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Coyote Mount Pictures



Messages posted to thread:
GAFFER1 02-Dec-07
Brian M. 02-Dec-07
Busta'Ribs 02-Dec-07
GAFFER1 02-Dec-07
GAFFER1 02-Dec-07
DeerSlayer06 02-Dec-07
travis@work 03-Dec-07
Trebarker 03-Dec-07
Owl 03-Dec-07
Hugh 03-Dec-07
Rob in VT 03-Dec-07
Brian M. 03-Dec-07
Snatchl 03-Dec-07
C2 03-Dec-07
GAFFER1 03-Dec-07
Drop Tine 03-Dec-07
Pain - M 03-Dec-07
spanky67 03-Dec-07
DeerSlayer06 03-Dec-07
travis@work 04-Dec-07
dm/wolfskin 04-Dec-07
dm/wolfskin 04-Dec-07
W8N4RUT 04-Dec-07

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From: GAFFER1 Date: 02-Dec-07
Took my first Coyote yesterday, nice blond pelt. Don't know what I want to do with it yet. May just get the pelt tanned. I'd like to see what some you have done with yours. Thanks

From: Brian M. Date: 02-Dec-07

Brian M. 's embedded Photo

From: Busta'Ribs Date: 02-Dec-07

Busta'Ribs's embedded Photo

I swear this thing is gonna bite me every time I get near it.

From: GAFFER1 Date: 02-Dec-07

From: GAFFER1 Date: 02-Dec-07

GAFFER1's embedded Photo

I don't have room for a full body mount, hope to see more, thanks guys.

From: DeerSlayer06 Date: 02-Dec-07
Brian thats the best Coyote mount I've ever seen.

From: travis@work Date: 03-Dec-07

travis@work's Supporting Link

I`ve got a few on my on the link

From: Trebarker Date: 03-Dec-07
Gaffer, that yotey looks to have some domestic dog in his bloodlines.

From: Owl Date: 03-Dec-07
Very nice guys. Congrats on the song dog, GAFFER.

From: Hugh Date: 03-Dec-07

Hugh's embedded Photo

Here you go

From: Rob in VT Date: 03-Dec-07

Rob in VT's embedded Photo

Here is my pedestal mount. 41lb male.

From: Brian M. Date: 03-Dec-07
Gaffer1, I didn't have room for a full coyote mount either...according to my wife. LOL. I still don't know where I'm going to put my otter.

From: Snatchl Date: 03-Dec-07
I really like the look of those rock base mounts.If I get a coyote, he is getting "Put on a Pedestal"

From: C2 Date: 03-Dec-07
Coyote makes some of the best, string silencers, cold weather hats, coat/hood lining, nice rugs or wall hangings. Just for some ideas of other uses.

From: GAFFER1 Date: 03-Dec-07
Love the pedestal mounts. It may come down to the cost of my options.

From: Drop Tine Date: 03-Dec-07

Drop Tine's embedded Photo

THis one don't take much room.

From: Pain - M Date: 03-Dec-07

Pain - M's embedded Photo

Here's another that doesn't take up much room.

From: spanky67 Date: 03-Dec-07
hey travis..i like yur work..especially the coyote on the rock howling...sweet!

From: DeerSlayer06 Date: 03-Dec-07
Travis very fine work, and believe me I'm very picky. I really like the trio of predators its my favorite of all. Did you come up with that or did you borrow that idea. I only know a hand full of taxidermist that can pull off that natural a look on a bobcat or coyote. I see you really put a lot of effort into getting the correct facial expressions. I see so much junk out there its a pleasure to see some one who really knows what there doing. I am sending your link to a taxidermist friend of mine he might need some pointers. lol!

From: travis@work Date: 04-Dec-07
Thanks guys--Cats are my favorite no doubt. I pretty much specialized in small mammals from the start and just wouldn`t stop until they were correct..then I started competing and learned how to realy sharpen things`s funny but it doesn`t take much more effort to do one correctly--just a little patience and the desire to make them look natural...I have done the trio many times..Had one customer want 5 yotes on one pedestal..turned out really cool. Not sure what triggered me to start doing them..could have been a picture of somebody elses work...can`t really recall..I used to sell all my cats on Ebay--some years i sold 40 to 50 cats on Ebay..shoot I made almost more doing that than working aircraft..Building me a new 30x50 shop right now(early retirement plan) so I can go full time somewhere down the line. To date i think I`ve mounted close to 500 bobcats in 7 years for people all over the US..that website has paid for itself ten fold...

From: dm/wolfskin Date: 04-Dec-07

dm/wolfskin's embedded Photo

From: dm/wolfskin Date: 04-Dec-07

dm/wolfskin's embedded Photo

From: W8N4RUT Date: 04-Dec-07

W8N4RUT's embedded Photo

picture not the best but the idea is that he is along a brushy fence line

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