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Beman ICS Hunters vs CE Maxima Hunter



Messages posted to thread:
jf 01-Jun-13
NockTaker 01-Jun-13
TJS 01-Jun-13
city hunter 02-Jun-13
Elkhuntr 02-Jun-13
jf 02-Jun-13
butcherboy 02-Jun-13
Russ Koon 02-Jun-13
vension junky 02-Jun-13
Bou'bound 02-Jun-13
city hunter 02-Jun-13
x-man 02-Jun-13
bowhunter 02-Jun-13
SBH 02-Jun-13
jf 02-Jun-13
city hunter 03-Jun-13
x-man 03-Jun-13
Rocky D 03-Jun-13
Shaft2Long 04-Jun-13
Bowfreak 04-Jun-13
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From: jf Date: 01-Jun-13
Most of the time when I've seen posts asking about a particular arrow the results come back saying the arrow is fine and shoot what you want to shoot. Carbon arrows have been on the market long enough that I doubt any major manufacturer puts out a bad arrow. That being said, I sill thought I'd ask for folks opinions on Beman ICS Hunters and Carbon Express Maxima Hunters. How are both of these arrows? Also, the bare shafts of the Maxima Hunters are about twice the price of the Beman ICS Hunters. Are the Maximas really that much better? Thanks Jeff

From: NockTaker Date: 01-Jun-13
I just ordered a doz. of the carbon express (Red) they just came out with them.

From: TJS Date: 01-Jun-13
I can vouch for the Beman ICS Hunters. Been shooting them quite a few years. They have been durable and accurate. Cabela's uses them for one of their arrows as well. I believe it is their carbon extreme stalker arrow. They occasionally go on sale for cheap.

Good Luck

From: city hunter Date: 02-Jun-13
Carbon arrows are not created equal !! It all depends on what u want out of a arrow the Carbon Express will out shoot the beman .

From: Elkhuntr Date: 02-Jun-13
"....the Carbon Express will out shoot the beman ."

What does that mean?

I had quality issues with CE shafts in the past. The ID of the shaft as well as the OD of the inserts varied.

I have been using the Beman ICS for a few years now. I like the price, durability and consistency. I would recommend them.

From: jf Date: 02-Jun-13
The main purpose of these arrows is for hunting whitetails out to 30-35yds. I shoot the same setup year 'round though. I've about run out of my big batch of PSE arrows I bought several years ago and am now looking for new shafts. I want a total arrow weight in the mid 400's to make sure I get good penetration in case the shot is a little off. I'm shooting an Elite GT500, 30" draw, 63-67lb draw weight. I most definitely want an arrow capable of 4" groups @ 40 yds. Thanks for the posts so far.

From: butcherboy Date: 02-Jun-13
I've been shooting Beman ICS for years with no issues at all. I shoot the 340's cause I like a heavier arrow. My total arrow weight with broadhead is 448 gr. My arrows are cut to 28" so with your 30" draw and draw weight I would recommend the 340's. Goldtip is the other brand I would recommend.

From: Russ Koon Date: 02-Jun-13
My brother-in-law, nephew, and a good friend and shooting buddy all have experimented with higher-priced brands, as have I. The other four are all release shooters who use their bowhunting gear year round for 3D's. I do too, but I shoot fingers.

We have all found there to be no discernible accuracy advantage with any other shafts we have tried, and all but one of us has returned to the Beman ICS (nephew still using the ACC's he bought, but has stated that he saw no difference in accuracy).

I can even verify that the ICS will hold 4" groups at 40 yards, as I am getting that accuracy when I get a good hold and release, just can't manage to do my part consistently enough to compete well.

I'm not saying that there IS no difference in accuracy. Just that even guys who regularly are quite competitive at the local 3D's can't find it. Maybe the guys who regularly compete for the top spots at the national level can see the difference, but one of the top shots nationally told me he shot the ICS in his hunting setup.

I guess maybe if you are shooting REALLY small deer....

From: vension junky Date: 02-Jun-13
Hell yes I shoot chipmunks !

From: Bou'bound (mobile)Sent from Mobile Phone Date: 02-Jun-13
Russ' comments apply to 98 per net of the gear out there. It is capable of better results inherently than all but about 2 percent of archers can deliver

From: city hunter Date: 02-Jun-13
Russ all the 3d guys use Carbon express or gold tip why because these shooters can reap the rewards of a good arrow. Russ ACC are old news arrows i switched over 6 years ago.

JF if u want a top arrow carbon express blue streaks !

From: x-man Date: 02-Jun-13
The ONLY reason the top pro's are shooting Gold Tip and CX is because they pay contingency money. The reason the wannabee's are shooting them is because that's what they see the pro's shooting.

I think I'm good enough to tell the difference between a dozen matched spine arrows and a dozen store-bought arrows. Especially over the course of an entire league season. We're talking the difference between a year-long group average of 1.5" compared to a year-long group average of 1.75". I don't know too many hunting shots where that quarter inch would loose me an animal.

On paper, the CX shafts are better, but not twice as good, as the price would indicate. FWIW

From: bowhunter Date: 02-Jun-13
I've been shooting ICS Hunters for 5 yrs. I'm currently shooting Mathews Z7, 28 in h draw, 65 punds with 27" ICS beman Hunters 400. I have a "4" groupin at 50 yards. In the past I've shot expensive arrows and no difference..

From: SBH Date: 02-Jun-13
I shoot the Bemans too. I tried Easton, carbon express and gold tip first. The only arrows that didn't work for me where the Eastons...go figure? At any rate I have been shooting the Bemans for the last three years and have had absolutely no issues. I'm no pro but they shot the best for me versus the arrows mentioned above. I originally bought them cause they were cheaper and I wanted some arrows to stump shoot and toss judos with. I ended up shooting them better than my hunting arrows at the time so I made the switch and haven't looked back.

From: jf Date: 02-Jun-13
I like your comments Russ Koon. I shoot 1-3 times a week and am very competitive at our local club level. I can shoot 4" groups @ 40 yds, but not every day. Not if I don't squeeze the trigger, hold steady, etc.

Money talks and I have no doubt that the pro shooters shoot what ever the arrow manufacturing sponsor wants them to shoot.

From: city hunter Date: 03-Jun-13

city hunter's embedded Photo

Xman how many dozen beman do u have to sort thru to find a matched set . Xman are u a 3d guy or indoor 20yard guy !! u can keep them 4 inch groups with FP at 40 yards I like my 65 yard shots with BH on my Carbon Express but im just a wanabee lol

Money does talk , and i put some up on my carbon express !!

From: x-man Date: 03-Jun-13
Easy there city, all my comments were for the thread owner, not you. No reason to get your panties in a bunch. And for the record, I shoot mostly Carbon Tech outdoors. Because I can tell the difference.

From: Rocky D Date: 03-Jun-13
I am not the most knowledgeable archery gear but I was surprised to see this thread and decided to stay out of but I am with City Hunter. Maxima's made me a better bow shot at 45 +++

From: Shaft2Long Date: 04-Jun-13
Don't know if it was mentioned, but the "weight forward technology" is B.S. with a capital B and S. Just cut one in half and weigh it. Or, you can just go to Youtube and see it done by others.

From: Bowfreak Date: 04-Jun-13
Save your money and get the Bemans. I shoot Gold Tip simply because they are a good arrow at a great price. The only reason I didn't switch to Beman is they pull harder from a target I use in my basement than the Gold Tips do. Carbon Express arrows are extremely overpriced.

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