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Mouth Tab for One-Armed Archer?



Messages posted to thread:
Gray Ghost 15-Aug-07
Bowfreak 15-Aug-07
midwest 15-Aug-07
Gray Ghost 15-Aug-07
Chuckster 15-Aug-07
Gray Ghost 15-Aug-07
Chuckster 15-Aug-07

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From: Gray Ghost Date: 15-Aug-07

Five days ago, I badly separated my right shoulder (I shoot right handed). I'm exploring all options that may allow me to still go on my Sept. Bighorn sheep hunt.

I understand many handicapped, or injured, archers learn to shoot one- handed using a mouth tab. I'm willing to try. Here are my questions:

1. Where can I find one? Or can I make one?

2. Will my current setup work? I expect to have to move my peep and site pins, but will the draw length be close?

3. My teeth are healthy and strong and I'd like to keep them that way. Do I risk any damage to them?

Any other information and advice will be most appreciated.


From: Bowfreak Date: 15-Aug-07

Contact Tim Farmer. He is the host of Kentucky Afield. He shoots in this manner. I am not sure exactly how to contact him but he is a great guy and originally from my hometown. I am sure he would help you out. You could probably google Ky Afield or Tim Farmer.

From: midwest Date: 15-Aug-07

midwest's Supporting Link

GG, Check out this article

From: Gray Ghost Date: 15-Aug-07

Thanks. I found Tim's email and have already sent him a message.


Yea, I read that one earlier today. It seems Dwight's situation was even more difficult than mine. Not only did he have to learn to shoot one-handed, he had to switch to his opposite (left) hand.


From: Chuckster Date: 15-Aug-07

Chuckster's Supporting Link

GG, I provided a link for Eric Bennett @ Corner Archery. There is a pic of him at full draw with his mouth tab. Give him a call as I'm sure he can help you out. Eric is a great guy and they are open 12-9

From: Gray Ghost Date: 15-Aug-07

Done. Eric wasn't in, but the very friendly lady, named Jane, is going to contact him and have him call me back. Thank you!!


From: Chuckster Date: 15-Aug-07
GG, The gang at Corner are great folks. Jane is a sweetheart and Rhonda, the owner, will really go out of her way to help anyone.

I'm sure Eric will be in touch. Hopefully he can be of assistance to you.

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Subject: RE: Mouth Tab for One-Armed Archer?

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