hoarding it.

From: vension junky Date: 06-May-13
Everyone is saying the government is buying so we cant !

From: keepemsharp Date: 06-May-13
We are our own problem here. The manufacturers and running full bore. When you hear folks say that they bought all the store had when they were there that's where it's going. People that used to buy one brick are now buting a couple thousand. Personally about 4 and a half years ago I started buying ammo and round light bulbs.

From: Thumper Date: 06-May-13
Stores are getting damn very little supply. And manufacturers have none to meet increased demand from the public because Obama is buying it.

From: cjgregory Date: 06-May-13
I bought 500 rnds of 7.62x51 this last week end. Gun show.

The largest margin for price gouging, believe it or not was .22LR.


From: Tigereye Date: 06-May-13
Local Wally Mart has hunting calibers 30-06 308, 243, 7 mag , 270 etc in fair amts. .22's and pistol calibers (9mm , 40, 380 etc) are non existant. I think you got a lot of hoarders out there. I did check gunbroker and you can find alot of ammo there but be prepared to pay for it. 80 bucks for a brick of 22's Not from this lad.

From: MT in MO Date: 06-May-13
a 15+% real unemployment rate will cause people to do whatever it takes to make money...

From: cjgregory Date: 06-May-13
Two years before any of this started I bought at least a little bit of ammo every month. You just have to be diciplined about it. It's easy to not think about it when the shelves are full of ammo. I will wait until the market is saturated and I can find some good deals again.

From: cjgregory Date: 06-May-13
Two years before any of this started I bought at least a little bit of ammo every month. You just have to be diciplined about it. It's easy to not think about it when the shelves are full of ammo. I will wait until the market is saturated and I can find some good deals again.

From: SB Date: 06-May-13
We gave up around here. Stocked up on all that is available...which is just slugs and buckshot. Back to the muzzleloaders I guess. I don't expect we'll see anything until this administration is gone....If then.

From: Bluetick Date: 06-May-13
"Two years before any of this started I bought at least a little bit of ammo every month. You just have to be diciplined about it. It's easy to not think about it when the shelves are full of ammo. I will wait until the market is saturated and I can find some good deals again."

Great idea, CJ. Dollar cost averaging is a smart way to increase your supplies at the best price. And to virtually guarantee a net profit when you want to unload some of it.

From: Keith in colorado Date: 06-May-13
Funny how every shop and walmart manager I talk to says they are not getting it in except in very limited supplies and all have said 22 has not come in in months, but it's a hoarding issue? How can we hoard if the stores never get it? Something is going on, ammo manufactures are at full throttle but the supply is not making it to the stores? Where is it going?

From: Dave G. at home Date: 06-May-13
"Where is it going? "

It's all that shooting that Obama's been doing up at Camp David.

True dat!

I've seen photos!

From: cjgregory Date: 06-May-13
"How can we hoard if the stores never get it? Something is going on, ammo manufactures are at full throttle but the supply is not making it to the stores? Where is it going?"


When I go to Walmart in Brighton I check. I talked to the manager and they do get it in. Here is the deal.... There are three or four retired guys that are there as soon as a shipment comes in. The manager knows for a fact that one guy he knows has well over 10,000 .22LR just from him working the counter.

HOARDERS!!!! Most of these guy have no intention of selling any of it for any price. They are retired and will die and thier kids will probably sell it in a garage sale.

From: Pat C. Date: 06-May-13
Hum HLS 1.6 billion rounds and buying more. 3.5 million guns sold in the last year. And all the hoarders. Any wonder you can't get ammo? It's kinda funny that 22,223,308,40,45 are nonexisiting. Wouldn't the ammo manufactures make more of these??

From: Keith in colorado Date: 06-May-13
CJ, the 4 walmarts in metro area I went to (and 2 in another town) all said they get in ammo daily, but instead of cases they get 1 or 2 boxes of most stuff and yes it's gone, but they are enforcing the 3 box a day max purchase. They also tell me they are only getting about 10-15% of the ammo they used to get, and NO 22LR! I have also been to many other sporting goods stores and they all say about the same thing, not gettin any and when they do it's not much and gone in an hour.

From: Dogsoldier Date: 06-May-13
You think its bad now wait and see how bad it gets if Hillary becomes president...

From: Wild Bill Date: 06-May-13
For the last three years our handgun permit system has been overloaded with new people applying for a permit. I figure that this increase in gun ownership has also created more ammo buyers. At some point, the demand will taper off and production will catch up, maybe in six or seven years.

From: Carpshooter Date: 06-May-13
Word on the street is that the NRA is buying it up for fireworks display every few minutes at their big POW-WOW that is going on !

If some gets shot , they're just going to blame it on the non - existant Muslins there !

From: sundowner Date: 06-May-13
"big POW-WOW that is going on !"

The NRA Annual Meetings were adjourned yesterday, Carp.

"If some gets shot , they're just going to blame it on the non - existant Muslins there !"

Well, gentlemen, we have just been supplied with the DPW. (Dumbest Post of the Week) Congrats, Carpshooter.

From: RK Date: 06-May-13
Carpshooter is obviously not a fan of firearms. Too bad, the NRA convention in Houston was, simply put, badass. Well done as one would expect and virtually anybody that is anybody was there with a booth.

Old Carp may be suffering from a "gemini" moment. Common to those that are aflicted with the right birthday. His horoscope for today said."dont be a dumbass". He did not listen.

Poor old dude that is left to shooting nothing but Carp. Hang in there Carp better times ahead.

From: BIGHORN Date: 06-May-13

Why do you buy ammo in Brighton? Don't they sell any in Brush? I have an attorney friend in Brush.

From: Kathi Date: 06-May-13
I listened to Ted Cruz's speech..That was priceless, especially about Biden and the shotguns.

From: Bluetick Date: 07-May-13

Bluetick's Supporting Link

For those who thought there was some sinister plot to arm DHS for a street fight with Americans, the explanation for the mega purchase was far more simple. Barry's minions were simply trying to starve us out by creating a scarcity.

Aaron Klein had Senator James Inhofe on his show this weekend. Inhofe says that there is a plot all right, and he plans to stop it.

By the way, this is not some hysterical moron like Schumer, Waters, Feinstein et al. This is a US Senator possessed of a reasonable intelligence.

From: Keith in colorado Date: 07-May-13
Well, if they can't get your guns they will take away the ammo buy shutting off the supply!

From: sundowner Date: 07-May-13
This sorta exposes the recent Gun Bill for the lie it was, doesn't it?

Government buying up ammunition supplies does not simply keep ammo away from mental patients and criminals. The government obviously wants to restrict ammo supplies for sane, law abiding gun owners as well.

And make no mistake, this was the idea all along. Eventual registration and confiscation too.

From: cjgregory Date: 07-May-13
From Bighorn:

"Cloyde, Why do you buy ammo in Brighton? Don't they sell any in Brush? I have an attorney friend in Brush."

LOL Well BIGHORN, My father, whos name also happens to be Cloyde lives in Brush. I'm his first born and I live 22 miles east of Brighton and 17 miles north of Bennett. He has enough reloading supplies to last him the rest of his life and then some. He still loads for that M1 Garand. I don't know if he still shoots CMP or not.

From: Straight —» Arrow Date: 08-May-13
the ammo shortage is completly driven by mass hysteria. The ammo makers and reatilers I have talked to say it should all be back to normal by 2014.

A lot of poeple who are complaining about it need to look in the mirror while they wait in line to buy three boxes.

This should be a lesson for need a stockpile of every form of ammo you shoot. Both target and premium versions of each.

From: SB Date: 08-May-13
I STILL would not rule out the plans for the DHS. I don't trust ANYTHING this administartion says OR does!

From: muskeg Date: 09-May-13
I just traveled up thru BC on the way to SE Alaska ... I stopped at a couple guns shops in BC ... their shelves were overflowing with ammo and they said they have no problem getting any.

The Walmart, Tongass hardware in Ketchikan has plenty and out here on Prince of Wales Island the gun store in Craig's shelves are full of whatever you want.

From: KS Flatlander Date: 09-May-13

KS Flatlander's embedded Photo

From: Elkhuntr Date: 09-May-13
given the times, if you are an ammo manufacturer or even a wholesaler in this case, why restock store shelves with ammo?

any high volume manufacturer wants their product to be sold before it comes off the line.

the shortage of ammo on store shelves will continue indefintely. the public has created a market for the ammo manufacturers that they could not create on their own.

From: Spike Bull Date: 09-May-13
They are trying to starve us out of ammo.

This shortage is not about panic buying or hoarding alone.

There are some guys who wait at the door for store openings and buy up what they can to hoard or resell online at inflated prices.

There is also government buying beyond what they currently need.

Also there are guys who are buying more than they need but none of these things explains what we are seeing entirely.

I was pleasantly surprised yesterday when I went into Cabelas expecting to see bare shelves and they actually HAD some ammo!

They seemed to have most calibers in a variety of weigths, etc.. They even said they recieved several bulk packs of 9mm which sold out in the first 1/2 hour that morning, but still they finally GOT some.

There was .308 in several weights at about $1 a round and the steel Herters 7.62 x 39 was down to $6.99 for 20 rounds from $7.49 last week. Forgot to check on .223, sorry.

WalMart is still empty, as are most of the small stores. They are putting out everything they get but it is just not much, especially in the "military" calibers.

The problem has been that gun dealers are not getting much. I do not care how you slice it or try to explain it, they are just not recieving what they want or need to sell.

The only section of Cabelas that is doing well is fishing right now, even guns have slowed down because they cannot get enough ammo for the riflemen who shoot regularly, or used to.

Funny thing is that crossbow sales have increased to the point where bolts are now in short supply!! There was never a huge demand for crossbow bolts and they still have not geared up for the current trend of riflemen to buy and shoot crossbows specifically because they cannot get enough ammo for thier firearms.

I am not supprised that the Canadians have all the ammo they want. That reinforces the notion that there is something still fishy about our situation.

The good news is that this situation seems to be turning around sooner than anybody has expected.

From: Oakie Date: 09-May-13
In February, I couldn't buy reloading supplies anywhere. I had to monitor online auctions hourly just to get some cases and powder to start the new hobby. That has improved now in my area, although some shops still won't sell primers unless you buy the same amount of bullets (which, incidentally, they rarely have what I want). But the businesses that I have asked are saying that the shortage should be done around August.

From: Spike Bull Date: 09-May-13
Absolutely correct in my humble but always correct opinion, hammer. That explains the popularity of, and hence scarcity of, .223, 7.62X39, 7.62X51 (.308), and even 00 buck in many gages.

However, I always thought it prudent to have a quantity of any applicable pistol rounds for those times when you may set your rifle against a stump, drop your drawers and be set upon whilst in that compromising position!!

You get my point, there are times, like while driving your vehicle, or when rudely awakened in the night, when it is just faster and/or easier to deploy your hand cannon and may be harder/slower to access and effectively use your rifle/shotgun.

From: Spike Bull Date: 09-May-13
I guess that depends on how often it happens and whether you want to practice a very perishable skill on a regular basis.

From: cjgregory Date: 09-May-13
"Spike, I agree but no one needs 1000's of rounds for that!"

For most that is true Hammer. I shoot around 3000-5000 rnds of 5.56 a year alone. It depends on what shoots and training I do to stay abreast.

Even though I am not in law enforcement I'm still required to wear full assault gear just to train. Fortunately I already have all my gear.

I prefer a 45acp but I'm down to around 900 rnds now so I switched from my Para to my baretta 92 as I have plenty of 9s. If I can't reload 45acp I'm screwed. I have a couple of buckets of brass, ready to go.

From: cjgregory Date: 09-May-13
"On top of that I still say pistol ammo is kinda useless unless in close quarters so having 1000's of rounds for 99 percent of people is kinda useless."

If you are down to a pistol its desperate. I agree with you. The chances of getting in a gunfight is pretty rare as it is.

A good rifle is the ticket. If you have a 308 (7.62x51) even better. You can break down the links from a machine gun belt in a pinch.

From: cjgregory Date: 09-May-13
I did see something impressive last week.

A guy had a Winchester model 42. It's a .410 pump shotgun. He was shooting rifled slugs from it and was very very good. Kinda scary in a way. Soft lead slugs over 500 grains are formidable projectiles.

Ammo is abundant and cheap.

From: MT in MO Date: 09-May-13
I think part of the problem with the people who are standing in front of the stores waiting for them to open is that they are fearfull of potential new laws that have been bandied about that deal with taxing and limiting ammo purchases. There are several democrats in various parts of gov't that have talked about 1,000% sales taxes, limiting quanities that you can legally have in your possesion, requiring special licensing etc etc with regard to buying ammo.

There are lots of people who apparently take these comments and wishes of these anti-gun people to heart and think they are only protecting themselves from potential future costs and limitations.

There are a boat load of people who do not trust the gov't (very American if you look at history, regardless of who is in office) and think they (the gov't) will and can do whatever they want, particularly when they hear both the VP and Prez talk about executive orders and such. When the Prez and the VP are out there saying things about taking actions that circumvent congress (EO's), it pretty much tells the people they will have no recourse, no say in the matter.

Then you add the news reports about the large ammo purchases by DHS and other departments with little or no explanation and you end up with a large segment of the population wondering what the hell is going on?

From: Joey Ward Date: 09-May-13
Yeah, many internet forums can be like a wave pool.

LOL :-)

From: SteveCOontheroad Date: 09-May-13
I wish every gun owner fired hundreds of rounds per YEAR let alone thousands... maybe they'd find out it's fun, not just for self defense or hunting but actual recreation the whole family can enjoy..

From: elkhunter-ny Date: 09-May-13
The local Wal-mart has guys waiting at the door an hour before opening to buy their 3 boxes of .22lr for $10 a box and 3 hours later they are listing them for $35 a box on Tradio(a local radio sell and trade show).

From: Spike Bull Date: 10-May-13
hammer, some people have a natural talent for shooting but others need constant practice.

Either way, realize that there is a tremendous difference between being a good shot, that is at the range in a stable position punching Xs, and being any good in a gun fight. Skills like that require ammo. Rifle and pistol ammo.

Most people do not carry a rifle when they are carrying a pistol for protection. When you carry a rifle it is because there is already known, or at least probable, trouble of a dire nature.

No sense carrying a pistol if you cannot fight with it well.

Those that train to fight with weapons are developing a completely different skill set from bench shooters, real fighting skills with several weapons systems to include your body armor and access to reloading, cover and concealment, etc.

To develop and maintain those skills a person must drill regularly.

I know any number of guys who can readily be outshot at the range but you would never want to face them in a real gunbattle.

From: Spike Bull Date: 10-May-13
You would be surprised about cops. Like everyone, they come in all shades. I know some who do not even own a gun personally. They do not neccesarily shoot a lot either. Some cops only shoot to qualify and that is it, maybe 250 rounds a year!! Others are recreational shooters who enjoy the sport.

I am friends with one wicked lefty who believes that no one should own a personal firearm of any kind and does not himself own a gun but he makes his living carrying a rifle and a handgun everyday! I do not understand many things about him but that is the case.

As to the shooters and the shooters, I have trained with many guys. Some guys are awesome on the bench but tactically or strategically they are not so impressive.

Some are just good shots but very dangerous men in battle because they know how to out think and out perform the enemy. Some guys are great shots and great at tactics and strategy.

Some guys are really good at room clearing and such while others not so much. Some of it is talent and some is practice. Some guys have only one while others have it all. No surprises, just like regular people, it takes all kinds.

I have shot and been shot by many of these guys with MILES gear and SAAB gear and it is exciting, lasers are much fun. The real thing, not so interesting.....there are no God guns to reset your life when it is real.

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